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2020.10.16 00:01 CharlieDayJepsen Extraterritorial Rights - Shelly de Killer

To the gentleman who tried to cut de Killer just now… Excuse me, but would you care to die?
Ace Attorney is a tapestry of characters, whether human, animal or something more. Much like any structured story, each of these characters has an assigned role to play. Whether a shining protagonist, a flawed antihero, a comic relief sidekick, or a dastardly villain, each of the moving parts within this series’ storied past falls into a defined role at some point or another.
This is a necessity of good storytelling, as it evokes human emotions that we can relate to or identify with. Phoenix Wright is loyal and resilient and epitomises some of the admirable traits we aspire to imitate. Miles Edgeworth is flawed, yet displays a willingness to better himself and broaden his worldview. This resonates with our sense of humanity, as personal faults are an inevitability we come to grips with every day. Counter to this is somebody like Blaise Debeste, whose self-interest and callous disregard for others showcases some of the worst that humanity has to offer. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Blaise Debeste is not a nice person, or that Phoenix Wright is a good person.
Yet the hallmark of well-rounded personalities in fiction is to appear human. They aren’t real, yet you feel that they are so. Through all the Cyclops masks and robot shoulder pads, what makes a good AA character is to imbue them with a natural humanity. What makes a great AA character is when that humanity is masked beneath a deceptive exterior.
Shelly de Killer has perhaps the most deceptive exterior of all.
By and large a fan favourite, most of the praise I see for de Killer unfortunately tends to boil down to surface-level stuff, like “he is a spooky assassin; that's cool.” General criticism tends to be the equally vague “he is stupid; that's illogical.” While these are true, they are a result of the far more compelling strengths and deeper flaws that run through de Killer. His nature is what makes him such a great character, not his profession. His mistakes don’t make him a bad character, but instead expose his flaws and true nature. People are not always who they appear to be, after all. I’ll elaborate on this, but I wanted to mention his general reception upfront, as these seem to be common stances that fans and critics take.
I’m excited to do this writeup, as I sense de Killer is quite misunderstood by much of the fandom. He’s certainly not as suave as some think he is, but he’s not as nebulous as others say either. A genuinely good character is a pleasure to write about, so this will be a long writeup. If it’s too long, who cares; I greatly value his inclusion and thoroughly enjoyed writing about him. I hope it’s an equally enjoyable read.
With that said, I'd like to start pulling away the stitching of the honourable Shelly de Killer. After all, the most important thing when analysing a character is honour.

1. Concept or character?

The first thing I'll address is a criticism commonly aimed at de Killer: that he isn’t much of a personality. Rather, that by being a contract killer, he is simply a concept; a tool for culprits to utilise. It’s a point I see stressed often. On one hand, I can see why people think that. If it weren’t for Matt Engarde or Simon Keyes, de Killer wouldn’t have been involved in the events of the two games.
On the other hand, I don’t. Yes, de Killer wouldn’t have had any involvement in the cases if he weren’t hired by any of the existing characters. But without him, there is no case in the first place. Matt Engarde was always going to hire somebody to kill Juan Corrida for him. I don’t think there was ever any question of Engarde doing the deed himself. He categorically states that he refused to “dirty his hands” in the murder of Juan Corrida. It would sully his “refreshing like a spring breeze” image. Therefore, it makes sense both narratively and characteristically for Engarde to hire an assassin.
Look at Simon Keyes. There is no way a circus performer was going to have the skills or resources to assassinate the “president” (in fact, Keyes’ actual murder of him was a chance encounter). Plus, it’s well within his personality to adopt the role of the puppet master, secretly pulling the strings in the darkness. So again, it doesn’t just make narrative and characteristic sense for him to hire an assassin, it necessitates it. There is every reason for de Killer to be involved, or else there wouldn’t have been a 2-4 or an I2-1 (or the subsequent events of I2).
Secondly, I’m not a fan of the idea that because a character is born out of necessity, they are now “lesser” than the characters around them. Yes, Shelly de Killer is a “murder weapon” of sorts, but he’s not just a faceless tool. This would imply that he possesses no depth or personality, or that he plays no active part in the development of the case. In reality, it’s the opposite.
By virtue of his contract, he has to break from the “silent assassin” role and goes rogue. He kidnaps Maya, takes her and Knightley hostage, hijacks Edgeworth’s investigations, “assists” him and Phoenix in order to pursue a shared goal, and he doggedly tries to exterminate Matt and Simon by any means possible. None of this is indicative of his typical assassin work, but instead a result of the exceptional circumstances he finds himself in.
While he exists as a “murder weapon” of sorts, he is also a distinct and clearly-defined person in the story. I'll be discussing the various elements of his own personality, the influence he holds over the story and the direct supporting role he plays in the events of 2-4 and AAI2. This will show that ultimately, there shouldn’t even be a “concept or character” argument, because in reality, he is neither. He is a hybrid of the two.
As for what type of character he is...

2. Second-tier villains: an archetype

I want to discuss a common Ace Attorney archetype, the “Big Bad”, to give an idea of what de Killer is not. Speaking broadly here, but these villains generally display “Dark Lord” characteristics, a grand evil force in direct opposition to our heroes. On the whole, characters like Manfred von Karma, Dahlia and Ga’ran fall under this category. These are the chief villains of the series, not to be toppled until the final case of the game. The Big Bad, in their almighty evil, provides ample opportunity for “second-tier villains”: characters who commit villainous acts in service of a larger evil. These lesser creatures of evil slink around the world, providing interesting wrinkles in the narrative.
Examples of second-tier villains include Patricia Roland, a willingly immoral accomplice who pays for her opportunism, driven by a powerful enemy to act out of fear instead. Paul Atishon walks the tightrope between dynastic politician, pathetic coward and blackmail-savvy scumbag, all in service of a benefactor halfway across the world. Being an assassin, de Killer’s service is a literal one. He is hired by clients to commit their crimes and the game dictates that the one who hires him is the true culprit. Because of this, Shelly is perhaps the poster child for a second-tier villain in the AA canon. Rather than catching the assassin himself, both 2-4 and AAI2 are intended to be resolved by catching his client instead.
Thus, we get de Killer in this role of a second-tier villain. It’s a role he performs gracefully, I feel. The stiff regime of honour and duty that he adopts provides ample opportunities for comedy when he comes across an everyman.
Phoenix: And, uh, anything else?
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of the master or his affairs.
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of himself and his affairs.
Doe (de Killer): No, not especially. It is not appropriate for a lowly servant to speak of the family cat.

Doe (de Killer): I am no assassin. I'm just a simple ice cream salesman.
Edgeworth: (C-Curses...! I don't know anything about ice cream!) Hm. So, um... What's the most important thing about making ice cream?
Doe (de Killer): The most important thing about making ice cream is honor.
These little comedic nuances are dynamite! Having these moments of clashing personalities can be interpreted in many ways. Is de Killer really that stiff of a man that he doesn’t know how to tone down his routine? Or is he fully aware of how he comes across and is simply toying with our heroes? The ambiguity here is a great moment and shows off some masterful shades of personality while saying very little.
On the topic of personality, let’s begin diving into that, because there's a lot going on under the surface.

3. “My name is… de Killer.”

Horror is about as subjective as comedy, and it’s something that AA games don't delve into frequently (odd for a series about murders and serial killings). When it does, I find it lands very well. The reason for this is that it doesn’t go for over-the-top scares. It simply gives human characters a nightmarish edge. The image of smiling young Athena, covered in her mother’s blood, is very confronting for a kid's game. The details of the SL-9 incident, complete with portrait art of fresh-from-hell Joe Darke, are pretty grim.
Shelly de Killer, despite the goofy name, certainly has that aura of threat and terror to him. Whenever he appears as himself in 2-4, he's always bathed in red light. Instead of the usual “sprite fade-in”, he pops up with his theme music to give you a shock. With his creepy face and barely-restrained yet boundless capacity for violence, he’s a Gothic blend of slasher and biological horror.
By keeping the majority of his interaction off-screen, the games never fail to give me that sick thrill of discomfort whenever the curtain is drawn back and de Killer faces you in person. The whole sequence at Engarde Mansion is truly unpleasant. You have the innocence of Pearl and Shoe siphoned away by the arrival of de Killer. Then you have his vague, repetitive statements, constantly shooting down whatever topic Phoenix tries to talk to him about. He acts like a sketch of a human being, unsure of how to make proper conversation and just repeating phrases to put an end to the chat.
It’s made more tense with the dramatic irony. We know that Maya is a room away from Phoenix in that scene. As unpleasant as the conversation with John Doe is, it's a lot better than the thought of another uncomfortable de KilleMaya scene.
Speaking of, the scenes when you play as Maya are even more tense. There's that palpable feeling of suspense when exploring the mansion. Knowing that he’s going to appear at any point makes for some unbearable tension. This is strong character work and fantastic presence from an individual who is off-screen this entire time. To me, that’s the mark of a strong, well-written and fascinating personality.
Despite the nightmarishness of his presence, de Killer is prone to indulging in gallows humour, resulting in some pretty fun gags, like this exchange in 2-4. The game likes to play with his design by working his appearance into his objects. The two-way radio in 2-4 is my favourite example of a weird testimony; just watch it bop side-to-side, sweat and even kick its own ass! AAI2 brings it back with his ice cream cone that defies gravity. Since most interpretations of him sit between British and Transatlantic, it’s quite funny to imagine his poor attempt at a kidnapper’s impression over the radio.
He’s a lot of fun as a witness, too. This is a personal preference, but I'm not a fan of the overused “ugh” faces. I hate when the prosecutor raises a point that I’ve already come up with the answer to, but the game dictates that I can’t reach that conclusion yet, so my in-game avatar can only freak out and despair.
Equally, I dislike premature freak outs. I don't like it when witnesses go and lose their mind the moment they get called out on a mistake. I enjoy the chase and the build-up to a breakdown. Not just the final defeat, but when they finally drop the facade and show their real face to the court. This is because I earned it. I had to work for it. Whether it’s the first case or the last, I want to work for the victory. This is precisely why de Killer is such a good witness. He gives you nothing. Despite him being guilty as sin, he gives you nothing for so, so long and even when you trip him up in an unavoidable lie, the shock barely registers on his face.
Having de Killer remain cool and emotionless, the only reaction coming from his key object, is like a dare. To me, it says he's someone used to living under pressure. “Is that all you’ve got? You’ll need to do better than that to catch me out.” Even Edgeworth remarks on his intimidating confidence. In I2-1, he’s a refreshing change from your standard first-case witness fare. He's no pushover. de Killer doesn’t just refuse to concede. He actually points out a flaw in your own investigation. He leads you away from him for a complete interrogation of Nicole Swift instead. There are final case culprits who can’t even manage that.
Like all witnesses, it's required that he make mistakes at some point. That's OK, because the sheer amount of work and effort you have to put in is worth it. Let's take a look at the 2-4 trial. To summarise, it takes:
Until finally, he slips up: he thinks Adrian's a dude.
Now what? You’ve destroyed his testimony, but a little too well. How are you supposed to stall him now that you’ve decisively proven his testimony is all a lie?
Then he hits back, almost instantly. Weaving an entirely new testimony, a false story of how he contacted Adrian indirectly, his mistakes pop up more often. The lies become clearer. Mistakes are good, though. If he was just a godlike character, it would take the interest out of him. Seeing this man who appears to be that way makes me want to discover if he has an Achilles’ heel. And he does. People are not always who they appear to be, after all.

4. “As a de Killer, I always finish what I set out to do.”

The 3rd heir in the de Killer line, Shelly appears to the world as a calm, methodical assassin, carrying out his business with precision and professionalism. Assassins in fiction are always going to be sensationalised to a degree, whether it’s the suave, suit-wearing Agent 47, or the cult-like ancestry of Assassin’s Creed (interestingly, de Killer exhibits both these traits). The writers have shown through de Killer and Dogen that they prefer their assassins to appear put-together.
This is why he works so well. de Killer’s passive nature only stands to make him appear more sinister and threatening. Just listen to the smooth yet discomfiting jazz of his theme. Nearly every single one of these chords are dissonant, the music evoking the clash between de Killer's calm nature and his violent actions. Make no mistake: the polite, calm exterior of morality that de Killer exhibits to the world is, like his face, stitched together to hide the true nature underneath. It is a lie.
In reality, Shelly de Killer is a murderous psychopath. Like most contract killers, both fictional and real, he displays traits of moderate to severe psychopathy. He clearly has no feelings of guilt about killing his targets. It extends deeper than that, however.
4.1 He has no empathy
de Killer is shown to have the emotional detachment required to act coldly without fear. Being a hired gun, one with his own investigative team dedicated to catching him, it’s clear that he’s racked up a significant number of hits in his time. Secondly, after the public revelation of his treacherous client in AAI2, he immediately shows up to take his revenge.
4.2 He follows set subjective moral guidelines
The “honourable assassin” tag is one of the most notable things about de Killer. Descending from a line of assassins, he seems to replicate their way of doing business. He leaves calling cards at the scene to assure his client he has completed the job. He also refrains from needlessly killing, despite his expertise.
de Killer: I did not kill him. It is not my principle to kill needlessly. I am also grateful to Rooke, a worthy adversary who was connected to me by fate. Thanks to that man, I did not kill a target who had no value to be killed.

Phoenix: I heard you injured three officers in your attempt to get this back.
de Killer: That was most regrettable. However, it was an order from my client. I was told to protect that video tape.
Most importantly, he lives within the self-imposed rules of his contract. One of these rules is the trust he values between himself and his client to ensure high-quality clientele.
de Killer: To an assassin, nothing is more important than the trust between a client and himself.

de Killer: My client deliberately gave me a false target. ...It was a betrayal most foul. I am now searching for my client. In all likelihood... ...it is the same person you are looking for.
Edgeworth: (Is he saying that his client murdered the president?) Just who is this person you are referring to...?
de Killer: I, myself, am not allowed to say. It would be a violation of the rules. I cannot disclose the identity of my clients. For to do so would create a problem of trust with my other clients. This is precisely why I am personally searching for them myself.
These rules seem silly to us. Is he just saying that so the game doesn’t have to give away the culprit yet? Perhaps. Why include this scene at all, then? It seems like it exists just to confirm de Killer’s involvement in the mastermind’s plan. He insists that to publicly disclose his client’s identity “would create a problem of trust” with his other clients. Basically, he’s saying “rules are rules”, even though the only person holding him to those rules is himself. This scene, and the strange clause of trust that de Killer lives by, indicates that he blindly follows his own rules, to his own detriment and vulnerability.
4.3 He views himself as morally superior
Despite his grubby profession, there are times when de Killer takes the moral high ground. One such time is his decision to honour Sirhan Dogen’s plea to spare Simon's life in the climax of AAI2. This clash of titans (spectacular artwork aside) offers a great character beat between the two assassins.
Dogen: His is the first life I have ever saved... I will not allow it to be taken away so easily.
de Killer: You saved a life...? The assassin, Sirhan Dogen?
Dogen: Keh heh heh. Ironic, is it not? That I, the one who has taken countless lives, am making a plea for this young one's life. He saved my life, just as I have saved his. Before I knew it, I grew quite fond of the lad. You may laugh at me as much as you wish. However... I must ask that you spare the life of the boy. From one assassin to another... Please make this allowance.
de Killer: ........ ...I understand. If you are willing to go that far...
Dogen: You have my thanks. I am in your debt.
de Killer: ......No need for thanks. I simply felt there would be no merit in a fight to the death with you. That is all. And with that, I must take my leave.
This rare moment of de Killer being caught off-guard is great. Not only does it add a touch of humanity to his omniscience; it also shows Shelly, for the first time, questioning his own morals. At first, he scoffs at Dogen. Then, he pauses, clearly considering the meaning of the words. Seeing a “colleague” humbly make a plea to do the one thing Shelly has never done seems to rattle him for a brief moment. Furthermore, I love that he covers up the moment with a “well, it was going to be an inconvenience to fight you anyway.” Attempting to disguise his submission as a rational conclusion he came to himself shows how uncomfortable he is with unfavourable situations. It’s humanising, it’s disarming and best of all, it establishes the untold lore that the assassins of Ace Attorney have crossed paths before. Give me that story, Capcom!
4.4 He is a narcissist; vain and egocentric
There are many times when Shelly exposes his narcissistic side. The calling card he leaves at crime scenes shows three things: 1, it clears his clients of any police scrutiny. 2, he gets to mark his kill like territory. 3, he taunts the authorities who have failed to catch him. Take a look at that scene in I2-1 when de Killer tries to lure his target out into the open. When the President gives no response, de Killer realises that he has been misinformed about his target and that he has no reason to linger. So he flees, leaving his card on the way out. Even though he's not made a kill.
Not only is Shelly signalling to Miles that the case isn’t fully solved, he’s taunting the police once again. “You had me right in front of you and you still couldn’t catch me”, it says. He loves this game of cat and mouse. Why else would he choose to step in front of the authorities decked out in his signature shell logo? “If too many people knew my face, it would be quite troublesome,” he claims at one point. His actions in I2-1 suggest otherwise.
Sure, de Killer may have the resources to alter his appearance at will. The stitches running down his face (and apparently his entire body), suggest he has surgically done so in the past, perhaps when his cover has gotten too hot. Despite this, it's clear he has no qualms about teasing the police, no matter the danger he places himself in by doing so.
This is a common complaint from critics of Shelly. His actions seem illogical or counterintuitive. But to me, that is exactly the point. This is not a logical man. Do not take his calm, emotionless exterior at face value. He tells us himself: “people are not always who they appear to be.” Why should he be any different from the “people” he speaks of? Matt Engarde was a deceitful bastard who posed as a vapid dudebro. Simon Keyes was a grand mastermind who posed as a wimpy circus performer. Shelly de Killer, in reality, is an egotistical, high-functioning psychopath posing as a calm, collected gentleman.
He's the 3rd in a line of assassins dating back a century. He's been trained to be the most efficient, adept killer possible. He's been raised to believe - and clearly states that he believes - he is in control. He's had pursuers hot on his tail for God knows how long, yet they are simply unable to capture him. Why would he have even the slightest concern that he could be caught? In his years of work, he claims to have only sustained a handful of injuries. He's as complacent as a person can be and he has every reason to be that way. Throwing himself into the path of the police with the confidence that a quick getaway is always possible is the mark of his vain, maybe insane, personality.
Here are some choice quotes in 2-4 showcasing the range of de Killer’s pride and vanity.
de Killer: Please keep in mind you do not have much space to maneuver with me. As a De Killer, I always finish what I set out to do.

Judge: Hmm, Mr. de Killer seems to be a very clever man. I'd almost say he seems to be mocking us.

de Killer: I don't think you understand your place, Mr. Attorney. I said this is something I must first state. Do you know what the word "first" means?

Judge: You... Who gave you the right to be so high and mighty...!?
de Killer: To the gentleman who spoke just now... Excuse me, but would you care to die?

Phoenix: We understand, so please tell us the name of your client!!
de Killer: I'm afraid I cannot do that. I still have a few things to say before I do.
Phoenix: (Aaargh! That egomaniacal...)
de Killer: It's not good for your health to be so aggravated. You won't live very long if you let everything bother you…
All of these traits, moments and events paint a clear picture to me of a high-functioning psychopath who has made murder into a profitable profession. This is most clear during his scene in I2-5. “My client deliberately gave me a false target. It was a betrayal most foul,” says de Killer, clutching his smoking ice cream cone with hot, simmering fury. Kay asks what he's going to do. And with a serenely calm expression, Shelly de Killer responds:
“Of course… they shall be rewarded with a punishment most befitting of a traitor.”
4.5 He acts out of pleasure
Due to his nature, de Killer brings something previously unseen to the world of Ace Attorney: a pure, primal desire to kill. All other killers we see in the games kill with motive, emotional or otherwise. Fear. Rage. Desperation. Even serial killer Joe Darke only murdered witnesses to his crimes. Not de Killer. He sees murder as a pleasure and an economy, one that he can make bank out of.
He's apparently above the trivial incidents of restaurant poisonings and locked-room mysteries. He's seemingly beyond the petty trifles of motives and emotions. Yet he can’t help but get swept up in these twisted crimes and cases; and make no mistake, a case is made markedly more intriguing when de Killer becomes involved.
But why does he get involved in the first place?
Simple: Shelly de Killer is not good at his job.

5. (Un)professional assassin

Let me clarify: de Killer is good at killing. There is no doubt about that. Characters describe his work as “the best.” No, where he fails at his job is his most prominent flaw, disguised as professionalism: the personal relationship he establishes with his clients.
The “bond of trust”, as he describes it, is the most important thing to him in his line of work. Insisting on meeting them in person, de Killer prides himself on his direct line of contact with clients. For a secrecy-dependent profession, this is surely unusual. The conventions of contract killing seem to dictate an anonymous correspondence between client and killer. His trust is his Achilles’ heel and his biggest flaw. Mia notices it, Engarde notices it, and they use it to manipulate him to their advantage.
In fact, the more we see Shelly de Killer’s odd work ethic, the less powerful he appears. Not only can he be a clumsy witness, despite his good show, but he can also be outsmarted by his clients. The pesky trust clause he lives by has shown to be his undoing in both his appearances, humbling and humanising him. Then we have the final straw, the climax of de Killer vs Dogen. The man who has mercilessly mowed down police officers to sneak back into his hideout, the one who willingly steps into highly secure police investigations actually backs down from his vow of revenge when he feels disadvantaged.
By the end of AAI2, Shelly de Killer has never been less powerful. He’s not this omnipotent presence anymore. He's flawed and messy, with ideologies that consistently result in him making things personal. He is not good at his job. His client relations make him emotional and vulnerable. He is an unprofessional professional, something entirely different from what he presents himself as.

6. “...People are not always who they appear to be.”

It deserves emphasis and clarity, so here’s how I feel: de Killer’s “moral code” and sense of honour isn't some cool trait that deepens his personality. It’s all bullshit. It is pure vanity that disguises who he really is. There’s a reason this man is stitched together from head to toe. Who he presents himself to be is nothing like the man underneath. “People are not always who they appear to be.”
Shelly de Killer is not some dutiful, honourable contract killer. He's a petty, prideful, vanity-driven man who has bought so far into the mysticism of the de Killer creed that he wraps it all up in neat, tidy stitching. The only ambiguity is whether de Killer is aware of his flawed nature or not, and that is what makes him such a hugely compelling character. Going after two treacherous clients in a year is far more likely to scare off prospective clients than to reassure them of your trust, yet de Killer does it anyway. So why does he do this?
Considering how often de Killer muses about how professional and clinical he is when going about his work, it's extremely ironic to see how emotional and primal he becomes when his “rules” are broken. If he were truly indifferent about his work, would it not be smarter to simply blacklist Engarde and Keyes, or give them up to the authorities, at worst? A response such as this seems like a far more logical, proportionate one. It's a clear warning to his potential clients: betray our contract and I will give you up. Instead, he goes “cross me and I will hunt you down until I kill you myself." His actual responses are so wildly out of proportion, it’s quite astonishing.
But this is the way that he is. This is why de Killer goes after his clients as he does. Not because of honour or his contract terms. Despite what he tells others, he does it out of ego, not honour. As I said earlier, all the previous killers in Ace Attorney seem to have had emotional reasons or motives for killing. In reality, de Killer is no different from the rest of them. Despite the dispassionate way in which he works, he’s shown on multiple occasions that he is more than susceptible to human flaws like emotion and error.
He prattles on and on about honour and his “moral code” as an assassin, yet in both of his AAI2 appearances, he puts himself in frankly insane levels of danger to achieve his own ends. Why on earth did he walk in on a team of law officials while sporting his signature emblem all over his outfit? Why in the world did he willingly walk into a tent full of police and law officials just to kill a treacherous client? These decisions defy logic and go completely against the calm, methodical assassin we are told that de Killer is.
So why does he go so far against what he’s portrayed as? Simple. The one who portrays de Killer in this way is not the game. It's de Killer. Phoenix has even noticed and commented on his streak of egomaniacal behaviour. Shelly is the unreliable narrator of his own story. He believes in his own flawed “code” to the point that he truly attempts to portray himself as something Other. This is a man who swears not to give up a client out of a non-disclosure guarantee even after a betrayal, yet has no qualms about killing him the second the client's identity is made publicly known. He trivialises his profession with petty acts of revenge disguised as honour and virtue. His actions are shown to be deliberately and repeatedly inconsistent with his self-portrayal. He is not the man we are told he is, because people are not always what they appear to be.
In reality, Shelly de Killer is just as vengeful and petty as any of the other villains in the series. Where he differs is his stoic defiance of that fact, preferring instead to adopt a facade of gentlemanly honour. Is he really above the messy crimes our heroes constantly find themselves entangled in? No, but he attempts to present himself as such and to me, that is the heart of the character.
These incidents he gets himself involved in show that he has the capacity to not only be manipulated, but caught out. Speaking of which...

7. The one that got away

In a series that focuses on bringing culprits to justice under the law, Shelly de Killer seems to regard himself as above the law. He seems to think incredibly highly of himself, and so does the series. As of yet, Shelly is the only killer in the series still at large. We’ve mowed down prosecution gods, a police chief, a demon-thot, a queen, even the man’s own clients; yet the man himself remains the one elusive killer.
Despite the adult narrative the writers imbue into it, Ace Attorney is still a children’s game at its heart. As it stands, no matter how complex or (shudder) sympathetic our killers are, every case strives to give us that primal, “fist pump” moment when we finally catch the culprit for good.
Shelly de Killer gives us no such moment.
Not only does he deny us of that moment, he outright slinks away unscathed. There’s a moment in the credits of Justice for All when we get de Killer’s last words delivered via his radio. Seeing him is a reminder of the fact that the real killer was never brought to justice. Sure, we get to see the very satisfying breakdown of slick shithead Matt Engarde, but there’s still that itch, that one loose thread. In a game that is literally titled “Justice for All”, the person who deserved to be brought to justice the most... isn’t.
And then he shows up in AAI2. “Here we go,” I thought. I went in expecting we would get the chance to take him down for good. I love a good sprawling narrative, but just give me the simple pleasure of burying this guy once and for all. And then... we just don’t. Yet again, de Killer gets away. But he doesn’t get away with it. Unfortunately for de Killer, Simon’s machinations mess up his assassination attempt and put him in yet another vulnerable position.
I have no clue if the writers ever plan to bring back de Killer. I doubt they know either, even if they share my enjoyment of his inclusion in a game. It was half a joke, but I once suggested that if they needed, Ace Attorney can always rely on Shelly de Killer as a final villain if the story ever comes to an end. Makes sense to me. He's a character who’s been with us since the early days of the series. He managed to outsmart both protagonists. I'm quite sure his true face has been hidden all this time. Why not rely on him for a satisfying final takedown?
To this end, fans have even speculated, theorising that de Killer may have been the Phantom or the sniper in the conclusion of Dual Destinies. I doubt that is what the writers had intended, but the ambiguity is there for any future exploits they may need. Of course, this kind of speculation is mostly meaningless when rating the man as he is right now. Still, I think it’s at least fair to count the sound possibilities of a character as a point in their favour. A personality that generates this much speculation must be one of great interest. Even if this doesn’t come to pass, it’s OK if de Killer is never brought back again and if he’s never caught. I’ve come to terms with the notion that we aren’t going to catch every killer in the series. And why should we? After all, de Killer has always been a second-tier villain. He was never the main villain to break down, not even in 2-4. Besides, how do you begin to bring a character to justice when he operates exclusively outside the law? Even Sirhan Dogen displayed traces of empathy and compassion. He eventually paid the price by being caught. Despite showing us traces of his humanity, de Killer himself has never seemed to acknowledge the fact. It seems that he would need to begin viewing the flaws in his ideology if we are ever to see him brought to justice for good.
Shelly de Killer never fails to add interesting wrinkles to the narrative of the story, and I think that to finally catch him would take a lot of the mysticism out of the in-game universe. This would be to the series’ detriment, I feel. Despite the simple pleasures we get from catching a killer, the sign of a stronger narrative is that there’s always something out there, unfinished. Something dangerous. Something worth chasing.


I understand this is a lengthy post about a seemingly minor character, but I think it’s crucial to properly explore what de Killer brings to the series. To write him off as simply solid or merely fascinating at a surface-level would be to miss out on the unique otherworldliness that he brings to the series. Again, make no mistake, any case is decidedly more interesting when Shelly de Killer is involved. It means that there is a client, a puppet master in the shadows. It also means that this puppet master has found a way to manipulate the man who makes it his mission to punish traitors. He can always be relied upon to lend an instant shot of tension, conspiracy and good old revenge to a case.
He is always “on” as a character. When he’s lurking off-screen, you can feel the tension and suspense of him hiding nearby. When he finally steps out to speak to you, it’s a decidedly creepy interaction. When he’s not busy being a murderous boogeyman, he can be charismatic, playful and downright humourous. I’ve never felt that there was a moment when de Killer is lacking in presence. His personality is expressed marvellously, whether on screen or off, and there are few characters who can do this as effectively as he does.
Not a single moment is wasted with de Killer. Less is more and his brief appearances do wonders for his mystique. I can’t think of a single line of his dialogue that isn’t vital exposition, or reveals more to us about his personality. He is - quite literally - all killer, no filler. Despite the blank facade he may present to the world, de Killer is a character with personality, flaws, depth and star quality in spades.
Do not get the impression from this to be that I’m just saving a fan favourite. I am saving somebody who I believe to be one of the most interesting personalities in the series. For all of the unique qualities he brings to the series, de Killer is, without question, worthy of as high a spot as possible in the rankdown. Critics may say that “de Killer doesn’t make sense” or “de Killer is bad at his job” a lot, but what can I tell you? That’s exactly the point of him!
If de Killer was actually good at his job, he would not leave his cards. He’d have sent Engarde away on a trip and then just killed Juan Corrida in his own home. But he’s not good at his job and that’s why he is such a strong character. He lets whimsy, vanity and pride slip in, affecting his ability to be the objective presence he tries to be. He wants to be impartial, but his intentions are betrayed by the ugliness of his true self.
There is plenty of fascinating content to unpack about de Killer. I love discovering the messy flaws beneath his seemingly inscrutable personality. His inclusion introduces an exciting concept: an assassin, simply the epitome of an antagonist in a series geared towards solving murders. Most of all, I love that he’s able to function as more than simply a character or a concept.
Shelly de Killer brings something new into the Ace Attorney universe: he is both a conceptual force of nature and a supporting character, at once omniscient and an active participant in the unfolding drama. He is the only killer in the entire series who has yet to be put behind bars. Both his appearances have had a hand in the most compelling developments for the series’ two protagonists: for Phoenix, his inner conflict about defending the indefensible and for Miles, the inciting incident for his decision to stray from the prosecutor’s path. He’s become the series’ white whale - our heroes are never quite able to catch him and any attempt to do so would likely lead to ruin. The world of Ace Attorney would be markedly less interesting without de Killer out there, on the fringe of the drama.
Franziska von Karma said it best: “Shelly de Killer is no ordinary man.”
submitted by CharlieDayJepsen to AARankdown [link] [comments]

2020.10.15 18:13 PansitOou Call of Duty: Mobile Actualización de la Comunidad Hispana 15 de Octubre

Call of Duty: Mobile Actualización de la Comunidad Hispana 15 de Octubre

¡¡Saludos Comunidad!! ¡Estamos realmente emocionados de finalmente compartir nuestra nueva temporada de aniversario de Call of Duty: Mobile (temporada 11) con todos ustedes! Hemos estado hablando de ello de una forma u otra durante tanto tiempo, así que todos ustedes en la comunidad, y ahora finalmente pueden acceder a todo lo que hemos estado construyendo, ajustando y preparándonos para sorprenderlos. En primer lugar, ¿qué es un lanzamiento de temporada sin un tráiler de temporada? 😉
Sí, ¡finalmente podemos confirmar que es Alcatraz! Este es un mapa BR completamente nuevo ahora disponible en Call of Duty: Mobile junto con otro espacio completamente nuevo, El Club. Tendremos muchos detalles sobre todo eso a continuación en la actualización, pero tenemos varias misiones, tareas y eventos vinculados a ambos con una amplia variedad de recompensas para obtener. Además de eso, tenemos un nuevo Pase de batalla, nuevas armas funcionales (¡dos esta temporada!), Dos mapas multijugador que vendrán más tarde y más eventos que comenzarán alrededor de Halloween.
Por supuesto, hay mucho más en juego que solo ese breve resumen y lo describimos a continuación. Antes de entrar en nada de eso, queríamos abordar primero la gran pregunta sobre Ghost. Por ahora, ¡todo lo que podemos decir es que vendrá pronto y no está en una caja!
Por último, si observa algún problema después de esta nueva actualización, siga informándolo. Ya hemos recibido varios informes y estaremos atentos a más. Por ahora, vayamos a la actualización y repasemos todo el contenido nuevo.
Aquí hay un vistazo rápido a todos los nuevos eventos que comienzan hoy y algunos otros nuevos que ya se están ejecutando:
  • 12/10 - 22/10 ~ Modo Frenético (MJ) - Evento de Frenético hasta el 18/10
  • 12/10 - 22/10 ~ Modo favorito de los fans (MJ)
  • 12/10 - 22/10 ~ Mapa favorito de los fans (MJ)
Estos son el resultado del voto de mapa / modo en el que participó esta comunidad
  • 12/10 - 18/10 ~ Modo Fuego Rápido (MJ)
  • 12/10 ~ Comienza el nuevo evento de inicio de sesión mensual
  • 15/10 - 28/10 ~ Evento de aniversario
  • 15/10 - 28/10 ~ Evento Batalla por Alcatraz
  • 15/10 ~ Tres nuevos desafíos de temporada
  • 15/10 ~ Actualización de la tienda de crédito
  • 15/10 ~ Comienza la Serie Clasificada 7
  • 19/10 - 25/10 ~ Foso en Juego de armas (MJ)
\ Todas las fechas en horario UTC*
Antes de sumergirnos en muchos de esos detalles, como los muchos detalles únicos relacionados con El Club y Alcatraz, echemos un vistazo rápido a algunos de los principales eventos que se celebrarán esta temporada con esta Hoja de ruta de la temporada 11 cuidadosamente elaborada.
En primer lugar, sí, se acerca un poco en Halloween, pero lo dejaremos fuera de esta actualización de la comunidad y nos centraremos principalmente en lo que se lanzará hoy o pronto. Más adelante cubriremos los eventos de Halloween en detalle en otra actualización de la comunidad y, posiblemente, con algunas publicaciones de blog, videos y todo lo que nos gusta ofrecerte. ¡Por ahora, todo se trata de los eventos de aniversario!
El club
¡Este nuevo espacio único es accesible ahora para todos los jugadores (recordatorio, actualiza tu juego)! El Club está diseñado para ayudarte a celebrar todo lo relacionado con COD: Mobile Aniversario, pero también es una buena manera de lanzarte un montón de swag mientras te anima a jugar nuevos minijuegos, Alcatraz y partidos de MJ o BR en general.
Hay mucho que ver y puedes hacerlo todo con un pequeño grupo de amigos o con otros jugadores aleatorios. Aquí hay una lista rápida de todo lo que puede hacer en El Club:
  • Minijuegos: juega a varios juegos, como dardos o los clásicos juegos de arcade de Activision, gana monedas y conviértelas en puntos de aniversario.
  • DJ Reaper In The House: seleccione entre una variedad de canciones diferentes para tocar para usted y todos los demás en el club
  • Máquina de aniversario: una variedad de tareas o juegos lo llevarán a recolectar monedas de aniversario, que luego puede usar en la Máquina de aniversario para obtener una variedad de recompensas
  • Date un capricho: compite con otros jugadores para ganar la mayor cantidad de puntos de aniversario con el fin de ascender a la cima de las tablas de clasificación, lo que te dará las mejores recompensas, pero hay todas las recompensas disponibles para todos los jugadores que participan.
  • Los PNJ te necesitan: hay varios personajes clásicos de Call of Duty en el club y pueden proporcionarte misiones (junto con algo de historia) si los buscas.
  • Busque secretos: no hay pistas aquí, pero hay más más allá de lo que hemos enumerado aquí y será recompensado por encontrarlos.
Por último, solo un aviso de que, si bien El Club permanecerá accesible durante bastante tiempo, algunos eventos y recompensas vinculados a El Club estarán disponibles por un período de tiempo más corto. ¡Asegúrate de revisar esos temporizadores y obtener todas las recompensas mientras puedas!
Nuevo mapa de Battle Royale - Alcatraz
Si bien El Club está lleno de contenido nuevo, recompensas y sorpresas, también hay tareas que lo empujan a probar nuestro nuevo mapa de Battle Royale: ¡Alcatraz! Este mapa BR pequeño pero lleno de acción de Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 ahora está disponible en Call of Duty: Mobile, pero primero debes hacer una misión corta para desbloquearlo.
Este nuevo mapa de Battle Royale no es exactamente el mismo que la versión de Black Ops 4 y se han realizado algunos cambios para moldearlo específicamente para COD: Mobile. Estos son los conceptos básicos:
  • 40 jugadores. Solo escuadrones y 5 reapariciones por ronda (por jugador en el escuadrón)
  • Sin vehículos
  • Las clases no se pueden preseleccionar, solo se pueden saquear en el mapa
  • Cuando elige una nueva clase, la energía de su clase se transfiere a la nueva clase
  • Cada vez que apareces, tienes un AR o SMG poco común equipado
  • Las clases disponibles actualmente son: Rastreador, Ninja, Medico, Defensor, Bomba de humo y Hacker
  • Aparece de un portal en el cielo y solo tiene poco tiempo para decidir dónde aterrizar
  • Puedes encontrar máquinas expendedoras de armas y munición en todo el mapa.
Asegúrate de encontrar varios eventos en El Club vinculados a Alcatraz o al área de eventos destacados habituales para ganar recompensas y botines mientras explora este nuevo mapa. Al igual que con todas las cosas nuevas, juegue extensamente, háganos saber lo que piensa y, si encuentra errores o problemas, asegúrese de informarlos. Estaremos atentos a ellos, pero sobre todo esperamos que lo disfrutes y mucha suerte al conquistar la isla 😉
Temporada 11 - Pase de batalla
Nuestro aniversario puede haber sido a principios de mes, pero este lanzamiento marca el comienzo de todos nuestros eventos de aniversario, incluido este nuevo Pase de batalla que está repleto de personajes, armas, tarjetas de visita, camuflaje y más con temas de aniversario. También contiene el nuevo SMG, el Fennec, y la última racha de puntos, el UAV avanzado. A continuación, se muestran algunos de los principales avisos de cada lado del Pase de batalla.
Pase de batalla gratis
  • BK57 - Reflectante (nivel 4)
  • Helicóptero - Graceful Blue (nivel 8)
  • Nueva racha de puntos: UAV avanzado (nivel 14)
  • Nueva arma: Fennec (nivel 21)
  • M21 EBR - Reflectante (nivel 31)
  • Amuleto - Más allá dorado (nivel 38)
  • Tarjeta de visita: primer aniversario (nivel 46)
  • S36 - Reflectante (nivel 50)
Pase de batalla de pago
  • Spectre - Pixel Spy (nivel 1)
  • QQ9 - Neon Grunge (nivel 1)
  • Arma cuerpo a cuerpo: barra luminosa (nivel 1)
  • KRM-262: apuntar y hacer clic (nivel 10)
  • Zero - Nebulosa (nivel 12)
  • DL Q33 - Neon Burst (nivel 20)
  • Scylla - Future Vice (nivel 30)
  • Amuleto: escultural (nivel 35)
  • AK117 - Neon Lotus (nivel 40)
  • Reaper - Premium (nivel 50)
  • Fennec - Verdant (nivel 50)
  • Tarjeta de visita legendaria: inserción de Tac (nivel 50)
Si bien eso es solo un punto destacado de algunos de los elementos en el Pase de batalla, hay más de 50 en total y una línea CODM de camuflajes específicos para esta temporada de aniversario. Además, si compra el paquete del pase de batalla (anteriormente Pase de batalla avanzado o pase de batalla premium Plus), hay cuatro recompensas adicionales vinculadas a eso, incluido un nuevo bate de béisbol, Sinister Slugger. ¡Compruébalo todo en el juego ahora!
Modo Frenético
Es posible que hayas probado este nuevo modo multijugador que se lanzó con la actualización el 12 de octubre, pero si no, te estás perdiendo un modo vertiginoso y lleno de adrenalina que se trata de mantener la acción en marcha. El modo de manivela te pide que lo subas a once luchando sin parar.
Cuanto mejor seas en una racha de muertes (las asistencias también cuentan), más puntos ganarás. Por supuesto, si reduce la velocidad durante demasiado tiempo, puede explotar, ¡pero eso es parte de la diversión! Eche un vistazo a nuestro nuevo video que lo desglosa todo y asegúrese de probar este modo mientras esté disponible.
Desafíos de temporada
¡Otra nueva temporada significa más desafíos de temporada nuevos con grandes recompensas para enganchar! Como de costumbre, ahora tenemos tres lanzamientos con más lanzamientos a lo largo de la temporada. Dentro de estos tres primeros, puedes obtener una nueva ventaja, Estratega, una variedad de nuevos camuflajes de armas y una gran cantidad de EXP del pase de batalla. Analicemos los tres para conocer algunos detalles.
Este desafío de temporada de seis partes se centra en el uso de rachas de puntuación y, en particular, en el uso de UAV y UAV avanzado (disponible en el nuevo Pase de batalla). Por supuesto, aquí hay algunas otras tareas específicas de multijugador y, en general, puedes obtener una variedad de recompensas diferentes.
  • (Poco común) FHJ-18 - Top negro
  • Spray (raro) - Metamorfosis
  • (Raro) Marco de puesta de sol
  • Chopper (raro) - Electricidad estática
Tarea pesada
Este desafío estacional de cinco partes te permite abordar una variedad de tareas específicas en el modo multijugador centradas en las ventajas, el equipo táctico y usarlos para dominar los partidos. Completar estas tareas te permitirá obtener una nueva ventaja, Estrategia, que te permite usar dos piezas de equipo táctico. ¡Trae dos sistemas de trofeos! Eche un vistazo a las recompensas:
  • (Poco común) Granada Flashbang - Parte superior negra
  • (Poco común) Hacha - Parte superior negra
  • (Poco común) BK57 - Top negro
  • (Común) Ventaja - Estratega
  • (Raro) QQ9 - Electricidad estática
Sub artillero
¿Submarinos o metralletas? ¡Ojalá estuvieras pensando en SMG ya que ese es el enfoque principal de este desafío de temporada de siete partes! Use SMG en general, el HVK y el nuevo Fennec (que se encuentra en el Pase de batalla) para completar este. Como era de esperar, las recompensas consisten en distribuir más subfusiles para probar:
  • (Poco común) Granada de fragmentación - Parte superior negra
  • (Poco común) QQ9 - Top negro
  • (Raro) HVK-30 - Electricidad estática
  • Pegatina (rara) - Doble empuñadura
  • (Raro) Spray - Tragedia
  • (Épico) MSMC - Hot Rod
¡Todos están en vivo ahora, así que mucha suerte y vuelva a consultar las próximas actualizaciones de la comunidad para obtener información sobre los próximos lotes de desafíos de temporada!
Serie clasificada 7
Junto a esta nueva temporada y todo lo que se lanza hoy, ¡también tenemos una nueva Serie Clasificatoria! Para aquellos que no están familiarizados, las Series Clasificatorias son lo que llamamos cada ronda / temporada / iteración de nuestros eventos del modo Clasificatorio. Por lo general, duran aproximadamente dos meses y cada serie tiene su propio tema, sus propias recompensas y, en ocasiones, diferentes ajustes de rango.
Ahora que la Serie Clasificada 7 está aquí, eso significa que todos han retrocedido algunos rangos o se han restablecido por completo para ayudar a equilibrar el comienzo de la nueva temporada. Tenemos un nuevo conjunto de recompensas y más que cualquier Serie Clasificada anterior, incluido el adorable zombi T.E.D.D. - ¿Dónde señor? en el lado de Battle Royale y un plano increíblemente raro de Kilo Bolt-Action (solo ha habido unos pocos hasta ahora) disponible para ganar en MJ Clasificado. Por supuesto, hay mucho más que enganchar:
Pequeña corrección a la imagen de arriba: Avatar - Hero se cambió a un avatar para T.E.D.D., que debería reflejarse en el juego. ¡Mucha suerte subiendo de rango nuevamente y esperamos que ganes todas esas recompensas únicas!
Nuevas armas funcionales
Hay dos armas nuevas disponibles para ganar y experimentar con esta temporada: el Fennec y el NA-45. Ambos se lanzarán en diferentes momentos a lo largo de la temporada, con el Fennec SMG lanzándose en este momento y el rifle de francotirador NA-45 llegando más tarde en el siguiente conjunto de desafíos de temporada. Primero, echemos un vistazo al Fennec.
Este SMG de disparo extremadamente rápido es un maestro del combate cuerpo a cuerpo. Está diseñado para apoyar el disparo de cadera y la oración y la pulverización. Básicamente, acércate a tus enemigos, dispara rápidamente y observa cómo se derriten por debajo de esa velocidad de disparo. Además, esta es la primera arma Akimbo (de doble empuñadura) en Call of Duty: Mobile. Sin embargo, ese archivo adjunto específico de Akimbo no estará disponible hasta principios de noviembre. Por ahora, puedes desbloquear esto en el nuevo Pase de batalla y aquí tienes un vistazo en acción.
El NA-45 es un rifle de francotirador que tiene rondas explosivas, el primero de cualquier arma de Call of Duty: Mobile en tener este tipo de munición única. Cada dos disparos que disparas provoca un daño explosivo que puede afectar a varios jugadores. Para equilibrar esta poderosa habilidad, el daño general de un solo disparo es menor que el de otros francotiradores, pero los disparos de precisión (disparos a la cabeza) aún pueden atacar a un enemigo de un solo golpe.
¡Podrás obtener este pronto y tendremos más sobre él en la próxima actualización!
Tenemos otro nuevo mapa multijugador que saldrá más adelante en la temporada y, como Pine el mes pasado, este está diseñado principalmente para combates cuerpo a cuerpo en los modos Tiroteo o Duelo 1c1. King proviene de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) y es un mapa simétrico diseñado para el equilibrio y el juego limpio con una configuración tradicional de tres carriles.
La primera opción que la mayoría de los jugadores quieren tomar es pasar por el centro para potencialmente obtener una ventaja de altura sobre tus enemigos, pero también te convertirás en un objetivo fácil y serás escuchado fácilmente mientras pisas los paneles de madera. También puede atravesar los contenedores laterales para tener suficiente cobertura, pero tendrá que estar atento a los puntos de estrangulamiento y emboscadas.
Hay mucho que aprender sobre este mapa y, afortunadamente, tenemos un post exclusivo de este mapa.
Actualización de la tienda de crédito
Un contenido rápido para destacar en esta actualización es la actualización habitual de la tienda de crédito. Este contiene una ventaja, Solución Rápida, junto con una variedad de armas. Aquí está la lista completa y compruébalo ahora en el juego:
(Poco común) SMRS - Pluma de águila
(Raro) Man-O-War - Sangre en el agua
(Común) Ventaja - Solución rápida
(Raro) Outlaw - Copiloto
(Épico - Plano) Chicom - Derrame de petróleo
Además, solo un recordatorio de que en nuestra próxima actualización de la tienda de crédito de esta temporada, verá el Man O War - Cardinal, por el que todos votaron, y por 10K créditos (50% de descuento de 20K créditos).
Cambios generales
Aparte de todos los contenidos o cambios específicos mencionados anteriormente, también hay algunos más pequeños que nos gustaría destacar y mencionar.
  • Misiones diarias mejoradas: hemos cambiado su funcionamiento a partir de la temporada 11 y ahora ofrecen más recompensas con un camino claro, similar a los eventos destacados.
  • Vehículos de Battle Royale mejorados: hubo algunas notas de parche rápidas sobre esto, pero no hacen justicia a esta mejora. Ahora, cuando salte a Aislado, encontrará que no solo los vehículos se manejan mejor, en general, sino que la distribución de los vehículos se ha renovado para que tenga que utilizar vehículos con más frecuencia si se encuentra en las afueras de el mapa.
  • Nuevos tipos de accesorios: esta temporada hay varios accesorios nuevos disponibles, como munición de gran calibre para el HVK-30, munición de calibre 5.35 para el AK47, accesorio Akimbo para el Fennec o varios accesorios nuevos que influyen en el daño explosivo introducido con el NA-45
  • Botón Borrar todo: ¿Eres uno de esos jugadores que odia ver constantemente iconos "nuevos"? Bueno, ahora puedes hacer clic en un nuevo y elegante botón "borrar todo" que eliminará esas notificaciones. ¡Disfrutar!
  • Arsenal: esta nueva biblioteca de armas está diseñada específicamente para armas legendarias (o superior 😉). Ahora puede ver lo que posee o qué más se lanza actualmente en todo su esplendor dinámico.
  • Reconocimientos clasificados: en los perfiles de los jugadores, ahora puedes ver muchas veces que los jugadores han subido previamente al rango legendario (el rango más alto en el modo clasificado).
Puedes encontrar algunas menciones de todo esto en las notas del parche publicadas el 12 de octubre, que puedes encontrar en el juego al iniciar sesión o en esta publicación de la comunidad. Sigue buscando en el juego para encontrar aún más cambios y felicitaciones a los muchos jugadores que ya han encontrado y discutido muchos de estos cambios.
Informes de errores
Ya hemos observado una serie de errores e informes desde la actualización hace unos días, por lo que aquí hay información sobre algunos de los que ya estamos investigando o trabajando.
Ajustes gráficos
Cuando se lanzó esta actualización, hicimos algunos ajustes en la forma en que se perciben los dispositivos en relación con la configuración gráfica. Por ejemplo, es posible que su dispositivo haya podido ejecutar todo en la configuración más alta y luego, después de estos ajustes, es posible que solo vea opciones gráficas medias o altas.
Después de observar una serie de publicaciones sobre esto, algunas de las cuales parecían anormales en función de los cambios previstos, hemos ajustado esto a cómo era antes de la actualización. Si aún no ve las opciones que tenía antes del lanzamiento, intente volver a instalar. Gracias por las muchas preguntas y respuestas inmediatas sobre estos cambios.
Problemas de sobrecalentamiento (iOS)
Otro cambio que hicimos cuando se lanzó la actualización estaba relacionado con el límite de velocidad de cuadros del juego (FPS). Aumentamos el límite de FPS en iOS y para algunos dispositivos eso significa que ahora están presionando su dispositivo, de forma predeterminada, demasiado fuerte hasta el punto en que puede causar problemas.
Esto puede provocar un sobrecalentamiento a menos que acceda a su configuración, reduzca el límite de velocidad de fotogramas y pruebe otras configuraciones gráficas para ver si alguno de estos cambios está causando sobrecalentamiento. Asegúrese de verificar esta configuración si se está encontrando, como sobrecalentamiento o falla, después de esta actualización.
Skins dinámicas que ya no están animadas
Recibimos varios informes de que algunas máscaras dinámicas diferentes, como la serie Nuclear Fallout, ya no funcionaban para algunos jugadores después de esta actualización. Nuestros equipos están investigando estos problemas actualmente, así que espere y esté atento a futuras actualizaciones sobre este tema.
Opciones de soporte
Por último, hemos mencionado varias veces lo importante que es informar cualquier error o problema que esté viendo con las nuevas actualizaciones, así que asegúrese de comunicarse a través de cualquiera de los canales de asistencia. Si bien vemos e informamos errores a través de los canales comunitarios, generalmente solo se trata de problemas grandes y claramente identificados, mientras que nuestros equipos de soporte al jugador pueden revisar todo tipo de informes y de una manera mucho más detallada. Estos son esos canales principales:
Notas finales
Bueno, si no está claro en esta publicación masiva, que ni siquiera toca nada que se acerque a Halloween o principios de noviembre (que son parte de esta temporada), la temporada 11 es, con mucho, uno de los lanzamientos más grandes que tenemos. tenía en la existencia de Call of Duty: Mobile. Nuestros equipos han trabajado incansablemente para crear esta actualización, perfeccionar todo este contenido y mantener Alcatraz y El Club lo más secretos posible.
¡Estamos encantados de poder finalmente compartir este lanzamiento con ustedes y mostrarles que el aniversario de la temporada 11 tiene una gran cantidad de contenido para todos! Todavía hay más por venir más adelante esta temporada, pero por ahora disfruta y explora todo lo que se lanza hoy.
¡Feliz primer aniversario a la comunidad de Call of Duty: Mobile! Ha sido un placer apoyar a esta comunidad durante este último año y ha sido un honor poder escribir más de sesenta actualizaciones de la comunidad desde nuestro lanzamiento original en 2019. Es hora de llegar al Club, llevar la lucha a Alcatraz y empezar ¡celebrando todo!
~ Staff del SubReddit Hispano
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2020.10.15 05:37 Aiel_Aviendha Streak 16: Mes Animaux

Bonsoir à tous 😄
Aujourd’hui je veux parler de mes animaux. J’ai deux chiens (Berger allemand) et un chat. Ils s’appellent Zelda, Aslan, et Toph. Moi et mon fiancé, nous sommes très ringards 🤓
Zelda viens de jeu de vidéo de Nintendo « The Legend of Zelda ». J’ai grandi en jouant. Actuellement, mon frère m’a présenté quand j’étais jeune.
Aslan viens de film (et de roman) « The Chronicles of Narnia ». Dans l’histoire, Aslan est un lion puissant !
Toph viens de série s’appelle « Avatar: Thé Last Airbender ». C’est une série très très incroyable ! Dans le série, Toph est une « Earth Bender » qui ne peux pas voir. Elle est une patronne !
Et vous ? Est-ce que vous avez des animaux domestiques ?
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2020.10.14 16:25 FlashKickinIt [USA] [H] Games (by lot or individual): Xbox 360, Ps2, Wii/U [W] PayPal

Please do not send a CHAT. Post in comments.
If you have any questions or would like additional photos of something you're interested in purchasing just let me know.
Prices do NOT include shipping unless stated otherwise. CONUS only.
Games Across Various Systems Tons of used retro and modern. Various games from GameStop. Some new and sealed. Some may have shelf-wear. Some with GS price stickers. See the lot photos in the album. “NEW” = Sealed. GH = Greatest Hits. CiB unless noted otherwise. Assume any DLC or codes are used unless game is NEW, or otherwise noted.

Xbox 360: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $132 (~25% discount)


PS2: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $140 (~25% discount)

Wii: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $65 (~25% discount)

Wii U: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $10 (~25% discount)
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2020.10.10 13:55 Chucky2401 [A lire] Gentlemen of Craft - What else !

Bienvenue sur la communauté Reddit des Gentlemen of Craft !

Ici, pourquoi pas un suivis des vidéos et d'autres choses. Pour le moment, je le fait comme ça pour le fun, à voir si cela plaira ou pas !
Communauté très fortement Français pour le moment, certains d'entre nous, dont moi, parlons anglais, donc on pourra tout de même communiquer entre nous 😉.

Tout d'abord, quelques règles :

✅ Ce que vous pouvez faire :
⛔ Ce que vous ne pouvez pas faire :

Les liens utiles

Site des Gentlemen

Chaines des copains

Awhikax https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-lxSyckQYTFnSiHkyVNLWg
Athlif https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd2Q46ctrfG2qItzF7odLnA
Chucky2401 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeIEb3mw0lu_xN7xBIKyXzg
Cre Valkyrie d'Odin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC11vmBi2o1NSc1Zq7OHBwNg
Dzerf Eco6thèmes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtz7FjHIEz3svextuiMJ8fw
JoramMC https://www.youtube.com/c/JoramMC
LeJeff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwGPDe57Xje70ZRNeOHWlMA
Olchaldir https://www.youtube.com/c/Olchaldir
Ozvald https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZkkDousOA2U4xfTZ8qQlA
RAZ Barba https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9fo0qB2AHLSIJQo9XMK1tA
segarden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2-1ySkiGMlRU0fVxmN976Q
Stelman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkmn3m04XXu2iKJJN9ykpZQ
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2020.10.09 01:56 Scrapspectre [PC/Browser][2002-2005] Top-down financial literacy browser game targeted towards kids, toony artstyle, may have been massively multiplayer, anthropomorphized animal characters

Platform(s): PC/Browser-based
Genre: MMO, Visual Chat
Estimated year of release: Guessing maybe 2002-03, definitely before 2008
Graphics/art style: Cartoony, but not to a Toontown kind of degree. Definitely 2D, from a top-down perspective. Used a lot of flat coloring, slightly warped perspective, but notably lacked a lot of vibrant colors. I remember things trending towards maroon, grey, and brown a lot, with green plants for pop. Generally, the game had a tendency to seem dark, but not foreboding-- just dim. (For example, your inworld apartment had film-noir blinds shadows by default.) Can't remember if the linework was thick or not, but I lean towards saying it was. Can't remember if it had shading, but if it did, I believe it was probably cell shading. All in all, definitely kind of had the vibe of a kid's game made entirely by auditors, in the sense that seemed to be very by-the-numbers, with a lot of the fun elements of aughts browser games sucked out of it.
Notable characters: I remember there being a bear or an owl that I believe taught you the basics of the game. He was kind of heavyset and generally pear-shaped, but I might just be mixing him up with Moneybags. Regardless, he was the de facto mascot of the whole deal-- might have had glasses and a suit, but I'm not sure. I think he was brown. IIRC, the player also had an animal avatar, which was also likely a bear, but I remember not having much choice with avatar customization in general.
Notable gameplay mechanics: The whole game was intended to teach elementary-age kids some financial skills, so a lot of the theming revolved around that. There were only three locations that I know of, being the Mall, the general lobby area, and your personal apartment. If I had to take a blind stab at what financial skill the game really wanted to push, I think it would have either been the general value of money, or investing, but I don't ever remember doing any sort of investing in-game. It was very much elementary-level, nothing really beyond the basics. The only worthwhile thing I ever remember working towards was buying more furniture, which you had to play flash games to earn more money for-- I think. Don't quite recall how money was earned, but I have vague memories of windows popping up for minigames, and I don't know how the devs would have you do it otherwise. The game might have been massively multiplayer, but that's an extremely hard might. It was either single player, or so sparsely populated that you would rarely see anyone else.
Other details: I remember there being a bed that I would always gun for whenever I started a new game. It was ornate, made to look like it was carved from dark wood, with dark red sheets. I was a little baby goth at the time, so that bed was always the first thing I would try to get. I was introduced to this game while I was maybe around 7 or 8 years old, as part of the school curriculum, so it may have been some sort of enterprise thing, but I don't remember needing any sort of specialized login. The title logo was probably green, and I think it involved the word 'money,' but again, that's a hard maybe. Worth mentioning that the audio was either sparse, or not present.
Game was also super barebones. I remember starting over a number of times, and consistently being frustrated at the lack of stuff. The apartment area had wood floors, I think. I know that it is NOT Money Town or Millsberry.

My apologies for all of the 'mights' sprinkled throughout this. My memory isn't the best, but thank y'all for readin orz
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2020.10.07 18:01 FlashKickinIt [USA] [H] Games (by lot or individual): Xenoblade Chronicles DE Switch, 3DS, Xbox 360, Ps2, Wii/U [W] PayPal

Please do not send a CHAT. Post in comments.
If you have any questions or would like additional photos of something you're interested in purchasing just let me know.
Prices do NOT include shipping unless stated otherwise. CONUS only.
Games Across Various SystemsTons of used retro and modern. Various games from GameStop. Some new and sealed. Some may have shelf-wear. Some with GS price stickers. See the lot photos in the album. “NEW” = Sealed. GH = Greatest Hits. CiB unless noted otherwise. Assume any DLC or codes are used unless game is NEW, or otherwise noted.


3DS Games: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $20 (~25% discount)

Xbox 360: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $132 (~25% discount)


PS2: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $140 (~25% discount)

Wii: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $65 (~25% discount)

Wii U: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $10 (~25% discount)
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2020.10.07 03:53 ReservePuzzleheaded8 Niño con derecho quiere mis robux

Está es mi historia es un poco corta así que perdonenme
Contexto: Esto paso literalmente ayer yo estaba jugando tranquilamente Roblox y de repente se une mi primo
Elenco: Md: madre con derecho o Karen Nd: niño con derecho lastimosamente mi primo M: mi mamá A: amigo de Roblox
Bueno cuando se une mi primo y ve mi avatar dice Primo: wowwwww tienes robux (estábamos hablando por el chat de roblox) Yo: si por? Nd: me das robux? Yo: no yo los compré Nd: vamos solo pocos Yo: que no!!!! (Un poco molesto) Nd: le diré a mi mamá Yo:dile A: ya callate el no te dará nada Nd: tu no te metas
Bueno me abia desconectado de Roblox cuando de pronto me llega un mensaje de un número desconocido Md: porque no le diste esos robux a mi bebé?!!!!!! Yo: porque son mis robux y yo decido a quien le doy La me me dejó de hablar y se lo conté a mi amigo Fin. Si alguien la quiere publicar a Youtube solo déjenme el link de su video y perdón por si algo anda mal ahora sí byeeeee
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2020.10.05 19:22 IXquick111 Alternative Platforms Announcement/Reminder

In order to ensure the continuation of the network and discussion we have here, as well as just exploring new technologies and formats, the DE Community has expanded to some other platforms.


An anti-censorship Reddit-style scrolling thread forum.
DE Community
App (Android-only atm)


A real time, federated, secure, chat platform with lots of functionality and significant space for future expansion. Highly resistant to censorship and deplatforming.
Terms: Just a few brief definition of terms, an explanation of how things on Matrix work, since while it is not exceptionally complicated for say it is a little bit more nuanced than something like Reddit or even Discord
  • Matrix: The platform itself is called Matrix. Specifically it is [The Matrix Protocol] which is an open source, decentralized, federated communications standard that was first developed in 2014. In English - it is a set of specifications and software that can be deployed on a server by anyone, and allows different nodes to communicate so long as they are using the same standard. In even simpler English - it's a communications network with a lot of configurable options, but a set of core requirements, that can be used to send a whole lot of different types of information, but at the moment is used almost entirely for the kind of messaging and media sharing that most are familiar with.
  • Riot/Element: Element - formerly called "Riot" before the recent name change - is a Matrix client, but it is not itself a chat platform. It's just one program used to communicate with the Matrix Protocol. It is not the only Matrix client, but because it was the first - and is certainly by far the most well-developed, stable, and fully-featured client - it is the most popular, and overwhelmingly the one people are going to be using. (That said, anyone can write a Matrix client - even something as simple as a basic terminal interface - and many people have. If you are interested in exploring other options, a list can be found here (be aware though, that as of this writing, Riot/Element is the only one that fully supports all features natively - such as encryted messages - and for other clients you may need to use additional software to get the same functionality). It is also the closest to an "official" client.
  • Home Server: Like Discord, and IRC, Matrix makes use of a network of interconnected and decentralized service - "federation" - but unlike those platforms the server is not where you actually chat, it is just where your account resides. An analogy can be made to email, where you will have a handle/address on a certain server - [email protected] - but you are not limited to communicating with people on that server and can message anyone on any server that is properly connected. Matrix accounts take the format @nrxfan1:matrix.org where "@nrxfan1" is your handle and "matrix.org" is your homeserver (Your unique username is considered to be the whole thing, so multiple people can have the same handles on different Home Servers. In addition you can set a separate display name that need not bear any relation to your username, though people will be able to see the latter if they open your profile). Actual discussion takes place in a...
  • Room: every interaction on Mateix aside from the settings menu will take place in a room. Rooms are fairly analogous to the IRC or Discord concept of a "channel", except they don't really "exist" anywhere - specifically they are not hosted on or owned by any one home server but are instead simply the sum total of all interactions of the users with in that room [simplification]. They cannot be "deleted", even by Home Server admins, at most they can prevent their specific users from accessing a given room. The more different Home Servers have users in a room, the harder it is for any specific note to censor it; this is at the heart of Matrix's resilience to de-platforming.
It should be noted though, to continue with the email analogy, that the admin of your Home Server does have near complete power over your account. Aside from end-to-end encrypted messages, they can – at least in theory – access all of your information, see your interactions and so on. In addition they obviously have the ability to deactivate, delete, or even acquire control of your account. Therefore it is a good idea to avoid openly hostile Home Servers (even though these are few and far between some do exist) and generally be aware of the "terms of use" or "code of conduct" if they have one. Of course, if you are even a little bit tech-savvy, or can just read basic instructions, and you are willing to register a domain and pay a small hosting fee it's not too difficult to get your own home server for your account or your friends.)
This is just a brief overview, more specific questions can be asked in the Matrix rooms themselves.
How to sign-up: getting a Matrix account is pretty straightforward.
1 • Get a client: Element/Riot has apps for every major platform as well as a browser client - Downloads - Web client access
2 • Create account: Choose server, choose account username and password, choose phone/email (if applicable) - NOTE: The sign-up form will always have the option for phone/email, but only certain servers require it, and you can always remove it afterwards. (If you want a burner, use https://sharklasers.com or https://cock.li)
3 • Login: Once logged in you can set a display name and avatar. All version of the Element/Riot client have a dark mode that you can enable - NOTE: When logging in for the first time (technically anytime you do a new login anywhere) you will be prompted to setup a "recovery phrase" or "recovery key" for encrypted messages. What exactly this is, whether it will increase or decrease security, etc is a bit too much to get into here, and more can be explained in the Matrix rooms, but just be aware that "skipping" it for the moment will not cause any problems.
4 • Join rooms: you can create or join a room or start a chat with anyone right out of the box (everything in Matrix happens in a room) I would recommend creating a room just with you in it for now where you can mess around and test things out. To join the official Dark Enlightenment rooms you can do this a number of ways.
  • First, you can simply use what are known as alias, basically room handles (you should be able to just type these in the text field, hit send, and then they will become a clickable link within the client. If that is not working, you can just use them in conjunction with the URL format shown in option 2). Current DE Rooms are: #DEGeneral:halogen.city, #DERandom:halogen.city, #DEJokes:halogen.city, #DEMusic:halogen.city, #DEConspiracy:halogen.city, #DETechnology:halogen.city, #DEAnnouncements:halogen.city, #DEVideos:halogen.city
  • Second, on the browser client just put in the full address of DE General: https://app.element.io/#/room/#DEGeneral:halogen.city
  • Third, you can view the DE Community list of rooms (same procedure as aliases): +dark_enlightenment:matrix.org
NOTE: If you create an account through one of the Riot/Element clients, and do not specify a custom Home Server - as pretty much everyone will do - it will automatically put you on matrix.org. Be aware that this is not the only option or even technically the "official" server, it just happens to be the default, and the longest-running and most popular one. There are many other options, and some run by people who are more sympathetic to our principles, but it is probably sufficient for now. If this is your first time using Matrix it is recommended you just create an account there, other Home Server options can be discussed once you get to the DE Rooms
If there are any questions please ask in this thread.
submitted by IXquick111 to DarkEnlightenment [link] [comments]

2020.09.21 00:07 AlmanacPony The Session Where Everything Burned~ Vaepratian Stories The Best Session Ever

This is the best session of D&D I have ever participated in, or even heard. The cinematics, the dramatics, the power and the result.
This is the story of a fathers betrayal, a son's revenge, and a kind nature clerics wrath upon a city that would burn...
(Warning: VERY Long... VERY worth it. Perspectives shift as a lot happened simultaniously.)
Firstly, those of you that read one or two of my things may know me from these stories:
How my Players Broke my Campaign in the BEST way:
part 1: How my players broke my campaign in the BEST way part 1
part 2: How my Players broke my campaign in the BEST way part 2
(They were also narrated by "All Things D&D" here: Naration Part 1 Naration Part 2)
And subsequent Vaepratian stories with various groups:(Vaepratian Stories) The Adventurers Journal of Dadirk the Bugbear part 1
And this last link is to a story within Vaepratia that involves this very group, and the cleric within this very story:
(Vaepratian Stories) The Cleric's Test of Metal and Faith
(90% of this campaign is a personal homebrew, especially gods)
First... a background.
The group was made up of an Elven Ranger named Kida; strong with a bow, in search of her sister. A fae kitsune Plague-Doctor named Hira; wise in the ways of the fae, seeking to find said sister as well, and free his people. A human Cleric, named Nim; anciently slept within a divine white tree under his god Lanar, then taken as the future avatar of the goddess Jaenn. He was wise, and kind, and always thought the best of people. And finally, a young Vampire named Sage De La Fontain. Only nineteen years old, created through science affixed within the womb; sheltered within a rich home until they had run and escaped. (Party also contains an NPC Thruk, a Lizard folk Gloom Stalker Ranger.)
Throughout their journey they had been to several towns. In each town an apothecary seemed to always be present. Within would be an old crone by the name of Radeska. The shop would change, customers would change, the building would change, but always it seemed the same woman. She claimed she had sisters in almost every city, but she always seemed to know them when they entered. It did not take their Kitsune companion, Hira, long to realise that she was no crone. She was a Hag. A powerful and old being of the fae that were unpredictable, this one more so than other hags might be. For Radeska was insane.
The barrier than lined the land of Vaepratia kept the gods from reaching in, and that included the Fae gods. Trapped within this land, unable to break through back into the world of the fae, her personality and mind fragmented through several hundred versions of herself throughout the land, Radeska lived in all moments, at all time. She would shout into an empty corner, talking to customers that were elsewhere. She would feed her regrowing fingers to carnivorous plants, and harvest the blood of the young soon-to-be avatar of the goddess Jaenn, Nim, seeing his divine blood as special as it could connect with the gods in a land that couldn't.
Radeska was a mystery slowly unfurling, and she had proven invaluable for almost anything they could need. Slowly but surely, they warmed to her strange ways, her insane bouts of logic, her high prices suddenly shifting lower than their attempted barters, and always her willingness to help. But something was hidden behind her eyes, always it was a sadness, and a depth of a past that had yet to be understood.
Within the city of Kalo, Sage's family, his parents, were addicted to a substance known as Fespain Spices. He had left his home in search of those that would help. He had never ventured from his city of Kalo, but after doing so he had joined this party and they had agreed to help him under contract, though they had refused to take Sage's money, wanting to instead simply show a kindness.
Their journey had allowed them to stand within the city walls of Kalo. Adventures had taken hold. They'd made friends with the local thieves, found their drug cartels, helped manufacture a better non-addictive version of the drug, and sought to allow the poor of the city to instead become successful businessmen. But for such a venture to take hold, it required capital the poor did not have.
Sage's family were rich and addicted, it was assumed that if they could provide the capital behind the venture and the guards would sign off on this non-addictive safer substance of the drug, then it would be profitable and helpful to steer said parents to a cleaner lifestyle, and save the city from a rising gang war between the dealers of Fespain Spices.
And so, they sought the rich. The mansion stood before them. Their Elven Ranger, Kida, had left to deal with her own business within the town, leaving only Sage, Hira, and Nim to deal with the negotiations with Sage's family.
Their weapons surrendered, they entered a magically sealed mansion to treat with the rich and the addicted. They were met by a butler named Raphile.
"Go to your room, Master Sage. Your mother will be with you shortly." Raphile demanded, and so Sage, head low, went to their room. Immaculate as it was, a show-room more than a private space, for no place was private in the home they had grown up with, confined under watch and guard, never allowed free, never to be allowed normalcy.
Nim and Hira were guided to a drawing room. Books and items from across the lands were laid across the shelves, and as they explored the trinkets, a stern man entered. Sage's father.
Sage's mother entered the young vampire’s room simultaneously, both looking at each other, the mother a worried expression across her gaze.
"Why did you run away?"
Sage didn't answer, he just watched his mother.
"The world is dangerous out there for you."
"My friends understand me." Sage argued.
"They understand coin." His mother replied stiffly. "They are with you because you hired them, nothing more. They are not your friends. Now get ready for dinner. Enough of this foolishness."
Sage's father looked between the two men sat before him. "I am led to believe you were hired by my son, Sage. Is this true?"
"Yes, sir." Hira answered, Nim nearby threading his fingers together as he fidgeted.
"You were hired under false pretences. The money used to hire you was stolen, some one thousand gold. A paltry sum, but the amount is not the point. Though I am glad Sage has returned, outside is not safe for him. I am sure you are aware of his condition?"
"We are." Hira replied. "And we value him as a companion."
"He cannot be a companion. He needs to be here at home. Here they may receive blood in safety, they can avoid the sun and not be misunderstood. Out there, without a supply, Sage might frenzy. What if you were attacked, or one of you were too tempting while you slept?"
Nim finally spoke, leaning forward, his brow narrowed. "I would gladly tear open my own flesh to make sure Sage was safe."
A silence descended as Sage's father and Nim gazes at each other grimly.
Hira leaned forward, clearing his throat. "We were hired because your son is concerned for you. He worries the Fespain Spices are a danger. If they are not taken constantly, it can degrade the body, and he worries for the addiction."
"Then it is good we have plenty of a supply!" He snapped in anger. "We also have an excellent physician. Your duty here is not needed, as your contract was with my son with our stolen money, your contract is in fact with myself and this house. Consider it fulfilled and be on your way." Mr De La Fontain stood, turning his back to them and reaching for the door.
"We have Fespain Spices that come without the negative effects." Hira's words stopped Sage's father in mid-motion.
He slowly turned to look at Hira and his smile grew. "Well, why did you not say this was a business transaction?" He turned and sat back down. "Tell me more."
Hira cleared his throat and began to explain, how he had met a doctor (neglecting to say said doctor was himself)_ who had managed to modify the Fespain Spices so it came without the negatives and wasn’t addictive, and they had a large supply and were able to grow said supply themselves rather than importing it, as well as providing a potion brewed by Bartma, the local necromancer, that would help cure the current negative effects of addiction so a transition to the non-addictive formula would be easier.
Sage's father looked thoughtful. "This is an opportunity. I will provide capital for this venture, but I get to set the price, I wish to take charge of the operation."
Hira knew what this was, an obvious ploy by a rich man for even more money. He attempted to back away from the deal, to give them more time; "I do not have the authori-"
"Do not lie to me." Mr De La Fontain snapped. "I am a businessman; I know when one is speaking with authority and when one is but a puppet. You will provide me with a week’s supply, one of these potions, and if I deem it worthy, I will provide the capital. Yes or no." He offered his hand.
Hira, knowing he had to help these poor people, reached out and agreed to the deal.
"Good, now you are invited to sup with us."
The dining room was opulent, with an oak table decorated with gold inlay, upon which sat succulent meats and fresh vegetables. A veritable feast for them, and a cup of blood for Sage.
Sage's father sat at one end of the table, his mother at the other. Nim and Hira sat at one side and Sage the other. Sage had dressed himself in his dinner wear, over his armoured barding in case he felt he needed it. He had no intention of staying here like a prisoner once more.
Nim looked over at the food before him, remembering how tensions had risen before, he closed his eyes and disguising his words as a long prayer, he blessed the food and drink around them to be purified of any poison that might have entered them, though there didn't seem to be any.
"Are you a man of god?" The father asked.
Nim nodded. "I am a studier of a way long lost to this land." He replied vaguely, speaking of his clerical ability, a power lost for the last 50 years as the god's power within the land had been broken.
"Interesting." The father nodded. "I must thank you for returning Sage to me."
"I don't plan on staying." Sage replied. "I want to continue adventuring with them."
The father scoffed. "Out of the question."
"He is safe with us." Hira tried to say, but the father shook his head.
"Absolutely not. Where would you get blood? No, the outside is no place for you!"
Nim stood from his seat, the table going silent as he reached over and snatched the cup of blood from Sage's grasp. He raised his hand and, locking eyes with the father, slit his palm bloodily with a blade, letting his life-force drain into the cup. He then placed it in front of Sage and sat back down.
"How theatrical." The father sighed. "Do you need medical attention?"
"No need." Nim raised his hand, and with a cast of Cure Wounds. The father watched in shock as the wound healed.
Sage's mother stood in shock while the father seemed to muse.
"You could make a profit."
Silence descended. "Pardon?" Nim asked with a low growl.
"Yes, you could make quite the profit. From the injured and sick poor alone, you could charge a pittance and still make a fortune. I could set you up with capital. You could help a lot of people-"
"And line your pockets."
"-That is the way of things."
"To step on those under you?"
"How naive." The father sighed at the cleric. "This is the way things are. There will always be poor. The world cannot function as nice and gentle, because it only works if everyone plays by the same rules. And there will always be those that don't. The only way to protect what’s yours and you care about, is to amount the capital. You must Take, my boy."
Nim's eyes were ablaze with anger. "My power is not to be used for personal profit or gain. It is a gift to help those in need, not to line the pockets of the rich!"
Sage kicked Nim from under the table, to try and get him to calm down, but Nim had grown in anger by this point, at the audacity of his nature being even suggested to be used for capitalistic means.
"It is people like you that destroy this world. That destroy societies and their people!"
The father stood too, both Nim and Mr De La Fontain on their feet, the heat in the air palpable in each other’s rage. "It is because of people like me that society exists at all!"
"Why was I adopted?"
The question broke the anger and tension. Everything went quiet and slowly sage's father looked to his vampiric son.
Gentle both Nim and Sage's father sat back down. The father and mother shared a look and the mother nervously, and with a sadness in her eyes opened her mouth to speak but the father's raised hand quietened her.
"Your mother succumbed to an illness in her younger years." Sage's father began. "She is infertile. We needed a child for our heir and social stature within the family and the houses. We couldn't go by the usual adoption channels, so we sought out one off-the-books, as they say. He provided a child of similar countenance to ourselves. We did not know your true nature, but he would not trade you for another and we were desperate. So, we took you in, we raised you, we clothed you, fed you, sheltered you. And we would expect some gratitude for this." He glared at Sage, who steadfastly stared into his cup of blood.
By this point the father noticed that the others had finished their food. "You should all leave."
"We would like Sage to come with us." Hira said firmly.
The father shook his head. "Absolutely not, he is a danger to others, himself, and you cannot look after him."
Sage looked to his father and shook his head. "I can look after myself. I could visit, I came back didn't I?"
"No, I need you here."
"Couldn't you get another child?"
"One that does not know the etiquette? How to meet with dignitaries? How to approach the courts? No, you are needed here."
Hira's eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why do you need him?"
"My business is my own. He is my son. Sage, go to your room, the doctor will be here tomorrow to check you over. And you both, leave my house this instant." The father growled. "And I will expect the first shipment of our dealings, tomorrow."
Sage was sent to his room, Nim and Hira left.
Nim was a kind soul, he loved things that grew, things that flowered, and birds and trees. In a grove near the city, he had created a white-tree holy grove to the gods, a place that should the gods return to the land, would instantly become sacred. A spot of the gods in a place that had been touched by darkness.
But there was no spot of the gods where he stood now. In the middle of the street, his fists clenched, anger seething through him.
"Are you alright?" Hira asked, his own temper having flared at dealing with the obstinate rich man.
"No. I have to go. I have something to do." Nim said darkly, and slowly he walked off.
Sage left the dining room and went up to his room. His windows had been sealed magically, the wood now fused together leaving not a crack to be seen, now entirely unopenable. He heard the tell-tale sounds of guards at his door.
Hira, in the middle of the street, signed and headed down a different street to go meet the necromantic mortician, Bartma, for his first lesson in a necromantic spell, Speak with the Dead. He made his way down into the bowels of her shop and found her standing over the corpse of a young man between 18-20. His organs on display.
"Are ve ready?" She asked in her strong accent, her dark countenance gazing at the kitsune.
Hira nodded and approached, looking over the corpse. The skin was sallow and pale, but not unhealthy. The organs laid bare and exposed and he noticed both the kidney and liver had been taken.
"What happened to him?"
"Zey happen a few times a year, around ze same age. Young ones. I deal vis ze bodies but ze never have much to say. We vill revive zis one, listen, and likely hear ze same story as before. Zat zey were drugged, zat zey have no knowledge of who did zis to them. But alvays, the organs are harvested."
And together, they began working on the ritual.
Nim arrived at the door of Radeska's shop. He opened it silently to find it empty, its dark vials of eyeballs and leaves from long dead plants, and brains and chemicals lining the room seemed to be gazing down at him as he made his way through the back to the garden.
He found her in a circle of stones, different flowers around each stone, and she seemed to be whispering to them.
A door sounded low in the mansion and Sage glanced to the door as it opened without a knock or respect of privacy. "The doctor is here, I called him early." His father told him. "Come with me."
Sage nodded, intending to be out of here as soon as he could. He would break free like he had last time if he could.
Hira worked over the ritual, trying his best to understand the dark ways that he had to tap into for such a power to work, and slowly he felt it work through him.
"Radeska." Nim began.
"Yes, my dear? The stars are speaking loudly tonight." She answered with a small cackle.
"I need to talk to someone."
"Then I will listen, my dear. The stars will listen. Perhaps others will listen too." She answered cryptically with a grin.
Sage was led down the stairs and to the dining room. The doctor stood there, wild hair, goggles, his countenance strange and a wide grin spread across his face. "We have had to move up schedule. Do come with." He encouraged and together they headed through the kitchen, down into the basement.
The magic flowed through Hira and he watched as the corpse took a deep rattling breath, its body arching and coughing lowly. It slowly looked to both Bartma and Hira.
"What happened to you?" Asked Hira.
Nim leaned against a stone, eyeing the old fae crone before him as she whispered sweet nothings to flowers and stone and stars. "What would you do if someone you cared for was taken prisoner? If they were ripped from you?"
"I would do as I did, darling. I would burn it all." Her voice took on a dark tone as she looked over her shoulder at him. "I was mother once. Not true mother, but mother. A mother in the eyes of one and she was taken from me. So, I burned it all down. I cracked the city under fire."
The world seemed to grow a shade darker as the hag spoke.
"So, what should I do?"
"That depends." She answered with a manic grin. "To the one that has been taken. Are you the mother to them?"
Sage descended into the basement, the cold stone beneath their feet. They remembered their journey, meeting their friends, hanging onto the clerics every word. He had held to him and Nim had been kind, and always there for him. He longed to be free and back to the one that had shown him fatherly affection, not the stoic man before him.
A table stood in the middle of the room.
"Lay on it, please." The doctor said, a gleam in their eyes.
The corpse gazed up at Hira and opened its mouth to speak. It was then that Hira noticed something. Vampiric Fangs. "Doctor..." It spoke in a rattled breath.
"A... vampire..."
"Yez." Said Bartma. "One created by science. Zey are good for organ harvesting. Once at ripe age, zere organs are stronger, hardier zan normal humans, good for transplants if one wants stronger liver or stronger heart. Ve know not who iz doing it-"
Bartma barely had time to finish before Hira was rushing from the room, charging up the stairs and out of the shop. He knew this had been wrong, he suddenly understood. HE UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING!
Radeska looked to the kind cleric, seeing the rage and conflict within him. "Are they safe where they are?"
"No." Nim answered quickly, knowing they weren’t. He imagined the man that called himself Sage's father, the way he hadn't even looked up as Sage would enter a room. How he said he needed Sage for something. How Sage was nothing bur property for him, a convenience for him. How he would besmirch the gods, how he would use and devour the poor for profit... and Nim's rage grew.
"Then should you burn it?" Radeska asked, a glint in her eyes.
Nim looked up to her slowly, the rage consuming him. "I should burn it."
The hag cackled and the world grew even darker, she stepped up to him and Nim fell to his knees. Her palms pressed to Nim's forehead, and Nim began to scream in pain.
Sage was not stupid; he could tell the doctor meant him harm. Everything felt wrong, everything WAS wrong. His senses were amped up, he could smell the blood and heartbeat of every guard in the house and he knew they were close. He stepped towards the table, feeling the guards near him tense as though ready to force him onto it.
Hira barrelled through the city, down the alleys, into the rich quarter, and towards the mansion as fast as he could.
Nim looked up as Radeska's eyes turned black, the iris ringed with purple, black flame licked through his body and his nerves were on fire. Black flame suddenly erupted around Radeska’s house, red flame caught light and the street around Radeska's shop suddenly exploded in hot black fire and slowly the pain receded.
Nim's eyes turned black, and he stood up, and without bidding he began to walk. He left the shop, and as Nim stepped onto the stone, the power that rushed through him began to burn through each step, the ground below soon wreathed in hot fire.
Sage launched himself at the doctor, his fangs glinting, soon sinking into flesh and with a tear, he ripped the throat from the doctor, blood drooling down his face as he stood over the corpse. Guards drew their blades and ran forwards.
Hira found a storm cellar to the basement, and using acid to melt the lock, burst in behind the guards, casting Blight on the nearest one and watching as the man screamed and shrivelled into a corpse, falling down into a bloody pile of offal.
The ground beneath Nim began to become wreathed in black vines that flickered with black fire. And every step the street rotted away, every sure step forward had the ground behind him collapsing into the sewers below, the black flames engulfing the buildings, screams erupting into the night as citizens burned under a good man’s wrath.
The other guard cried out in shock at the death of his comrade and he fled, running from the basement up and out into the night, only to stare in wide eyes as a monster approach. The cleric, eyes black with purple rings, stepped forward, the city behind him wreathed in black fire that engulfed its screaming inhabitants, and the guard fell to his knees in shock and dismay.
The cleric raised his hands, and he summoned the spirit guardian of his goddess, who was immediately wreathed in black fire and vines. Its divine heart soon blackened within under the black flame, the vines engulfed it and formed a husk and the guardians countenance turned dark to the guard. With a raised hand, vines erupted from the ground and engulfed the guard, snaking into flesh and through orifices, penetrating bone and skin and the man screamed as he was crucified upon the vines.
Nim headed to the front door, the anti-magic spells immediately crippled under the power bestow upon them by the empowered cleric. The doors were crumpled into shattered remnants under the constricting grip of black vines as Nim stepped into the house.
The father and mother rushed from the basement back up into the house, they entered the foyer to escape and stopped in their tracks.
There Nim was, silhouetted by the city. The screams had died down, everyone was already dead. The city burned and grumbled behind him, and his silhouette was punctuated by the glowing purple rings of each black pupil of the cleric’s eyes.
"P-please.." The father tried to plead.
Sage and Hira rushed out, for their first time, seeing what Nim had become.
It was Hira that had suddenly realised. He knew what this was. He had felt aspects of Radeska's power whenever she would cast, but it wasn't now that he understood what she was. The Fae were divinely made, and bred with other beings. In the beginning, the gods of the fae gave birth to the first fae, who would then overtime, give birth to more fae and down the line it went. The first fea were the Arch-Fae. Radeska wasn't just old. She was the oldest.
Their power was almost that of the gods, wreathed and born from their divine power directly and wild magic could be called to their will as a toy for a child, remaking things as they saw fit.
And he knew this sense. He knew which god had created Radeska. The mad crone had been created by Mika, the Goddess of Torment and Strife. The fae gods were about survival and fear, their world separated from the others, and Mika was very different than her cousins. The god Nikelor was the god of fear; and fear kept you vigilant and alive. He was a god of survival over vigilance. Nealoc, was the god of darkness and sorrow. He was about the WILL to survive, the need to overcome grief and survive even as others didn't. But Mika... Mika was the goddess of the POWER to survive.
When humans met fey, Fey were slaughtered in the thousands in hatred and misunderstanding. And so, she was born. She was invoked when a sword is drawn. She was invoked when magic is cast upon an enemy. She was invoked when the desire and the fear to survive, must then be followed by action.
This was the goddess that had forged Radeska, an ancient hag that had split her mind and personality down to fragments, a being of immense power, insane by time and isolation. And she had become the patron for a cleric... a good man, turned to madness in his rage.
"My gods... Nim, what have you done?" Hira's gasp and prayer were small, but heard nonetheless.
A single tear slipped down Nim's cheek, before it froze, and then broke into dust upon the wind.
He first looked to the mother, he raised his staff, a piece of the divine tree he had been reborn from, a gift from his god Lanar, a symbol of his devotion to his goddess Jaenn, and raised it high. The stick shattered, splinters burying into wall and stone, the roof of the building exploding above them, the wind ripping through the area and the mother gasped as she felt her womb heal and her life restored to her. She knew what this gift was for, and she stood and ran from the house, she ran until her legs ached, and then she ran some more. Leaving the burning city behind.
Vines began to grow, they began to wrap around the father, gripping him tightly, his head was pulled to the side and he was turned and presented in his agony and fear to Sage. Sage looked upon the man that had tried to harvest his organs. He stepped forward.
"You were supposed to care about me."
"Please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I'll give it all up, I'll become poor, just please, let me li-GLK!" His words were cut off by the vines clenching around his throat. Sage reached forward and his fingers began to dig into flesh. A silent scream shook the father as Sage's fingers ripped free her father’s eyes, eyes that he had looked through with so much greed. He then forced them into his father’s mouth, making him swallow his own flesh before he reached in, bit down deep, and ripped flesh from bone.
Silence descended. Nim felt sanity return and slowly the power calmed. It still throbbed within him, able to be called on, but it was time to leave. Slowly they left, Thruk waited with the carriage, having followed their scent, and the three of them climbed into the carriage, and they began to run.
As they left, the vines began to secrete a healing mucus that began to revive the father, only for him to scream as vines tore into his flesh. He was raised, his body shaking as he was healed and skewered again and again, the vines dragging him from the house, the splinters of the clerics staff erupting in shoots and roots that grew bark and trunks, and soon, from that house a tidal wave of black tree's began to rip through the streets and houses, uprooting everything, the flames licked at the black leaves as though they were friends, and the city of Kalo was soon engulfed in a black forest... with a single living soul at its centre, writhing and screaming in agony in a never ending cycle of healing and destruction, for all eternity.
Nim's eyes fell closed, and as the power left him, he felt his soul transported to a different plane. There before him stood the spirit guardian, in the centre of the ring of stones, engulfed in vines and blackness, the shattered visage of his goddess above him, and Radeska now beside him.
God and Arch-Hag looked at each other, and the mad woman grew a large grin.
"I suppose we should have a chat."
I am unsure of what the elven ranger was doing during this, she wasn't able to be in the session. She'll have a mini session soon that will determine what she was doing elsewhere in the city during its destruction. And a mini session for the cleric will happen soon to see if the goddess abandons him, ripping from him his cleric powers, only for them to be replaced with Radeska as his patron, now a warlock, or if they shall share his body in half light and half-darkness.
I do not know.
This session was fuelled by rage. The political arguments were a Rich vs Poor, arguments heard so many times during actual discussions, and the anger and rage against Sage's parents was true and real for the player of the Cleric, as much as it was for the player of the kitsune plague-doctor Hira. This was close to home for the vampiric Sage as well, as many family aspects were taken from their real family. The control, the isolation, the callous disregard...
This was a close to home story, that culminated in a way I could never have foreseen. I have had players upset a campaign by killing someone important, I have had them level city blocks, I have had them manipulate crime bosses... but never have I had them render a whole city unto ash. I have never seen them raze a place to the ground. I have never seen such palpable anger as the rich and poor alike would just burn with everyone else.
Suffice to say, alignments changed, and so will the future. The political ramifications of this will be insane, and I for one... can't wait to find out how it all turns out.
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2020.09.15 15:58 malornwsx OPENFUSION GAME CODE

https://openpunk.com/contact cc via e-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Be sure to read the other posts via FusionFall2 featuring select FusionFall Universe devs & u/openpunk server members ;)
OpenFusion is a subsidiary project created by u/openpunk basically an opensource re-implementation of the FusionFall game server coded in C++.
Quick notice basically informing the FusionFall fanbase I've consistently analyzed & reviewed OpenFusion's client/server data files they've posted via github & their official discord server. Of course I believe all FusionFall related assets & data (generic intel) should be available for the public so that explains the reasoning why I've posted openpunk & their subsidiary project OpenFusion periodically via FusionFall2 sub-channel.
Majority of the X Dev Blog [@OpenFusion] posts had content strictly taken via their discord servers so other users can review without a hassle. Primarily the conversations the users had people I've conversed with in my own private discord server dedicated to archiving FusionFall's game assets & sharing data/intel with other users (including the fanbase) who plan on working on their own projects. OpenFusion to date has 700-800+ members ongoing of course it will be difficult to track files & select intel (despite their pinged msgs & reposts via quotes) good thing I've looked out for the FusionFall fanbase by posting their external links to platforms similar to u/reddit ;)
Here's a file preview of the OpenFusion version 1.0 (game assets). I've posted in our FFU CLIENT folder (created by me) - https://drive.google.com/drive2/folders/1MJIXaus_tji2t_CarOsjEDIoetXiolzO [GD]
Initial post - https://reddit.com/Fusionfall/comments/icb5rx/openfusion_release_an_opensource_server_fo
I will be updating our FFU CLIENT folder [GD] with data files OpenFusion X2 & OpenFusion Project 2 approximately mid-day. Once I finish uploading the files upon reviewing their discord & github for any new changes & will add links to select posts for users to download.
Providing examples of client/server code used to construct FusionFall [servepacket data]
\Best believe the original coding is way LONGER than what I posted here only copied a few lines O.O*
OpenFusion X data files (text notes)


{code title is labeled in BOLD font used to distinguish structures via each other}
CN Master Settings (Admin) [packet IDs]
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_LOGIN = 301989889;
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_CHECK_CHAR_NAME = 301989890;
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_SAVE_CHAR_NAME = 301989891;
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_CHAR_CREATE = 301989892;
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_CHAR_SELECT = 301989893;
  • P_CL2LS_REQ_CHAR_DELETE = 301989894;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_PC_REGEN = 318767113;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_ITEM_MOVE = 318767114;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_PC_TASK_START = 318767115;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_PC_TASK_END = 318767116;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_EQUIP = 318767117;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_UNEQUIP = 318767118;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_ACTIVE = 318767119;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_TUNE = 318767120;
  • P_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_SKILL_USE = 318767121;
via [server ID] u/openfusion {packet} - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/702796274478612522/746175207143899166/server_ID_openfusion_packet.txt
0104.HPP -
int64_t iPC_UID;
int8\_t iNameCheck; char16\_t szFirstName\[9\]; char16\_t szLastName\[17\]; int8\_t iGender; int8\_t iFaceStyle; int8\_t iHairStyle; int8\_t iHairColor; int8\_t iSkinColor; int8\_t iEyeColor; int8\_t iHeight; int8\_t iBody; int32\_t iClass; 
int8_t iAppearanceFlag;
int8\_t iTutorialFlag; int8\_t iPayzoneFlag; 
int32_t m_aCurrTaskID;
int m\_aKillNPCID\[3\]; int m\_aKillNPCCount\[3\]; int m\_aNeededItemID\[3\]; int m\_aNeededItemCount\[3\]; 
int16_t iEquipHandID;
int16\_t iEquipUBID; int16\_t iEquipLBID; int16\_t iEquipFootID; int16\_t iEquipHeadID; int16\_t iEquipFaceID; int16\_t iEquipBackID; 
int16_t iType;
int16\_t iID; int32\_t iOpt; int32\_t iTimeLimit; 
  • static_assert(sizeof(sPCStyle) == 76 sizeof(sPCStyle) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sPCStyle2) == 3 sizeof(sPCStyle2) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sRunningQuest) == 52 sizeof(sRunningQuest) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sOnItem) == 14 sizeof(sOnItem) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sOnItem_Index) == 10 sizeof(sOnItem_Index) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sItemBase) == 12 sizeof(sItemBase) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sItemTrade) == 16 sizeof(sItemTrade) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sItemVendor) == 24 sizeof(sItemVendor) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sItemReward) == 20 sizeof(sItemReward) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sTimeLimitItemDeleteInfo2CL) == 8 sizeof(sTimeLimitItemDeleteInfo2CL) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sNanoTuneNeedItemInfo2CL) == 16 sizeof(sNanoTuneNeedItemInfo2CL) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sEmailItemInfoFromCL) == 16 sizeof(sEmailItemInfoFromCL) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sEPRecord) == 6 sizeof(sEPRecord) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sBuddyBaseInfo) == 72 sizeof(sBuddyBaseInfo) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sBuddyStyleInfo) == 184 sizeof(sBuddyStyleInfo) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sSYSTEMTIME) == 32 sizeof(sSYSTEMTIME) == 0);
  • static_assert(sizeof(sEmailInfo) == 204 sizeof(sEmailInfo) == 0);
via 0104.hpp [2] u/openfusion
void ChatManager::init() {
via ChatManager.cpp u/openfusion
CNShardServer::CNShardServer(uint16_t p) {
port = p;
pHandler = &CNShardServer::handlePacket;
REGISTER_SHARD_TIMER(keepAliveTimer, 2000);
REGISTER_SHARD_TIMER(periodicSaveTimer, settings::DBSAVEINTERVAL*1000);
via CNShardServer.cpp u/openfusion
std::string U16toU8(char16_t* src) {
try {
std::wstring_convert,char16_t> convert;
return convert.to_bytes(src);
} catch(std::exception e) {
return "";
// returns number of char16_t that was written at des
size_t U8toU16(std::string src, char16_t* des) {
std::wstring_convert,char16_t> convert;
std::u16string tmp = convert.from_bytes(src);
via CNStructs.cpp u/openfusion
// update player
plr->money += 50;
plr->fusionmatter += 70;
// simple rewards
reward->m_iCandy = plr->money;
reward->m_iFusionMatter = plr->fusionmatter;
reward->iFatigue = 100; // prevents warning message
reward->iFatigue_Level = 1;
reward->iItemCnt = 1; // remember to update resplen if you change this
via CombatManager.cpp u/openfusion
make_column("PlayerId", &Database::Inventory::playerId),
make_column("Slot", &Database::Inventory::slot),
make_column("Id", &Database::Inventory::id),
make_column("Type", &Database::Inventory::Type),
make_column("Opt", &Database::Inventory::Opt),
make_column("TimeLimit", &Database::Inventory::TimeLimit)
make_column("PlayerId", &Database::Nano::playerId),
make_column("Id", &Database::Nano::iID),
make_column("Skill", &Database::Nano::iSkillID),
make_column("Stamina", &Database::Nano::iStamina)
result.slot = player->slot;
result.Taros = player->money;
result.TutorialFlag = player->PCStyle2.iTutorialFlag;
result.x_coordinates = player->x;
result.y_coordinates = player->y;
result.z_coordinates = player->z;
result.angle = player->angle;
result.Nano1 = player->equippedNanos[0];
result.Nano2 = player->equippedNanos[1];
result.Nano3 = player->equippedNanos[2];
via Database.cpp u/openfusion
void ItemManager::init() {
// Bank
// Trade handlers
via ItemManager.cpp u/openfusion
#include "CNLoginServer.hpp"
#include "CNShardServer.hpp"
#include "PlayerManager.hpp"
#include "ChatManager.hpp"
#include "CombatManager.hpp"
#include "ItemManager.hpp"
#include "MissionManager.hpp"
#include "NanoManager.hpp"
#include "NPCManager.hpp"
#include "TransportManager.hpp"
#include "Database.hpp"
#include "TableData.hpp"
#include "settings.hpp"
via main.cpp u/openfusion
sP_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_EQUIP* nano = (sP_CL2FE_REQ_NANO_EQUIP*)data->buf;
Player *plr = PlayerManager::getPlayer(sock);
// sanity check
if (nano->iNanoSlotNum > 2 nano->iNanoSlotNum < 0)
resp.iNanoID = nano->iNanoID;
resp.iNanoSlotNum = nano->iNanoSlotNum;
// Update player
plr->equippedNanos[nano->iNanoSlotNum] = nano->iNanoID;
// unsummon nano if replaced
if (plr->activeNano == plr->equippedNanos[nano->iNanoSlotNum])
summonNano(sock, -1);
// Send to client
resp.iArg1 = skill->iArg1;
resp.iArg2 = skill->iArg2;
resp.iArg3 = skill->iArg3;
resp.iBulletID = skill->iBulletID;
resp.iTargetCnt = skill->iTargetCnt;
resp.iPC_ID = plr->iID;
resp.iNanoStamina = 150; // Hardcoded for now
via NanoManager.cpp u/openfusion
BaseNPC() {};
BaseNPC(int x, int y, int z, int type) {
appearanceData.iX = x;
appearanceData.iY = y;
appearanceData.iZ = z;
appearanceData.iNPCType = type;
appearanceData.iHP = 400;
appearanceData.iAngle = 0;
appearanceData.iConditionBitFlag = 0;
appearanceData.iBarkerType = 0;
via NPC.hpp u/openfusion
std::map NPCManager::NPCs;
std::map NPCManager::Warps;
std::vector NPCManager::RespawnPoints;
if (item == nullptr) {
std::cout << "[WARN] Item id " << req->Item.iID << " with type " << req->Item.iType << " not found (buy)" << std::endl;
// NOTE: VENDOR_ITEM_BUY_FAIL is not actually handled client-side.
failResp.iErrorCode = 0;
sock->sendPacket((void*)&failResp, P_FE2CL_REP_PC_VENDOR_ITEM_BUY_FAIL, sizeof(sP_FE2CL_REP_PC_VENDOR_ITEM_BUY_FAIL));
via NPCManager.cpp u/openfusion
{"0": {"name": "Location A598", "id": 2379, "x": 54727.996826171875, "y": 65508.99658203125, "z": -10468.999481201172}, "1": {"name": "Numbuh Five", "id": 2669, "x": 54583.99658203125, "y": 64760.99853515625, "z": -10405.999755859375}, "2": {"name": "Ben", "id": 2670, "x": 54444.000244140625, "y": 64790.997314453125, "z": -10422.999572753906}, "3": {"name": "Numbuh Two", "id": 2671, "x": 65178.997802734375, "y": 73963.99536132812, "z": -8272.999572753906}, "4": {"name": "Numbuh Two", "id": 2671, "x": 90797.998046875, "y": 68508.99658203125, "z": 1106.9999694824219}, "5": {"name": "Scamper", "id": 2800, "x": 65651.0009765625, "y": 74150.0, "z": -8279.999542236328}, "6": {"name": "Scamper", "id": 2800, "x": 90809.99755859375, "y": 68297.998046875, "z": 1106.9999694824219}, "7": {"name": "Location A593", "id": 2374, "x": 69782.00073242188, "y": 79421.9970703125, "z": -8279.999542236328}, "8": {"name": "Location A594", "id": 2375, "x": 59614.00146484375, "y": 78438.00048828125, "z": -8279.999542236328}, "9": {"name": "Infected zone", "id": 2694, "x": 59602.996826171875, "y": 78441.99829101562, "z": -8279.999542236328},
(raw file)
via NPCs.json u/openfusion
  • struct Player {
  • int accountId;
  • int64_t SerialKey;
  • int32_t iID;
  • uint64_t FEKey;
  • int level;
  • int HP;
  • int slot; // player slot, not nano slot
  • int32_t money;
  • int32_t fusionmatter;
  • int32_t batteryW;
  • int32_t batteryN;
  • sPCStyle PCStyle;
  • sPCStyle2 PCStyle2;
  • sNano Nanos[37]; // acquired nanos
  • int equippedNanos[3];
  • int activeNano; // active nano (index into Nanos)
  • int8_t iPCState;
  • int32_t iWarpLocationFlag;
  • int64_t aSkywayLocationFlag[2];
  • int x, y, z, angle;
  • sItemBase Equip[AEQUIP_COUNT];
  • sItemBase Inven[AINVEN_COUNT];
  • sItemBase Bank[ABANK_COUNT];
  • sItemTrade Trade[12];
  • int32_t moneyInTrade;
  • bool isTrading;
  • bool isTradeConfirm;
  • bool IsGM;
  • int64_t aQuestFlag[16];
  • int tasks[ACTIVE_MISSION_COUNT];
  • sItemBase QInven[AQINVEN_COUNT];
  • };
via Player.hpp u/openfusion
void PlayerManager::updatePlayerPosition(CNSocket* sock, int X, int Y, int Z, int angle) {
players[sock].plr->angle = angle;
updatePlayerPosition(sock, X, Y, Z);
void PlayerManager::updatePlayerPosition(CNSocket* sock, int X, int Y, int Z) {
players[sock].plr->x = X;
players[sock].plr->y = Y;
players[sock].plr->z = Z;
std::vector noView;
std::vector yesView;
for (CNSocket* otherSock : yesView) {
if (std::find(players[sock].viewable.begin(), players[sock].viewable.end(), otherSock) == players[sock].viewable.end()) {
// this needs to be added to the viewable players, send PC_ENTER
Player *otherPlr = players[otherSock].plr;
Player *plr = players[sock].plr;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iID = plr->iID;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iHP = plr->HP;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iLv = plr->level;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iX = plr->x;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iY = plr->y;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iZ = plr->z;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iAngle = plr->angle;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.PCStyle = plr->PCStyle;
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.Nano = plr->Nanos[plr->activeNano];
newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.iPCState = plr->iPCState;
memcpy(newPlayer.PCAppearanceData.ItemEquip, plr->Equip, sizeof(sItemBase) * AEQUIP_COUNT);
via PlayerManager.cpp u/openfusion
namespace PlayerManager {
extern std::map players;
void init();
void addPlayer(CNSocket* key, Player plr);
void removePlayer(CNSocket* key);
void updatePlayerPosition(CNSocket* sock, int X, int Y, int Z);
void updatePlayerPosition(CNSocket* sock, int X, int Y, int Z, int angle);
std::list getNearbyPlayers(int X, int Y, int dist);
void enterPlayer(CNSocket* sock, CNPacketData* data);
void loadPlayer(CNSocket* sock, CNPacketData* data);
void movePlayer(CNSocket* sock, CNPacketData* data);
void stopPlayer(CNSocket* sock, CNPacketData* data);
via PlayerManager.hpp u/openfusion

via Eperty123 aka Onii-chan#4819 (resource scraper) - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/745763108877762680/747244419866034326/test1.gif


  • P = PACKET
  • s = SERVER
  • CL2 = CLIENT 2
  • FE = X
\Original game's code was C# now thanks to OpenFusion's team it has been converted to C++. Upon careful review you can see the encryption has been removed (server packet logs) & certain syntaxes (structs) have been lessened & eradicated.*


Of course without my assistance various FusionFall teams wouldn't have been able to extract the game assets (generic files) & audio for select characters for their projects glad I could assist. ;)
*If you wish to learn coding analyzing vast programming languages in general review X Developer Notice 3 has external resources. If you're a quick learner & proficient with technology you'll understand the concepts & terminologies quickly.


-- ARCHIVE for the GAME & ADDED the LINKS for easy access - http://bit.do/fHZmm + http://bit.do/fGk8s + http://bit.do/fGk8m {FFU Client} + http://bit.do/fGmiW + http://bit.do/fGk8z + http://bit.do/fH3jX + http://bit.do/fGk8C + http://bit.do/fHZmf [via GOOGLE DRIVE]. INCLUDES - #fusionfall data/info files + #fusionfallretro early access + #fusionfalluniverse + #fusionfall:project-revive + other DISCLOSED FUSIONFALL FILES ONLINE [CN]
@Bambeptin @Dogon_McBanana @DrawsKem @Funske32 @Kevman95 @KuroArtist @KyraXyreSpace @Lunar_Seastar @MattWavesx @MeModelZenpock @panman_music @przzyfied @RealWilttilt @TechTheNoob @virtanderson @WileyTheKoyote @womayhem #fusionfall #fusionfalllegacy #fusionfalluniverse via TWITTER

GAME CREDITS - https://reddit.com/FusionFall2/comments/hpansf/game_credits_ffu/

GAME CREDITS (OF) - https://reddit.com/FusionFall2/comments/j1kgou/openfusion_game_credits/

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2020.09.14 17:07 FlashKickinIt [USA] [H] Games (by lot or individual): 3DS, Xbox 360, Ps2, Wii/U [W] PayPal

Please do not send a CHAT. Post in comments.
If you have any questions or would like additional photos of something you're interested in purchasing just let me know.
Prices do NOT include shipping unless stated otherwise. CONUS only.
Games Across Various Systems Tons of used retro and modern. Various games from GameStop. Some new and sealed. Some may have shelf-wear. Some with GS price stickers. See the lot photos in the album. “NEW” = Sealed. GH = Greatest Hits. CiB unless noted otherwise. Assume any DLC or codes are used unless game is NEW, or otherwise noted.

3DS Games: TAKE THIS LOT FOR $21 (~25% discount)

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2020.09.10 04:55 JavierStorm Actualización de la comunidad, 9 de Septiembre 2020 Temporada 10

Actualización de la comunidad, 9 de Septiembre 2020 Temporada 10

¡Saludos, comunidad de Call of Duty: Mobile hispano! Finalmente llegamos al tan esperado 9 de septiembre y eso significa que es hora de otra temporada totalmente nueva de Call of Duty: Mobile. La temporada 10 The Hunt ya ha llegado en todos los dispositivos y viene con una amplia variedad de contenido nuevo. En primer lugar, solo porque nos gusta dar hype y revisar en una hermosa animación parte del contenido, echemos un vistazo al trailer oficial de esta temporada 😉:

Hemos visto a muchos de ustedes hablando sobre como si la temporada 9 acabara de comenzar y ya se terminó, y estamos de acuerdo. Fue una temporada única llena de contenido nuevo, fantásticos diseños de personajes, un tema musical maravilloso y, por supuesto, el armero. Fue nuestra mayor actualización de COD: en la historia de dispositivos móviles y, si bien la temporada 10 no es tan masiva en el juego, trae consigo algunos personajes estelares, como Mara, Makarov y Mace, junto con uno de los más mapas de Call of Duty mas esperado por los nostálgicos y veteranos soldados de Call of duty - ¡Terminal!.

Por supuesto, hay mucho más en juego que un pequeño fragmento de información, ¡así que saltemos a la actualización ahora! Repasaremos todos los detalles y, como es habitual, los esperamos en la caja de comentarios al final de este post para compartir todo este nuevo contenido juntos.

Aquí está la vista completa de los eventos lanzados recientemente o los que se ejecutan hasta el final de la temporada:

  • 9/10 - 9/24 ~ Cuartel general (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/27 ~ Terminal 24/7 Lista de reproducción (MP)
  • 9/10 - 9/17 ~ Boarding Pass Evento (MP), Juega en Terminal para obtener una variedad de recompensas.
  • 10/9 - 17/9 ~ Evento Carpe Diem (MP), Completa una variedad de tareas relacionadas con el cuartel general y consigue Spec Ops 4: tren de carga, nuevos camuflajes de armas y más.
  • 9/10 ~ Tres nuevos desafíos de temporada lanzados
  • 9/10 ~ Actualización de la tienda de crédito
  • 9/10 ~ Comienza el nuevo evento de inicio de sesión mensual
Antes de pasar a todo y desglosar muchos aspectos de este lanzamiento, nos gustaría compartir nuestra hoja de ruta diseñada con cuidado y cariño para que tenga una idea de lo que está disponible y lo que vendrá a lo largo de esta temporada. ¡Échale un vistazo!

Nos gustaría hacer un énfasis en la Echo, un arma nueva. Esta escopeta automática tiene un gran poder y puede derribar a varios enemigos seguidos siempre que estés lo suficientemente cerca para golpearlos con toda su potencia de fuego. Puede obtener la versión base y el proyecto de Epic Demon Eyes en el BP.

Temporada 10 - Pase de batalla
The Hunt está aquí y con eso trae un nuevo Pase de batalla lleno de personajes, armas, proyectos, camuflajes y una increíble cantidad de valor. Sabemos que todos los miembros de la comunidad en línea son generalmente conscientes de esto, pero el Pase de batalla es la forma más barata de adquirir algunos de los mejores artículos del juego además del beneficio adicional de proporcionar suficiente CP para comprar un nuevo Pase de batalla. cada mes.

Fuera de eso y de los aspectos más destacados enumerados anteriormente, aquí está la lista de algunos de los elementos principales que puede encontrar en el Pase de batalla de la temporada 10.
Pase de batalla gratis
  • LK24 - Suelo forestal (nivel 4)
  • Habilidad de nuevo operador: ecualizador (nivel 14)
  • Nueva arma: Eco (nivel 21)
  • HS0405 - Suelo forestal (Nivel 31)
  • Tarjeta de visita: Asalto al bosque (nivel 38)
  • Amuleto: la seguridad es lo primero (nivel 46)
  • HG 40 - Suelo del bosque (nivel 50)

Pase de batalla pagado
  • Mara - Valkyrie (nivel 1)
  • GKS - Scion (nivel 1)
  • Amuleto - Viuda negra (nivel 1)
  • ICR -1 - Línea de sangre (nivel 10)
  • Outrider - Amazonas (nivel 12)
  • RPD - Carnívoro (nivel 20)
  • Makarov - Astilla (nivel 35)
  • XPR - Aracnofobia (nivel 40)
  • Echo - Ojos de demonio (nivel 50)
  • Mace - Tombstone (tier 50)
  • Tarjeta de visita legendaria: atracción fatal (nivel 50)
Si bien eso es solo una sinopsis rápida, también hay muchos otros elementos disponibles, incluidos los camuflajes de Battle Royale, un emote, un avatar, la serie de camuflajes Bloodline y más. El Pase de batalla ya está disponible, así que echa un vistazo y comienza a subir de nivel para obtener todo!.

Modo Cuartel general
Este modo multijugador clásico de Call of Duty es similar a Hardpoint, donde es una ubicación en movimiento en el mapa que debes capturar para sumar puntos para tu equipo. Sin embargo, aunque es igualmente estratégico, tiene bastantes diferencias clave:
  • La radio del Cuartel General no puede cambiar de bando una vez capturada por un equipo, solo puede ser destruida
  • Mientras se captura una radio, el equipo que la capturó ya no puede reaparecer.
  • El objetivo es ser el primer equipo en capturar la radio, una vez que se genera, y mantenerla el tiempo suficiente (hasta 50 segundos) para acumular puntos para su equipo.
Este modo estará activo durante un par de semanas, ¡así que asegúrese de probarlo y díganos lo que piensa! Por último, si está buscando algunas ayudas visuales, puede echar un vistazo a todo en acción a continuación.

Mapa Terminal
Este mapa de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 querido y favorito de los fanáticos ha sido uno de los mapas más solicitados para CODM y ¡finalmente está aquí! Lucha en la pista, la sala de salidas, varias áreas interiores o dentro del avión, cada una de las cuales ofrece soporte para diferentes estilos de juego.

Al principio, este mapa está disponible para Team Death Match, Domination, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint, 10v10 TDM, 10v10 DOM y más. Por supuesto, dependerá del éxito que tenga para ver si algo como 10v10, estará disponible de forma permanente próximamente. ¡Depende de ustedes soldados!
Hay una variedad de ventajas, equipamientos, armas y opciones diferentes para enfrentarse a este mapa único. Si está buscando algún consejo sobre cómo dominar este, ¡tenemos una publicación de Terminal Map Snapshot blog post lista para usted!

Modo Hardcore
Para cualquiera que haya jugado a Call of Duty antes de esta versión móvil, siempre hay un grupo de jugadores que prefieren mucho un modo que sea rápido, brutal y que recompense la precisión y la estrategia: este es el modo Hardcore. Un modo que tiene muchos rasgos únicos que lo hacen perfecto para aquellos que buscan una experiencia multijugador más realista donde cada bala cuenta. Aquí están los detalles principales:

Así es, el fuego amigo está encendido, hay un hud reducido y es mucho más fácil morir por una bala perdida. Todos los títulos de Call of Duty manejan el fuego amigo de manera un poco diferente, por lo que con este modo puedes matar a un miembro de tu equipo dos veces y luego cualquier otro fuego amigo después de eso se volverá reflectante, lo que significa que te hará daño a ti en lugar de a un compañero de equipo. Mantenga su puntería, no queremos soldados heridos.

Desafíos estacionales
¡La nueva temporada significa nuevos desafíos estacionales! Tenemos tres en este momento con cuatro más lanzados durante la temporada. Como de costumbre, hay mucho para agarrar a través de estos, ya sea Battle Pass XP, elementos únicos, proyectos y más.

Kit de supervivencia
Este desafío estacional de seis partes te pide que te sumerjas en Battle Royale y completes una variedad de tareas enfocadas en armas, muertes y saqueos. Este tiene bastantes recompensas, pero presenta un modelo de arma épico, el HG 40 - Flytrap. Cualquier artículo de rareza épica no se encuentra comúnmente en los desafíos de temporada, así que asegúrese de tomar esta HG 40 impresionante cubierto de enredaderas.

  • (Poco común) RUS-79U - Piel
  • (Raro) Spray - Terror nocturno
  • (Raro) HG 40 - Tren de mercancías
  • (Raro) Marco de Venus
  • (Épico) HG 40 - Trampa de moscas

Operador maestro
Este desafío estacional de siete partes te permite volver al modo multijugador y específicamente te pide que vayas a dominar el campo de juego con habilidades de operador. Tendrás que usar cinco habilidades de operador diferentes para completar cada tarea en esta, incluida la nueva habilidad de operador de Ecualizador que se puede encontrar y adquirir a través del nuevo Pase de batalla. Mira las recompensas:
  • (Poco común) FHJ-18 - Verde plateado
  • (Poco común) M4 - Verde plateado
  • Tarjeta de visita (rara) - Camper
  • (Raro) M16 - Iridiscente
Correr y disparar
Este desafío estacional de seis partes orientado al Gunsmith se centra en el modo multijugador y requiere que uses varias armas con configuraciones / accesorios específicos. Si bien las tareas en sí son relativamente simples, necesitará una variedad de armas al menos algo niveladas para completar cada tarea. Las principales recompensas de este son:

  • (Poco común) J358 - Piel
  • (Poco común) GKS - Pelt
  • (Raro) Spray - Carga
  • (Raro) GKS - Tren de mercancías
  • Consulte cada semana siguiente
¡Echa un vistazo a cada actualización semanal de la comunidad para conocer los detalles de cada próximo lote de desafíos estacionales!

Mapa Pine
¡Tenemos otro nuevo mapa multijugador que saldrá más adelante en la temporada y este mapa con mucha vegetación se llama Pine! Este mapa de espacios reducidos es adecuado principalmente para el modo Gunfight y 1v1. Estará disponible más adelante en esta temporada el 25 de septiembre (UTC). Esté atento a más información al respecto.

Clase BR - Hacker
Otra nueva pieza de contenido que saldrá a finales de esta temporada es una clase de Battle Royale, el Hacker. Esta clase te da la habilidad de volverte extremadamente molesto para tus enemigos mientras evitas que usen equipo, deshabilitas su minimapa y varias opciones que generalmente les hacen la vida más difícil.
Las dos habilidades principales son Picahielo, la principal y mas molesta. Ice Pick bloquea el minimapa de cualquier enemigo cercano y evita que use cualquier dispositivo. Hard Wired, por otro lado, dificulta que los enemigos afecten negativamente tu minimapa. Vea esa nueva clase en movimiento en nuestra página de CODM YouTube page (solo podemos publicar tantos videos en un mismo post por publicación de Reddit).


Exceso de medios
Hace algunas actualizaciones agregamos la ventaja llamada Overkill en ingles y exceso de medios en español en el menú del juego, pero aún no lo hemos desbloqueado. Como resultado, muchas personas se han estado preguntando después de cada actualización "¿cuándo se lanzará Overkill?". Bueno, la respuesta es mas o menos complicada, aun creemos que no está lista todavía para ser lanzada, especialmente después de que Gunsmith ingresó al campo de juego y cambió la forma de como todo funciona con las armas actualmente.
Vamos a publicar su estreno cuanto antes una vez que esperemos lanzarla. Solo espere y siga teniendo un poco de paciencia en esto.

Actualización de la tienda de crédito
La última pieza de contenido nuevo que nos gustaría destacar para este lanzamiento de la temporada 10 es la primera actualización de la tienda de crédito, que también fue lanzada hoy. Esta actualización de la tienda de crédito se centra en las armas junto con una racha de puntos. Compruébalo todo en el juego ahora y aquí están todos los elementos que se agregaron:
  • (Poco común) M21 EBR - Sotobosque
  • (Poco común) UL736 - Anochecer
  • (Raro) HVK-30 - Celosía
  • (Común) Racha de puntos de ataque de racimo
  • (Epic - Proyecto) BK57 - Secuelas nucleares


Reporte de Bugs
Si bien normalmente no hacemos esto durante una actualización o publicación de lanzamiento de temporada, hay un problema que queríamos mencionar aquí debido a que los jugadores se comunicaron con frecuencia al respecto.
Problemas de recompensas de eventos
Durante el fin de semana y al comienzo de esta semana, hemos visto a los jugadores hablar sobre problemas con dos eventos: Regimiento de 10 hombres y Habilidades de supervivencia. El problema que surge con ambos eventos es que algunas recompensas no se pueden cobrar a pesar de que el rastreador está lleno. Esto se muestra claramente en la página de eventos de cada uno. Aquí hay un ejemplo:

La última recompensa allí, a pesar de que este rastreador de progreso del evento se completó, no es coleccionable. Hay un problema similar con dos recompensas en Survival Skills. Seguimos trabajando en ambos e investigando opciones para obtener recompensas para aquellos que aun se encuentran con estos problemas.
Solo sé fuerte por ahora y mantente atento a las noticias sobre todo eso. Por último, gracias a todos los que han informado sobre estos problemas y se han acercado y publicado cada post en esta comunidad. Hemos tratado de transmitir este mensaje a todas partes y replicado, pero por favor, compártelo con los demás y ayudémonos entre todos.
Opciones de soporte
Por último, mencionamos varias veces lo importante que es informar cualquier error o problema que esté viendo con las nuevas actualizaciones, así que asegúrese de comunicarse a través de cualquiera de los canales de asistencia. Si bien vemos e informamos errores a través de esta comunidad, generalmente solo tratamos directamente los problemas mas grandes y claramente identificados, mientras que los mas específicos los derivamos a los canales especializados de soporte mencionados al final. Nuestros equipos de soporte al jugador pueden revisar todo tipo de informes y de una manera mucho más detallada. Estos son esos canales principales en los cuales te pedimos informar:

Notas finales
La próxima temporada que se lanzará después de esta será durante nuestro mes de aniversario de Call of Duty: Mobile y habrá mucho que hacer entonces, pero por ahora disfruta de la Temporada 10: The Hunt y todo el contenido nuevo que se publica a lo largo de la ¡temporada! Todavía hay muchos eventos diferentes en camino, diferentes modos, diferentes listas de reproducción y tantas recompensas para obtener nuevas recompensas (como una ventaja llamada Alerta alta), como otro evento de temporada de mecanica similar al Finest Hour.

¡Estamos a 1 mes del aniversario de CODM y no sabemos como agradecerles todo el amor que han entregado a este juego! Ha habido muchos miembros de esta comunidad que han estado aquí desde el principio, ya sean creadores de contenido, Usuarios destacados entre la comunidad y decenas de miles de miembros mas. Continuamente nos sentimos honrados por este apoyo, por el tamaño de la comunidad y por la creatividad, amabilidad, humor y pasión que todos ustedes exhiben todos los días.

¡Gracias a todos y disfruten de la décima temporada de Call of Duty: Mobile!
-El equipo de Call of Duty: Mobile

submitted by JavierStorm to CallofDutyMobileES [link] [comments]

2020.09.07 03:54 Readerstein [Sweet Nola] - Chapter 12

Chapter 1
Nola sat at the dining table in the kitchen with her laptop in front. She scrolled through her college emails. She found out that her college results were going to be released next week. She was excited to see how high her results were going to be. She closed her email and switched back to a life simulation game she was playing. It was a sequel to an old computer game she had played in her youth. It brought back feelings of nostalgia.
She furiously clicked her mouse again, annoyed, ordering her avatar to go to work. Her character, which was created in her likeness, kept shaking her head. With a life of its own, her in-game self apparently had the audacity to refuse. It looked up above at the heavens and shook her fist.
"Ah! My character doesn't listen to me," she lamented to Allie.
"You have to do the recreation things," Allie said. He was sitting at the side of the table with colouring pencils spread in front of him. He was finishing off colouring a picture he did in the library's art club. "You can't force her to do things she doesn't want to do."
"I don't understand." She looked to him with pleading eyes.
Allie let out a moan. “Show me, son.” It was his new catchphrase. He had picked up some funny phrases over his time with Eleanor.
Nola shuffled over with her laptop.
"Your fun points are so low it's hitting double negative digits. Oh boy, you can die from unhappiness in the game." It was true, characters could enter into a spiralling depression that would eventually lead to a premature death.
"How high of a level are you in the occupation?"
"Whoa!" Allie's little eyebrows raised highly. "It takes twenty-four in-game years to grind to that level. Did you just skip out on building the social links?" The avatar's drooping expression said yes. All it cost was her happiness points. Allie didn't know if he had the gaming skills to reverse this. Lauren, the gaming god, might but she has moved out.
"Oh no, Allie. Look, her health bar is dropping by the second. She can't die now. I spent so much time manipulating and stepping on the other characters to max out my career points to become the CEO. The best part of the game is just about to start with all the cash I saved."
Allie got a idea. "What about your save files."
"I only use one save file," Nola said, "Just like real life, you only get one chance."
The avatar clutched its chest, the beginnings of the heart attack animation. Nola and Allie screamed hysterically. Then the doorbell rang.
"Silvie's here!" Allie face was exhilarated with excitement. "I'll get it!"
Nola opened the door with Allie piggyback riding.
"Allie!" Their second sister stood with open arms. The sunlight lit her long auburn hair. Below her eyes sat heavy eye bags due to jet lag. Nola and Allie had natural heavy eye bags unlike her.
Silvie hugged Allie through Nola.
Nola showed her the rooms with Allie on her back as they moved across the house.
"You can leave your luggage here. This is your room now. Our roommate just moved out. She's getting married soon. You have to tell me about the engagement with your boyfriend by the way."
Silvie threw down her luggage and threw her face onto the bed. She turned her head to Nola and smiled a sly smile. "Of course." Then she flipped over to face the ceiling, exhausted from her journey from France.
"Bigger than my old room at home. I hate to say it but I think this bungalow is better than our house. What do you think Allie? You like it?" Silvie asked.
"It's okay. I miss my stuff and my piano," he said while still piggybacking off Nola as she stood at the door of the bedroom.
"Ah yeah, he prefers it to the new digital one I got him. The location's really nice. We'll show you around outside later if you have the energy."
They went back to the sitting room where finally Nola dropped him off at the couch.
"I think it's time for some refreshments. Tea or coffee?"
"Orange juice."
"I'll have Tea."
Nola went into the kitchen. She took out some biscuits from the cupboard and then poured some orange juice into a glass. She could hear Allie's energetic chatter from the kitchen about the performance with Eleanor the night at the City Hall Theatre.
Nola came back into the room with the tray of refreshments. Allie laid exhausted on Silvie's lap. She gently stroked his silky, flaxen hair.
Nola looked at her with wide inquisitive eyes. “I’m dying to hear about your engagement. You sent me a picture of your boyfriend proposing to you in your Vienna holiday in front of a palace. How romantic!" she said dreamingly. "Tell me more."
"Alright, this is something I had to say in person." She took a deep breath with a hand holding her chest, "We sat there on the bench, I was sitting all clueless and disappointed. So the night before, he took me to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant in the city. We did everything a perfect date consists, we went through everything.
"We went to a café in a fancy area of Old Town. He told me he had to pre-book seats for the café. He had everything preplanned, literally planned it a year ago as you'll see with the restaurant he booked. Then we saw a romantic movie, it was in German and we couldn't understand a single thing. We went on this walk across this beautiful canal. I have more pictures I didn't send you. Here."
"Wow, it's beautiful," Nola said looking at her phone.
"Here's when we went to this open air museum. There were squirrels all over the little woods. Tim tried to catch one. It was hilarious. He's kind of like you."
Nola chuckled and she swiped Silvie's phone to see them standing beside a peacock. Silive's boyfriend was very tall and handsome. He had a neatly trimmed bread, always gelled up his hair and had a hyperactive look to him. He had a groovy demeanour and was the opposite to her sister whose resting facial expression was a cold, stern look. Opposite attracts, she thought.
"We went to Prater Park and timed it perfectly to see the sunset on the Ferris wheel. I was expecting it then but no. Instead, he told me that he booked a table at Amador. A three star Michelin restaurant. There's a waiting list for a year to get a table there. I was ecstatic about it and the food was fantastic. On level with my restaurant if I say so myself. So he snapped his fingers and called over a string quartet while we ate." Silvie laughed. "So at this moment, I'm fully expecting him to propose."
"Wait, how long have you guys been dating?"
"Three years. I was thinking it was about time as well. So the violinist was playing that violin piece, what was it? You know that really romantic one. Allie?"
Allie was half dozing on her lap, "Meditation from Thais by Massenet." Then he hummed the tune.
"Yes, that one! Then he got on his knees and everybody in the restaurant looked at him. Then he started shaking and I thought no, that absolute klutz. He ruffled through his pants' pockets then his shirt and jacket. He lost the engagement ring. The embarrassment! I covered my face in shame. I think the whole restaurant felt it. We all consecutively froze."
Nola cringed, they all cringed.
"We left the restaurant quietly. I don't even remember the rest." She sighed.
"What happened afterwards?"
She fanned out her fingers. On the ring finger sat a beautiful sapphire ring. "He proposed again the next day in front of Schönbrunn Palace." Nola and Silvie squealed like little girls and flailed their arms. Allie rolled his eyes.
"Bleh-" Allie stuck out his tongue. "Marriage."
"I asked Tim where he found it and he said the restaurant called him when a waiter picked it up. I really doubt it. I saw him sneaking off in the morning. I bet he bought a new one."
Nola laughed. "What a klutz!"
"Look Allie, Is it pretty?"
"Too small. Give me a diamond this big." His hand formed a shape of a large bowl.
"It's not the size of the crystal that matters," she patted her handbag. "But the size of the wallet."
Nola slapped her on the shoulder, her sister had a cynical humour.
"It's the size of the heart, I meant," she corrected herself.
"When's the date?"
"Marriage date? Oh it's next year. By the time you graduated. You better have a boyfriend by that time. I wouldn't want my sister sitting all alone drinking on the happiest day of my life."
"Nola has me." Allie said in a tired, hazy voice.
"Exactly, Allie would be there beside me." She smiled looking at Allie.
The next day, they went around the neighbourhood and did the grocery shopping together. They came back from the supermarket with heavy bags of groceries. Nola did most of the heavy lifting while Silvie wheeled Allie in front. Silvie rolled up her sleeves. The ingredients they procured lay spread out on the countertop. Today she would show them what it means to be the head chef of a three star Michelin restaurant in the heart of Paris.
Nola sat looking at her phone on the kitchen stool. She scrolled though her contacts. She saw the updates from her friends and classmates. Her beta orbiters have flown back to their home countries, sharing happy pictures of themselves, some with girlfriends. The HDips who were graduating were asking for jobs on the group chat. Some were bragging about securing jobs and telling others of job vacancies around their area.
"Look," Nola echoed her sister while rolling her eyes. Whenever her sister said look, it automatically invalidated whatever she was going to say. It was going so well.
"I found a doctor."
“In Belarus? Some mountain is it I guess? Where your mystic witch doctor resides,” Nola's eyes rolled back down having found a prepared retort. “Last time we went on that family holiday in Kazakhstan, we got off the bus and then you took us to an underpass where a homeless old Asian hag selling her shitty Chinese medicine, which was baskets of leaves and insect moults,” Nola said, eyes wide, nostrils flaring. “This witch, hag doctor was selling us, I don't know, eucalyptus leaves and cicada skins? That you need to boil it three hours and get Allie to chug a pint of it and he can walk again?!” She and her mother were the same. “Or that other time where that doctor felt his pulse and concluded that his iecur, whatever that is, was upside down and he prescribed some kind of goddamn concoction of celery and fennel stalks in a blender and forced him to drink a damn pint every morning. Remember how he ended in hospital with white boils all over his body. I haven't forgotten any of it.”
"This o-"
“He ended up in the hospital on an IV drip for over a fucking week! He still gets those boils showing up on his skin sometimes!” Nola had trouble containing her emotions. She gazed at her sister in anger. Her sister's back was turned preparing some dish. That's why he stays with me and not you, she thought.
"Anyway, didn't you say you wanted to invite your San Franciscan friend over?" Silvie changed the subject.
They were so frivolous, Nola thought, without any care or thought or responsibility. She could hear Allie's soothing piano playing in the other room and it calmed her down a little.
"I heard a lot about this mysterious person. You've got me interested with all the things you told me. Is it another Eleanor-like person?"
She sat staring blankly at her phone with another anxiety now. She decided to call him. He picked it up within a few seconds.
She gave him the details and he said he'll come over right away.
"Is your San Franciscan friend a boy or a girl?" Silvie looked at her with great interest over the kitchen counter. Nola was smiling now.
"You'll see," Nola said unable to hold a grin.
Within ten minutes, the doorbell rang.
"That was fast! Does he live close?"
"Not really."
"What does he do for a living?"
"He cycles."
"I'll go get the door. Go get dressed. I'm running a fancy diner here, not McDonald's."
"How dare you. Eating McDonald's hamburgers saved his bank account in the US."
Silvie ignored her, not even going for a retort and went to open the front door. She was expecting her friend to be some sort of a hobo. The door swung open and there stood a handsome, upstanding gentleman, Ben the former stalker of Nola. He had one hand ruffling his golden brown hair.
Wow, he's good looking. "Hello!" Silvie's eyes glittered, scanning him top to bottom and bottom to top. She extended her hand out to him. "I'm Silvie."
"Hi, Ben. Nice to meet you." the ruffled good looking youth replied. Nola had texted him to beware of her sister whatever that meant. He had predicted that she would shake his hand so he had his cycling gloves in the large pockets of his khaki cargo pants already. He had anticipated well to not appear awkward. He looked at her hand only to realise his plans were foiled. She was wearing oven mittens yet she expected him to shake it.
He let out a sigh and shook her oven mittened hands. Silvie was mature looking compared to her sister. Her eyes carried a stern and hard expression. They were small while Nola's eyes were large. They looked like they would be the opposite of each other, he thought. He wondered what she was like as he grasped her oven mittened hands.
Ben was thinking this must be some kind of character test. Perhaps with this, she's determined I'm submissive and meek or that I'm an airhead. Ben was thinking of the ongoing psychological warfare while Silvie was simply taken aback by his handsome, youthful looks. She eyed him, finally finding out what her sister's type was.
“I heard so much about the trip but she wouldn't tell me much of her mysterious travel partner.”
So she didn't tell her anything. Maybe she was embarrassed of him.
Silvie leaned uncomfortably close, her chin above his shoulder. "Did you guys bang?"
In a silence that felt like an eternity, Ben thought back to the already answered question that had forcefully persisted in his mind since the trip. He had deduced that it was unlikely that anything happened at the motel after he blacked out drunk following the strip club incident. For one thing, Nola wasn't drunk since she was able to bring him to a motel. If they were both drunk with animal instinct taking over, it would have been a different story. But one of them was not.
"I'm joking," she finally said and patted him on the backside. He was sure that he had fallen victim to her character valuation. She stood back at a distance. "Come in, come in."
Silvie led the way to the kitchen. He had been here a few times but today the kitchen was different. It was very different, like a high class restaurant. The curtains were closed and the room was lit with candles. The dining table itself was covered with a thick, satin, white table cloth. In the middle was a large wrought iron candle holder decorated with floral scented candles.
"Take a seat. Make yourself at home. Nola would be here in a second."
"I'll help out with setting the ehm... table."
"Oh no no, I can't have the guest doing the serving. Take a seat." She walked around the kitchen counter and twisted a knob on the oven. She was also a guest but Ben didn't say it. "Nola tells me you're quite the gourmet."
Ben and Silvie were exchanging deep culinary knowledge on food when Nola entered the room pushing Allie in front. Suddenly the air was silent. She had caught the male gaze. His gaze.
She stopped and bent slightly to fix Allie's collar. She wore a black, low cut dress patterned with large diamond patterns that gleamed from the candle light. In her cold shoulder dress, he could see her powerful shoulders bulged out with the fridge-like body of hers. She brushed back her unnaturally smooth blonde hair as she got up. She was beautiful in a strong menacing way
"Hi," Ben couldn't help but smile.
“Hi Ben,” Allie replied energetically. Noticing he was wearing a t-shirt, he said, “You need to wear a shirt to eat here.” Allie didn’t look much different. He wore slacks and a white dress shirt with a bow tie, the same clothes he wore to his concert at the City Hall Theatre.
“Hmm… I’ll forgive you this time if Nola forgives you.”
“Sorry, my mistake actually,” Nola looked up to him with the usual intensity in her eyes. “I forgot to tell you.” She laughed. She was her usual self but with make-up.
She lifted Allie out of his wheelchair and placed him at the seat at the top of the table. Nola took the seat opposite to Ben.
“My sister works as a head chef in Paris so we have to dress fancy to meet her standards. The restaurant itself is called-” Nola spoke up, “-La Aubergine.”
"It's L'Arpège, my god Nonna."
"Nonna is what they sometimes call me. Old Russian pronunciation. Parents were such dunces when they got here and wrote Nola instead," she explained.
"That's a big change," Ben said. He had accurately assumed that was the case before.
"You'll get used to anything. Especially when you're young." She leaned close to Ben, "Allie and I visited her in Paris once. Can you believe they wouldn't let a child under fifteen in the restaurant? French are such snobs," she whispered the last part so her sister didn't overhear at the kitchen counter. "She's the head chef of the restaurant now after the old guy got carpal tunnel syndrome from his gaming addiction. She's the best chef ever." she said the last part loudly so her sister would hear. "Ah, Allie. Tell Ben about Disneyland."
They chatted cheerfully over the appetizers of bread and olives about their Parisian holiday. It reminded Ben that he still needed to give Nola the holiday photos.
"-And they shot flames out of the castle with the fireworks, you could feel the heat from way over there. The fireworks were so loud. Eleanor covered my ears. She said she didn't me to damage them."
"The first dish has arrived."
"It smells so go-" Before Nola finished her sentence she looked down at the placed in front of her.
"This dish is called La Crème de chou de Bruxelles. You'll be surprised to know that all of the dishes from the three star Michelin restaurants are very simple. The secret is fresh ingredients." She looped around the dining table back to the kitchen to prepare the next set of dishes.
The dish was served in a plate that resembled an artistic dog bowl. A dollop of white creamy cream coloured cream dotted around the plate and in the centre of the plate, was a single Brussels sprout.
Ben, Allie and Nola traded confused glances with each other. They looked back at the plate. It was an aged looking Brussels sprout, meticulously placed in the most eye pleasing angle as possible. There was even a leaf growing out the top of the stud.
"Must be one of my sister's experimental dishes and we're her lab mice."
"I mean it looks... artistic to say the least. Subversive in fact."
"True, true," Allie added.
They forked the Brussels sprout, swirled it around the sauce and put it in their mouths.
"Wow! This is the best Brussels sprout I've ever eaten in my life!" Allie exclaimed.
"Incredible! The Brussels sprout's partially hallowed out. There's a broth injected into the centre. It's like heroin juice spurting out when you bite into it."
"It's good," Nola said with slight hesitation. The heavy drinking has not been kind to her taste buds. The full potential escaped her tongue.
The dishes piled on. Each one topping the next with the last meal containing illegal substance, black caviar. The meal finally finished four hours later with Allie dozing off halfway through eating.
Silvie left the kitchen with shaking legs after doing the work of a seven course meal without her line of chefs. Before she left the room, she gave Ben a pat on the back and they exchanged a glance of mutual understanding, as fellow gourmets. The producer and the consumer; the omega and alpha, and then wobbled to the sitting room to collapse face first into the couch.
They sat alone by themselves with a sleeping child beside them.
“Let me make you something too.” Nola got up and walked over to the kitchen table, hips swaying. She whipped out a bottle of white rum, pre-squeeze lime juice and a small bottle of simple syrup and poured them into a cocktail shaker. She shook it in a tango dance trying to draw a laugh from Ben and he did. She poured it into a martini glass and placed it gingerly in front of him.
"It's a daiquiri, it's really nice. Try it."
Ben tipped the drink to his lips.
"How is it?"
"It's great." Calms the nerves, is what he wanted to say. He had no more doubts with Nola, he was in love with her.
He looked at Allie, dozing on his chair. He was going to ask her out. If anything interrupted him, then so be it.
They sat staring at each other, locked in a mesmerised glance. The candles flickering.
In the end, Ben couldn't bring himself to ask the question he wanted to ask the most. He had never been in a relationship, never started a relationship with anybody, not even a friendship before he had met her.
"Looks like Allie's tired," she said, her eyes flicked over to the sleeping child.
"Yeah, I'm going to leave. It's late." He looked away as well, eyes dejected. "I'll come another day to give you the photos and videos."
"Come tomorrow. We'lI show it to Silvie and Allie together."
Nola led him to the door. He stepped outside and stood in the cold. A full moon stood above him, he turned around. Nola observed him, waiting; waiting for something, anything.
"I think you're beautiful by the way. Will you go out with me?" he said nonchalantly. He had pondered it enough over the weeks and was done with it, with getting nowhere. The scene called for it, he convinced himself.
After a long pause with another eternity passing under the moonlight.
"I can't," she said, "I'm in love with Allie."
"Huh?!" Emptiness washed over Ben. He was not expecting incestuous love if that was what she meant.
"But maybe next year," she paused mischievously, "I might bring you to the wedding."
To any readers that lingered to the very end, thx for sticking around and I hope you enjoyed my little novel. I've finished fixing some typos, grammar and badly phrased sentences that I hope didn't annoy you too much when you were reading it. If you like my writing, you can get the definitive edition, a physical copy (It's beautiful btw) on Amazon at amzn.com/B08BDZ2K4V and also on the amazing Amazon stores of you country.
They say that everybody has one novel in them. I can say for myself that I had a manga as well. This is my 2nd work, the first being a manga called 'Imitation World of Synth' and then this novel. I am an author without much imagination and so my stories must draw a lot from my experiences. I will say that nothing in this book is made up but just a twisted account of reality and the people I've met.
Having finished it now, there was a morbid thought that I have ran out of inspiration. In a recent rereading of a certain novel (I leave it to the well-read reader to figure out its origin), there was a quote that spoke my mind. A thought that I had for the longest time since I wrote my first story.
"There must be thousands, and perhaps millions of people like me. People accustomed to death, who feel that the only part of their lives that really mattered is over."
And so there it is with all my worthwhile experiences written. Maybe I can keep pumping out the same types of stories over and over again like a washed-out genre writer. I feel like my strengths lay in the crude humour that you have read throughout the story. The next one, I suppose, will have to be of imagination more purer.
My main project now is to adapt, at least the 1st chapter, of Sweet Nola into manga form. I may possibly be the first writer to adapt their own work into a manga. Updates, unfortunately, will be infrequent but I hope that I'll definitely release a couple of pages every week. My excuse being that drawing is infinity more laborious and slower than writing.
I don't exactly have an approach on the 'vision' of the manga form of Sweet Nola. Novels and manga are different mediums and so my rough idea, if it can even be called that, is not a direct translation from blocks of text into manga strips, but to focus on conveying the visual aspects that manga readers appreciate more. In a way, it also rewards the reader more as a second reading where I don't do a direct translation with all its exposition and be minimalistic in drawing scenes. The manga will probably be rough and dirty so I can output it rapidly.
If you are interested in being a proof reader or editor or collaborator on the manga ver., shoot me a pm and I'll respond as fast as I see your message. If you hated my story, then now is the chance to refine it in a collaborative effort.
The first few pages of Sweet Nola manga can be found at: https://globalcomix.com/c/sweet-nola
Follow me on Twitter for updates as I'll twit whenever I get something uploaded: https://twitter.com/chikinstudio
It's easy to write swiftly but for a manga, it took me 2 days to draw 6 pages that only covered the first two pages of the story. We'll see how it goes...
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2020.08.29 10:55 Kicsivazz 12 hour Feedback of the Endless Hunt: time-sinking, insane progression, new cell and open-world?

12 hour Feedback of the Endless Hunt: time-sinking, insane progression, new cell and open-world?

Dauntless Experimental Build 12 hour Feedback
After having my first session feedback, I was busy to test the prototype extensively. So far I've sink about 12 hours into the experimental build, and I have some extra feedback to share.

Yes, I have sinked over 12 hours into this experimental prototype:
(this is fine)
But never mind that, this mode feels very good to play and it is an absolute time sinker that is enjoyable as it is, even though it is a prototype.
Sure it may gets boring for some people, but to freely go around and endlessly farm is amazing. I was getting 5-200 Dull Arconite (more on that later) and 10 Blaze with quite few other drops per behemoth kill. My average time spend felt like it was about 45-90 seconds of killing time, 30 seconds walk time, then repeat. Once a big group forms up we pretty much kill the behemoths under 30 seconds.
Devs, if you are reading this, I would be curious how many behemoths I've killed!
What was interesting that the usual hyper-focused no talk lobby become an enjoyable community where we bonded and socialised. Though maybe because of many had questions about the details of the game mode, but it is not hard to imagine that people who spend a lot of time together doing similar things get to know each other.

There are some points I've made after seeing the mode on a live-stream, and as a first impression and made some assumptions based on what was shown in the UI. I am sorry if my tunnel vision led me to not see these, but I feel like I was wrong about:
  • That there are Desperation and Aether-mode modifier. It seems that the aether timer starts probably once a Behemoth noticed someone or spawned, and de-aether does not seems to happen when there is nobody nearby to fight with which then makes it stuck, that might be a bug.
  • Bounties do count even if you fetch them inside the mode, however it seems to be inconsistent, sometimes work, sometimes does not. I've had servers were I was able to farm for an hour or a little more, and some where I needed to at least re-queue.
  • The difficulty indicator seems to be a bit randomised as sometimes smaller dire or bigger normal variants spawn. It seems that a little rare spawn system is already in place, I and many whom I spook would curious to see one or two heroic to spawn as a rare.
  • Endless mode as Pursuit, was something I could not imagine well enough for the purpose of practice and focused farming, however I feel like this actually could be something that replaces Pursuit.

I have stated before that I would not like this mode as Pursuit, due to reason that many slayers want some alone time with their target, and they don't want to waste that, but I have to say that I have changed my opinion:
It was pretty easy to find my desired target, and even find one where I can be alone with it and break and practice whatever I want. In fact it was a lot more immersive to go in, and pursue down my target.
The map size does not allow it all the time, or even to the full duration of a fight, perhaps that is something that could be figured out in a different way than a solo session of Pursuit. Maybe a friend/guild only session would resolve the whole issue with less hassle and extra load on resources.

I feel like that the way we stick to core functional concepts of modes limits some potential here, so I would like to propose to going forward focus this mode as Open-World. What I mean here is to not handle it as "Endless Blaze Hunt", but "Travel to The Yonder Keys", only just limited areas as we do not have a big enough map.
I know this kind of approach something that me and many veterans who are interested in lore want, but not necessarily justifiable to implement it again with a world map instead of quick hunt type listing:
Map in the Open-Beta
Island Selection in the Open-Beta
Here me out on this:
I believe that many people would find it more enjoyable, more immersive than a pure functional mode to visit locations where particular behemoths live. It would be something that makes us invest time to get familiar with for the reward of enjoying to interact with a fantasy world. I believe this because I have felt that way, and many whom I know did too.
In the past months, I am expanding my knowledge in game development areas, and one thing I've been hearing over and over again is how important that the players get attached to something in your game. Many of us attached to the combat, or to a particular behemoth. We fight over which weapon is the best, or which behemoth is the most annoying.
We want to be slayers, and as such it would be fitting if the new mode would become something that allows us to experience that, let us be the ones who pursue or patrol, fight one or many behemoths at the same time, form random parties to take down foes that gives a hard time to others. Maybe even find some random quest buried in the jungle or organise random parties to take down an elite, perhaps even have to fend off some behemoth surges.
I think this new mode is headed that way, and I hope besides the pure functionalities, we could see it and feel it that way as it gets more and more implemented.
I would not mind to swap between sessions to find my prey if I could spend hours in one just to do my own thing. Perhaps that could be something that can be done seamlessly, like getting up to an airship that closes its doors and then goes to another batch of islands (session).
Well, with this inspiration out of the way, back to the cold pragmatic reality:

While I think its an unfortunate thing, it is also pretty great that the new cell is leaked. The new cell is called Tenacious, it gives % damage per 100 HP, and % crit-chance per set shield stacks. It is an interesting concept however it feels very underwhelming. It might be because we are unable to do proper builds right now.
Tenacious Cell in the Experimental Build
I've been running with +3 and +6 Tough at a max health of 1540 points. My +6 Tenacious gave +30% damage boost (2% per 100 HP) and 1% crit-chance per 50 shields points. My build was mostly with an axe, though I have tried strikers and chain blades and with each of them it was about 500-800 shields that I was able to maintain:
Tenacious +5 with Tough +4
With Determination 3 (+50% damage) I was pretty happy to have almost double damage (+80%) consistently (usually hitting 1000-3000 with my axe). What was unsatisfying is the fact that shields deplete so fast that by the time you rotate to another behemoth you have to build it again. Though when you got a lucky, you can have some cool crit some damage:
Tenacious +6 with Tough +6 over 1000 shields
The cells feels a bit irrelevant, I was running it for a while with various setups, but the most consistent and meaningful part of it was the health damage, then swapped back to LL+Rage builds and got about twice as much damage. It makes sense to reward the more riskier build, but it would be nice if the difference would be much smaller.
I think this cell will be great for levelling up slayers, especially the ones who run Though Iceborne right now, they will able to go Tough Tenacious, for less risk and perhaps even build shields to survive. The levelling slayers usually don't have access to Trial cells, so for them this could be a great start to get used to using Predator instead of Rage and rewarding them for having full health and keeping the shield stacks instead of just letting it consumed by hits.
The crits there is nice, but mostly irrelevant, as it were still about 8% DPS increase. What we will need to have alongside this cell, is an attack speed cell for full health, that really crippled me as I was only able to run Ember + Conduit 3.

While I was roaming around, I have noticed that I was unable to throw my Axe as far as I normally would able to and get a hit registration. It seems to me that hidden under the hood we actually get something similar as container streaming as we navigate in and out from zones.
While it's due to the map that we can basically throw through two arenas, new maps and their respective combat zones should account for ultra long range pike payloads and axe throws as well. It was a very good thing to not see damage numbers go in the distance when 3-4 arenas were actively fighting, so KUDOS for that!
Sadly I did not recorded a good showcase of this in time :sadhoot:

I am sure this is just a placeholder, but it seems that I was able to get mastery ticks, bounty progression for every single thing that goes on the map. This is pretty amazing in terms of performance, because the server was able to track 3-5 behemoths for up to 6 players without an issue.
However, these systems should be decoupled to a particular fight we are participating. I imagine this is already on the TODO list, but I wanted to mention it to be sure, it was kinda weird to get bounties done halfway by the time my character loaded and I was able to walk up to a behemoth.
With that said, there are a few things that would be nice to have:
  • Well, obviously track things correctly as I just said - With the combat areas streaming in and out, it would be nice to get progression for things like boops, staggers that are team based, but don't get a checkmark when someone did something on the other side of the map.
  • Introduce global progression/achievements - While sure it could be exploited, though it would be nice to see does it even get exploited? I am thinking about getting an achievement for killing rare elites, and perhaps getting some extra loot if we are near, but may not been in combat yet.

We have noticed that once a group of 6 or more slayers bond up to rotate around and destroy the behemoths we get some insane loots. Like, 100-500 items from rare drops, 1000-3000 items of common drops. We essentially was able to farm out cells up to about 30-60 items within a few hour long sessions as we kept getting more and more almost like the amount gets stacked based on how many behemoths we killed before the loot was determinated and showed.
Looting after like an hour into the Session
There are a few things that would be great besides fixing the bug, with a recap from my previous post:
  • Make sure that the looting system can handle 2x more behemoth deaths than your map can spawn
  • Make it roll much faster, perhaps only show epic and rare drops and put the rest into a chat tab where we could scroll back and see the exact list of drops, perhaps even click on the names to quick share in the main chat and maybe even hover on it to see a little info bubble with the image.
  • The loot popup was blocking all UI, so when that was on we were not able to switch gear pieces, that got pretty annoying as we had no ways to close it, perhaps that could be something to do, and maybe even give us the option to show it at all.
  • The loot popup would be nice if it had the kill time on it, the ratings would be also nice, but that is inconsistent and meaningless for endgame, but for levelling up slayers it could be very useful.
  • Additionally the popup, it would be nice to have a system within Ramsgate to list all previous sessions (up to a reasonable limit, or just let us queue all of them) and see the combined loot, perhaps in the future statistics like kill times over encounter, a link to builds.

After about an hour in some more focused farming, the servers get unstable and die. It seems the reason might be because of either too much tails hanging around on the map, or perhaps the previously mentioned stacked loot DDOS-es down the instance. Or maybe the combination of both as I can imagine that the looting system check for the dead behemoths when it calculates the loot and those tails make it so that previously killed ones still count.
The server finally gives up after giving a lot of loot
Whatever the case may be, it was a pleasant surprise that the match making was still functional and we were able to just queue up to another instance and transfer over there in about 30 seconds. Big KUDOS for that!
Perhaps for the experimental builds, it would be useful to have:
  • A small UI element to show SERVER HEALTH, things like tickrate, a percentage of the allocated CPU and MEMORY (we do not need to know the amount, just how full it is)

Well, besides having the server crashes, the instances were sometimes very weird latency with boops and hits. It could be because quite often I was connected to a US server and not to an EU one. It is hard to know, and thus I wish to propose something that exist in many other games:
  • A small UI element to show our PING, used NETWORK BANDWIDTH, and REGION at all times in Ramsgate and in Sessions.

It was not this bad in the Training island, but it seems that the way we can swap our gear anytime has a lot of bugs. Granted, that many players swapped it out of combat and not that often. What was pretty great with it that we had some amazing times when we were able to swap gears to do a fun idea with the whole session, like doing shrike lantern attack speed builds to melt the behemoths. The issues I have noticed were:
  • Very long loading time - I've had times when I hit my inventory key and the screen popped up a minute later. I thought this kind of huge loading times happens if you have a lot of items, and we had very few because of the limited accounts, however, we did hundreds if not thousands of cells pretty quickly :D
  • Special meter breaks - Switching loadouts sometimes broke the special meters, like you were not able to generate at all, and sometimes get a full meter on swapping. The first issue is a bit more annoying, the workaround for it was to requeue and join a new session, the second is just exploitable, though not sure how consistent.
  • Swapping a build broke the power level meter - It was a cool discovery that if you have too big power difference, you have got a red ?? at the behemoth avatar, it shows that we might even get an MMORPG style mob levels that would show even a skull if you are too bellow to not even try.

I am hoping that I will be invited next time, there are some little things I wish the devs do in the next experiments:
  • Add an ingame-mail that explains the Purpose of the Experiment, and the given new mode or feature how it was supposed to be handled - perhaps give us a direct feedback channel
  • Give us unlimited Ace-Chips, and more initial Cell variety. I get that we were supposed to be on a particular power level, that is fine, but the available cells at the start made it very hard to build realistic loadouts that we would have at that point.
  • Unlock the dyes and transmogs for the behemoth gears. While this is just aesthetic, and perhaps a waste of time in an experiment, but to record content I think having option to express our style is not a bad thing. It could even help people to play a bit more than one session and thus gather more data. With that said, it was very nice to not have transmogs on as it were easy to copy each-others build, I do wish for a character card to check the builds of others.
  • Disable quests all together - when that's not in the experiment -, it was a bit annoying to get like 5-6 quests that I cannot even give in.
  • Make sure that you lock up new contents that we were not supposed to see yet. For that I would like to propose to build a service that would able to list the disabled assets and do it that way. That service later could be used to disable bugged things on live versions without a need of a patch.
  • Double encounters - remove the shackles that hold the behemoths in place, and let's see if we can collect them all and defeat them. Though before you do that, check the AI system because it sometimes froze up and don't know what to do. For that, here is one what we were able to do because of the Embermane AI:
Double Encounter: Bloodfire Embermane and Flameborn Gnasher

Once again,
What's your favourite point, and what did I miss? I'd like to hear your feedback in the comments!
Clear Skies Slayers! Kicsivazz out
submitted by Kicsivazz to dauntless [link] [comments]

2020.08.24 19:39 HaulA24Auggl A G-ift Giv-en Fu-rry in Po-rn See

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submitted by HaulA24Auggl to u/HaulA24Auggl [link] [comments]

2020.08.21 10:46 JavierStorm Actualización de la comunidad Parte 2, 20 de Agosto 2020

Actualización de la comunidad Parte 2, 20 de Agosto 2020

¡Saludos querida comunidad de Call of Duty: Mobile hispano! Aquí nos encontramos de nuevo con la segunda parte de la actualización de la comunidad donde queremos informar los nuevos eventos más cercanos por venir, novedades y ajustes que hemos realizado en un nuevo parche ¡ya implementado!
Es impresionante como ha pasado tan poco tiempo desde el lanzamiento de la temporada 9 y ya estamos bombardeados de todo tipo de comentarios, posteos, creaciones y ¡humor! Nos encanta que sean así de activos y apasionados en este Reddit, con una comunidad que va creciendo rápidamente y de una manera muy sana!.

¡Pasemos a la actualización ahora y comencemos con nuevos eventos, seguidos de comentarios e informes de errores y, por último, una sorpresa para cualquiera de esta comunidad!

Aquí está el resumen completo de la mayoría de los eventos que se están llevando a cabo actualmente o que estarán disponibles próximamente en COD Mobile:

  • 21/8 ~ Nuevos desafíos de temporada
  • 21/8 - 23/8 ~ Modo de guerra Battle Royale
  • 21/8 - 27/8 ~ Lista de reproducción de Gungame Moshpit
  • 21/8 - 03/09 ~ Modo 10v10
  • 21/8 - 03/09 ~ Evento de la mejor hora
  • 28/8 ~ Vuelve Caza de accesorios!

Finest Hour
Nuestro evento principal para la temporada 9 ha llegado y no es ningún tipo de evento que hayas visto en COD: Mobile. Elige tu bando, recluta soldados y ábrete camino a través de la Europa devastada por la guerra mientras te esfuerzas por conquistar todas las ciudades ocupadas por el Eje en el mapa. Por supuesto, al hacerlo, acumulará recompensas y algunas recompensas particularmente grandiosas estarán disponibles para aquellos que luchen en todas las ciudades del mapa.
Estos son los conceptos básicos de cómo funciona Finest Hour, el evento de conquista:

Hay bastante que aprender sobre este evento, ya sean las diferentes formas de atacar ciudades, las diferentes formas de recolectar recompensas o todas las diferentes rutas que puedes usar para atacar ciudades. Dependiendo de tu bando, tu objetivo final (mencionado en el Step 4 de la imagen) será liberar la ciudad central, que es Berlín o Bayern, dependiendo del bando que elijas.

Lo fácil que es atacar una ciudad depende de tu fuerza, que está determinada en gran medida por tu nivel de arma acumulativo del armero y si hay ciudades aliadas cercanas. Cualquier ciudad aliada liberada adyacente reducirá la defensa de la ciudad del Eje que estás tratando de derribar. Por último, puedes llamar a un amigo para que te ayude a atacar una ciudad y como una forma de obtener recompensas adicionales si el ataque tiene éxito.
Como sabemos que si pudiera comentar con imágenes pondría a nuestro amigo yoda de "mucho texto" ¡tenemos un vídeo para usted! Míralo para tener una idea rápida de cómo funciona este nuevo evento.

Modo 10vs10
¡Otro nuevo contenido que se lanzó hoy es el modo 10v10! Este modo modifica los preexistentes, principalmente Team Deathmatch y Domination agregando el doble de jugadores para partidas mas ¡trepidantes!. Está disponible en Crossfire, Takeoff, Meltdown y, finalmente llegará a Shipment 1944.

No, no estas loco, si leíste bien y si llevas puesto los anteojos! Si pensabas que Shipment 1944 era frenético antes, eso significa que ahora 10vs10 será una completa locura! El modo 10v10 también aumentará el límite de puntuación para duelo por equipos y en Shipment ese límite ahora aumentará a 200.
Sin embargo, para Shipment 1944 no está disponible en esta primera lista de reproducción de 10 contra 10. En esta primera versión, solo está disponible en Crossfire, Takeoff y Meltdown. Más adelante, una lista de reproducción vendrá específicamente para este mapa versión 10v10. ¡Esté atento a eso más adelante!


Desafíos estacionales
Hoy están disponibles dos desafíos de temporada más, además de los tres que se lanzaron la semana pasada con el lanzamiento de la temporada 9. Los aspectos más destacados de esos tres fueron Operaciones especiales 1 - Serpiente cosida del kit de supervivencia, Razorback - Serpiente cosida de Trench Boom y el ICR-1 - Nuclear retro de Assault Rifle Expert. Esta vez tenemos algunos elementos para agarrar y algunas tareas más para conquistar. ¡Échales un vistazo!

Este desafío de seis partes consiste en usar varias armas con accesorios específicos y matar con esas armas en partidas multijugador. Simple, pero este también requiere que tengas cada una de esas armas niveladas lo suficiente para poder usar esos tipos de accesorios, como acople, cargador, miras láser o culata. Aquí están las principales recompensas:

  • (Uncommon) Granada conmocionadora – Ammo Box
  • (Uncommon) Outlaw – Ammo Box
  • (Rara) Tarjeta de Visita – Red War
  • (Raro) Outlaw – Blood in the Water

Totalmente Cargado
Este desafío de cuatro partes realmente quiere que salgas y elimines a algunos enemigos en partidas multijugador. Coge un SMRS, cárgalo con algunos cohetes, equipa la nueva ventaja y haz bajas con equipamiento letal. Esperamos que "be Careful, enemy molotov" no sea tu única opción para llevarte a cabo estas tareas eeh, el tío Cod te está mirando 📷 . Las principales recompensas de este evento consisten en una ventaja completamente nueva!:

  • (Común) Ventaja – Amped
  • (Raro) Avatar – Veteran
  • (Raro) SMRS – Blood in the Water
Todavía hay dos más en camino la próxima semana, así que esté atento a esos detalles y recompensas en la próxima actualización de la comunidad. Por ahora, ponte cómodo y entra jugar para obtener todas las nuevas recompensas, subir el Battle pass y ganar algunas tarjetas Moradas de XP para ayudar a subir tus armas favoritas.

Nueva ruleta "Infierno enlatado"
Nuestro primera ruleta, Inmersión! ¡Inmersión!, para la temporada 9 fue lanzada la semana pasada con la ardiente y decidida pelirroja Emma Victorova, un personaje completamente nuevo, ideal para todas nuestras Capitanas de la comunidad al mando y con una UL736 bastante letal - Depth Charge para llevar. Esta semana, sin embargo, tenemos uno que es un poco más sobrenatural y despiadado.
La nueva ruleta Infiero Enlatado trae a Dark Shepherd, otro personaje nuevo, a la vanguardia con un estilo oscuro y misterioso con una afilada Hoz a su espalda que no dudará en usar si te encuentra, llevándote a las mas profundas tinieblas terrenales. Consigue este nuevo personaje ademas de muchas otras recompensas como la legendaria ASM10 - Bunker Buster, un arma que hace que tus enemigos detonen al morir. Compruébalo en acción con este video:


Cajas - Protección duplicada
Hace un tiempo, mencionamos que estábamos trabajando en formas de hacer que los duplicados se sintieran como algo menos común, particularmente en las cajas, y hemos lanzado nuevos sistemas para eso como parte de esta última actualización. Ahora, ciertas cajas tienen habilitado un sistema de hitos.
Cada vez que abras una caja, recibirás tus artículos y también recibirás el progreso hacia un hito. Cada vez que alcanzas un hito, te garantiza que recibirás un artículo de la rareza indicada.

Como puede ver en esta caja de la imagen, que actualmente ya está disponible en la tienda, el jugador ya alcanzó el primer hito y recibió un artículo garantizado de rareza épica.
Ahora en Protección contra duplicados, este es un sistema recientemente perfeccionado además de los hitos. Cada elemento que tiene una corona, como puede ver con todos los elementos de rareza épica en la captura de pantalla anterior, está protegido por duplicado. Una vez que reciba un artículo protegido duplicado, lo eliminará del grupo de recompensas, lo que aumentará las probabilidades de adquirir el artículo restante.
Este sistema es completamente nuevo, por lo que si tiene algún problema o tiene algún comentario, háganoslo saber. También puedes leer sobre todo esto en el juego haciendo clic en el signo de interrogación junto al nombre de la caja.

Cócteles Molotov
Según los comentarios de la última semana, esta ardiente arma de la justicia se puede utilizar con eficacia en cualquier situación y en el momento en que toca a un enemigo lo incinera en el fuego del infierno sagrado. Bueno, su reinado duró poco porque ya lo debilitamos un poco al reducir el daño general y duración, ahora debería ser un poco más fácil de contrarrestar. Estaremos atentos a más comentarios y para ver si necesitamos hacer otros cambios de equilibrio, pero también nos gustaría señalar que el Sistema Trophy es un contrarrestador perfecto para utilizar.
Armero en BR
Cuando Gunsmith se lanzó como parte de esta última actualización, notamos de inmediato que muchos jugadores estaban un poco confundidos acerca de los cambios en Battle Royale en particular. Intentamos resaltar estos cambios a través de imágenes y nuestras actualizaciones anteriores, pero seguimos recibiendo preguntas con regularidad y volveremos a reiterar esa información aquí.
Algunos de los cambios en el Battle Royale son:
  • Ahora puede encontrar y adquirir armas de diferentes rarezas con accesorios preinstalados.
  • Ya no puedes buscar ni cambiar accesorios durante una partida
  • En cambio, ahora hay Gunmods que se pueden adjuntar a una ranura única
  • Nuevo menú de equipamiento de Battle Royale
  • 5 ranuras de equipamiento ahora disponibles
  • Puede adquirir sus armas de armero personalizadas a partir de sus equipamientos a través de Airdrops
Todo esto es nuevo y esperamos que pase un poco hasta que todos comprendan el nuevo sistema, pero creemos firmemente que estos cambios lo hacen concentrarse en las armas en lugar de centrarse en la recopilación de accesorios individuales. Ahora, se trata de encontrar las mejores armas, traer tus propias armas personalizadas de lanzamientos aéreos y agregar mods de armas para darle un impulso adicional y combatir.

Balance Gunsmith
En primer lugar, sabemos que este sistema es un cambio masivo en la forma en que juegas normalmente y, como tal, hemos estado tratando de ayudar a explicar eso siempre que pudimos. Sin embargo, sabemos que Gunsmith puede tardar un tiempo en acostumbrarse en general y que los beneficios de este sistema en comparación con el anterior pueden no ser evidentes para todos.
Este sistema también cambia en torno al equilibrio de casi todas las armas en el juego, ya que ahora puedes adaptarlas y personalizarlas de una manera que ni siquiera podrías acercarte antes. Esta fue una de las razones por las que queríamos hacer servidores de prueba públicos solo para Gunsmith, pero también vamos a estar atentos a todo para intentar hacer ajustes y cambios de equilibrio cuando sea necesario.
Solo dale tiempo, sigue hablando con tus compañeros jugadores al respecto y utiliza recursos de la comunidad como el flair especializado "Recomendacion Gunsmith" aquí en Reddit. Por supuesto, también tenemos tres videos solo Gunsmith que muestran lo básico y te dan una idea general de cómo funciona todo en Multijugador o BR. Aquí está el más reciente a continuación, que es un poco más tutorial que los demás.

Por último, una cosa que no hemos visto es que muchos jugadores se den cuenta es que hay una manera de obtener una selección de armero recomendada para tu arma. Si no sabe qué usar o simplemente quiere saltar rápidamente a una partida y equipar accesorios predefinidos, presione el Botón Recomendado (Ampolleta) resaltado a continuación en la captura de pantalla.

Después de seleccionar esa pequeña bombilla de luz amarilla, se le presentará un nuevo menú lleno de accesorios recomendados para cada arma. Aquí hay un ejemplo del mismo RUS-79U.

Puedes usar todo esto para permitirnos ayudarte a usar una configuración por ahora mientras te acostumbras al arma, los accesorios y todas las opciones que ofrece Gunsmith. Si tienes alguna pregunta, sigue haciéndolo y yo o tus compañeros jugadores de la comunidad, siempre estaremos dispuestos a participar y conversar al respecto.

Camuflaje Damasco
Durante las versiones de prueba públicas, teníamos un camuflaje de Damasco como nivel superior (el camuflaje más difícil de obtener en Gunsmith) y, como muchas cosas en la versión de prueba, era puramente una prueba. Consideramos múltiples opciones para ese camuflaje de primer nivel y no terminamos eligiendo el Damasco. Además, como muchos ya están preguntando, tampoco es Dark Matter o materia oscura de BO4. En cambio, tenemos un camuflaje de nivel superior diferente en una actualización futura. Esté atento a las noticias sobre eso en futuras actualizaciones de la comunidad.
Bugs Reportes
Como pronto tendremos una gran actualización, que tendrá una amplia variedad de correcciones de errores y mejoras, es un poco difícil discutir cualquier problema específico. Sin embargo, aquí hay algunas notas rápidas sobre algunos problemas de los que recibimos preguntas regularmente y que se solucionarán en la próxima actualización.
Correcciones / cambios recientes
Hemos tenido algunos pequeños parches (revisiones) hotfixs durante la última semana y estas son algunas de las cosas más importantes que se cambiaron o ajustaron en esos parches.

Balance General
  • Las miras de punto rojo y las miras holográficas ya no reducen la velocidad de apuntado
  • Se aumentó la velocidad de disparo de todas las armas. Aumentó la velocidad de apuntado después de correr de todas las armas también
  • Se Redujo la precisión de disparo de cadera al equipar la empuñadura Mercenario
Balance de armas
  • Chopper: precisión de disparo de cadera reducida de agarre pesado
  • Se redujo el balanceo del arma (por la respiración) de todos los rifles de francotirador y rifles de tirador.
  • DLQ33 / LOCUS / ARCTIC.50: Mayor velocidad de apuntado
  • Se redujo la desventaja de velocidad de apuntado de los accesorios para rifles de francotirador y rifles de tirador.
  • QQ9: aumento del retroceso general y reducción del daño a las extremidades
  • Arctic.50 con Stopping Power Mag: mayor velocidad de disparo, mas velocidad de apuntado y mejor control de retroceso
  • Pharo: aumento del retroceso general y reducción del daño en la parte inferior del cuerpo
  • BK57: se corrigió la descripción de 7.62 mm Mag; descripción actualizada para decir mayor daño por disparo en la cabeza
  • Cordite: se reduce la precisión de propagación de balas ADS. Se reduce la capacidad de munición de Extended Mags.

Modificación de camuflajes de armas en BR
  • Las armas recogidas en BR ya no tendrán skins. En su lugar, se aplicarán camuflajes establecidos por jugadores en equipamientos.
  • Informe post partida: ahora puede moverse por el informe más rápido haciendo clic en el botón Siguiente para omitir inmediatamente varias páginas y no tener que apretar tanto siguiente y continuar.
Ruleta Gratuita de anuncios
Se han estado haciendo ajustes a este apartado por lo que puede que momentáneamente haya desaparecido su botón de ver si es que al inicio de la temporada 9 la tenia.
Bono de recarga de CP
Algunos jugadores se comunicaron a principios de esta semana sobre un bono de compra "faltante" que vieron que otros jugadores estaban recibiendo después de comprar algo con CP. No hay ninguna razón complicada por la que no haya visto esto, fue solo un error de nuestra parte y no se suponía que debía estar para nadie.
Voz faltante en algunos personajes
En las últimas actualizaciones hemos agregado y cargado el paquete de voz a mas personajes que no disponían de una voz al momento de jugar, hemos visto algunos comentarios sobre la falta de voces en off de los personajes del juego, aparentemente principalmente en torno a las opciones de chat rápido en MP o BR, y después de consultar con nuestro equipo, este problema debería haberse solucionado casi por completo esta temporada. Vamos a enviar este error de nuevo al equipo y empezar a investigar, ¡y nos encantaría tu ayuda!
Comenzaremos un hilo a continuación en los comentarios y si ha visto este problema, ¿puede simplemente responder y nombrar los personajes que ha visto que no tiene la voz en off adecuada, en qué modo y qué tipo exacto de voz (chat rápido , frases normales o en cualquier otro lugar)? Gracias a todos de antemano y recuerden que ese hilo será exclusivamente para respuestas de personajes con voz en mute o faltante y no para preguntas o respuesta de otro contenido.
Problemas de desincronización y conexión
Como mencionamos a menudo antes del lanzamiento de la temporada 9 y la actualización del juego, se suponía que este problema se solucionaría o mejoraría mucho para la mayoría de los jugadores con este lanzamiento. Hemos visto a un puñado de jugadores decir que todavía están experimentando estos problemas y siempre estamos dispuestos a investigar más a fondo, así que si todavía lo ves, comunícate con nuestros canales de asistencia.
Opciones de soporte
Por último, si ves algo, experimentas algo extraño o tienes problemas al intentar jugar o acceder al juego, infórmalo a través de cualquiera de nuestros canales de asistencia por favor. Los principales son:

Notas finales
Como de costumbre, estamos leyendo y debatiendo muchos más temas de los que se muestran aquí, pero si no abordamos ningún problema o comentario, comuníquese con nosotros. Estamos felices de conversar más sobre esto y personalmente siempre estaré respondiendo lo mas que pueda y aun que a veces no pueda responder a todos los comentarios y posteos por razones de magnitud, continuamente los veo y reviso lo que han informado. También quisiera aprovechar de informar que buscaré un nuevo integrante para el cargo de moderador ayudante oficial y para esto existen ciertos requisitos mínimos que deben cumplir como lo son:

  1. Ser usuario activo de esta comunidad
  2. Haber mantenido una actitud de respeto siempre
  3. Tener suficiente Karma
  4. Mantenerse informado siempre del contenido y comentarios posteados
  5. Ganas y cordialidad al responder.
Continuamente ando viendo quien cumple con estas características dentro de la comunidad y pronto le mandaré un mensaje directo al [email protected] por si desea ser parte del equipo.

Volveremos la semana que viene con más actualizaciones y gracias por la gran cantidad de apoyo y comentarios para la temporada 9 durante esta última semana. Lo apreciamos todo más de lo que imagina y cuando asistimos a nuestra reunión semanal del club secreto de administradores de la comunidad de la industria de los videojuegos, nos gusta argumentar que la comunidad COD: Mobile es, por mucho, la mejor 😉. Saludos y se cuidan Soldados! Obedezcan a sus capitanas.

-El equipo de Call of Duty: Mobile
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2020.08.18 18:45 FlashKickinIt [USA] [H] Games (by lot or individual): 3DS, Xbox 360, Ps2, Wii/U [W] PayPal

Please do not send a CHAT. Post in comments.
If you have any questions or would like additional photos of something you're interested in purchasing just let me know.
Prices do NOT include shipping unless otherwise stated. CONUS only.
Games Across Various SystemsTons of used retro and modern. Various games from GameStop. Some new and sealed. Some may have shelf-wear. Some with GS price stickers. See the lot photos in the album. “NEW” = Sealed. GH = Greatest Hits. CiB unless noted otherwise. Assume any DLC or codes are used unless game is NEW, or otherwise noted.

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2020.08.18 03:57 LiterallyHolland ANXIETYYY- (SUPER LONG)

(tl;dr at the very bottom, I just needed to explain a lot, and sorry for any grammar mistakes as I was typing fast-)
So I was in trading, and i had been trying to get the SE boots from this girl who only wanted the goth sleeves for them. So I was down to do the trade and all, but she wasnt sure about it so she tok a few days to think-
She thought for 3 days, and each day wanted me to add.
So, today, kinda sick of this, I join her and she's with these two other girls, and they were kinda huddlin togrther. Thing is, she had always been alone before, so I was like "Mk, maybe she's just chatting and seeing other offers" y'know? So the girl I was tying to trade the boots from tells me that "She'll give me the boots if I got the flower crown from this person"
At the time, I didnt know they were friends, but the girl she wanted me to get the crown from was the girl she had already been talking to. I kinda roll my eyes like fine, whatever, and ask to trade-
BuT sHe gOeS iNtO a dIfFeReNt tRaDe
So I accept an oncoming trade and deal with that person, and when I get out, boots girl is wearing the flower crown.
I'm a lil sus now, and I'm like "Why did she let you try it on if i have to buy it from her -_-" And then that was when it was revealed to me that they were friends.
Ther girl shows up, she's in her Roblox avatar, and she asks to offer for the goth sleeves (In my name it said I had them ft). I'm like okay, and we go in.
Qe say hi and whatnot, I put in the sleeves, and then she's like "Here's my offer :>"
She put in MCN.
And then she says she can add.
R e d F l a g s E v e r y w h e r e .
I'm trying to add some stuff that would make this a little more equal, and openly admitting that I find this a lil sus, cause I don't think anyone would trade MCN for JUST goth sleeves.
And then, we both accept. The timer starts. This entire time I'm thinking "She gonna decline last second, this is just a dumb prank-" And so ai hold my breath and click accept...
She accepted.
Do you guys think it's exploited? :')
Tl;Dr: I'm paranoid, Shadow Boots-less, have had days wasted, have no more goth sleeves, aaaaand I'm bidding/Trading/Selling MCN in a new post :')
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2020.08.18 03:56 LiterallyHolland ANXIETYYYY- (SUPER LONG)

(tl;dr at the very bottom, I just needed to explain a lot, and sorry for any grammar mistakes as I was typing fast-)
So I was in trading, and i had been trying to get the SE boots from this girl who only wanted the goth sleeves for them. So I was down to do the trade and all, but she wasnt sure about it so she tok a few days to think-
She thought for 3 days, and each day wanted me to add.
So, today, kinda sick of this, I join her and she's with these two other girls, and they were kinda huddlin togrther. Thing is, she had always been alone before, so I was like "Mk, maybe she's just chatting and seeing other offers" y'know? So the girl I was tying to trade the boots from tells me that "She'll give me the boots if I got the flower crown from this person"
At the time, I didnt know they were friends, but the girl she wanted me to get the crown from was the girl she had already been talking to. I kinda roll my eyes like fine, whatever, and ask to trade-
BuT sHe gOeS iNtO a dIfFeReNt tRaDe
So I accept an oncoming trade and deal with that person, and when I get out, boots girl is wearing the flower crown.
I'm a lil sus now, and I'm like "Why did she let you try it on if i have to buy it from her -_-" And then that was when it was revealed to me that they were friends.
Ther girl shows up, she's in her Roblox avatar, and she asks to offer for the goth sleeves (In my name it said I had them ft). I'm like okay, and we go in.
Qe say hi and whatnot, I put in the sleeves, and then she's like "Here's my offer :>"
She put in MCN.
And then she says she can add.
R e d F l a g s E v e r y w h e r e .
I'm trying to add some stuff that would make this a little more equal, and openly admitting that I find this a lil sus, cause I don't think anyone would trade MCN for JUST goth sleeves.
And then, we both accept. The timer starts. This entire time I'm thinking "She gonna decline last second, this is just a dumb prank-" And so ai hold my breath and click accept...
She accepted.
Do you guys think it's exploited? :')
Tl;Dr: I'm paranoid, Shadow Boots-less, have had days wasted, have no more goth sleeves, aaaaand I'm bidding/Trading/Selling MCN in a new post :')
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2020.08.17 03:57 SarutobiSaizo Eric Carter Hex [Tier 3]

Player: SarutobiSaizo
Name: Eric Carter [Tier 3]
Alias: Hex
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Half Human, Half Spirit
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180
Appearance: One Two Three Four

Racial Traits:
Abilities: The last of a long line of necromancers who specialized in binding spirits to their soul to grant them additional abilities. The ritual to ascend into their powers is passed down from Master to Student before being trained for a number of years. The final step in Hex's rise of a new student to a master was usurping his master's soul to form their own Bloodstone.
  1. Astral Possession. Hex can breathe his soul out of his body and use his spirit to control other creatures. His original body is vulnerable while he possesses another.
  2. Jumping. A variant of Hex's Astral Projection. Hex also has the ability to detach his soul from his body, granting him super speed, by means of his soul quickly moving to a different place and his body following it almost in an instant. This acts to give him speed in short bursts (or long term use for long distance travel), and allows him to go anywhere his soul can get to, regardless of whether his body (under normal conditions) could or not. He's able to fly with this ability.
  3. Eye of Mahadeva: Through intense spiritual practice and ritual sacrifice, Hex has opened his third eye, and forged a link between his soul and Lord Shiva, the Destroyer, through which he can access a small portion of Lord Shiva's power of destruction. Opening his third eye gives Hex arcane sight through which he can see the unseen. Hex's enlightenment gives him a measure of defense against mental attacks. By invoking the portion of Lord Shiva's power bound to his soul, Hex can channel fire through his third eye, producing a concentrated, destructive beam of heat from his forehead which causes an explosion upon impact.
  1. Necromancy. Using the Bloodstone as a medium, Hex can call the recently deceased back to life and bind them to his phylactery for the duration of their revival. While other souls are bound to the phylactery, Hex’s own is bound fully to his original body. The revived souls are spirits that have no power over the physical world but have access to all its memories and experiences. Hex can have a spirit possess his own body, but cannot control the spirit's actions afterwards outside of forcing the spirit back out of his body. Hex's eyes glow grey while he channels through the Bloodstone.
  1. Shapeshifting. Hex bound a wolf spirit, Raze 1 Raze 2, to his soul. Raze is the spirit of a child of Fenrir He can transform fully into a large wolf or partially into a werewolf type creature. While in this form, he has superhuman endurance, strength, speed and healing, but an increased weakness to silver. His eyes glow yellow when he channels Raze.
  2. Snake Familiar. Hex has a tattoo of a large black snake, Nirah, that starts on one side of his chest, winding around his neck and upper back onto the other side of his chest. He can breathe life into the tattoo and call his familiar into the world. Nirah can spit a caustic venom and is highly poisonous, and his scales are stronger than Kevlar. Nirah and Hex can communicate telepathically, both while Nirah is active and while he’s in his dormant tattoo form. Nirah can change size at will.
  3. Fire Spirit. Has bound an evil fire spirit, Shayah to his soul that grants him power over fire, namely the ability to breathe fire and to shoot concentrated barrages of fire from his hands. The longer he channels Shayah’s abilities, the more Shayah influences his mind state. His goatee grows into a beard and greys and 2 black horns of smoke manifest on his head while he channels Shayah's fire.
  4. Lightning Spirit. Hex has bound a primordial lightning elemental/spirit twice over, The God Tempest said to be the spirit of the Great Storm caused by Buddha’s awakening and the spirit of the Great Storm unleashed by Tawhiri. Bound once to his soul and once to a scale of the same material of the Bloodstone. It replaces a scale on the head of his familiar, Nirah. When channeling the God Tempest, Hex can manipulate lightning, calling down lightning strikes. Hex can remove the scale from his familiar and use it to supercharge his own powers when he channels the God Tempest or can give the scale to another for them to get a minor version of its powers. Hex's eyes glow blue as he channels the God Tempest.

  1. The Bloodstone (Phylactery). An oily, black stone of unknown origins that has been bonded to Hex’s soul. His last defense and most potent vulnerability. When anything goes wrong with Hex’s astral projections or his physical body, his soul draws itself back into the Bloodstone. Few know of the stone and fewer have seen it.
  2. The Necrosword. Hex has struck a deal with a creature of the abyss bonding another soul to his own and creating from their deal a symbiotic weapon. Hex can use the living abyss comprising The Necrosword to create a variety of constructs, such as weapons, armor, and a Cloak/Wings; though All-Black's preferred form is a Sword. Hex prefers to keep The Necrosword in the form of rings and bracelets adorning both hands and arms when going about his daily business. The Necrosword boosts his natural abilities, strength, speed, durability, healing, necromancy. And the Necrosword is capable of cleaving through even the most durable of materials, no matter the shape of the construct and withstanding most forces. (4 turn cooldown before The Necrosword is able to switch forms again after switching forms.)
  3. Seal of Solomon - Hex has obtained the ring possessed by King Solomon and bound the spirit within to his soul. Binds the Black King. Hex link allows him a measure of the Black King’s power. The ring boosts his control over the other spirits in his coterie of spirits and Hex’s overall magical strength, allowing him to channel two spirits at the same time as well as boosting their strength. The ring also boosts his Necromantic skill, allowing Hex to control a spirit that he allows to possess his body, gaining temporary access to their abilities. The ring cannot be destroyed and Hex keeps it on his snake familiar, wrapped around his tail.
  4. Agni’s Rosary. Hex has forged a link to the Vedic God of Fire boosting his connection to fire and lightning. By mentioning Agni’s 7 tongues, kālī, karālī, manojavā, sulohita, sudhāmravarṇā, sphuliṅginī and visvarucī, Hex can become an avatar of Agni. His skin turns red. Four arms of a fiery energy form. Fire leaps towards his head forming a dramatic burning halo. While active Hex gets a large boost to his connection to the fire element, as well as to his strength and speed, but a weakness to water.
  5. Indra’s Lightning Bolt. one two Hex has forged a link to the Vedic God of Lightning, and King of the Gods, boosting his connection to lightning. The lightning bolt is a weapon of pure energy created from the sacrifice of the Sage Dadhichi. By calling out to Lord Indra, Śakro devānām indraḥ, or Mahendranīla, Hex can become an avatar of Indra. His skin turns red and four arms of blue lightning energy form. Lightning leaps to his head forming a halo. While active Hex gets a large boost to his connection to the lightning element, as well as the ability to control winds
  6. Gleipnir - Hex has obtained the chain that was used to bind Fenrir, father of Raze by the gods. The chain is forged with a powerful magic inscription that grants Hex access to powerful binding magic. The chain is nearly impossible to break, thin as silk ribbon, but stronger than any iron chain. It is resistant to magic. Its binding powers are activated by Hex running his blood and his targets blood over the binding. From studying the binding magic on the chain, Hex can create binding seals though they are weaker than the binding on Gleipnir itself. Hex writes the binding with his blood. The binding magic can hold a tier one or low tier 2 but doesn't hold stronger supers. For them the binding magic would last a short time (a few turns or so)
  1. His body is defenseless when he astral projects.
  2. His soul can be forced back to his phylactery where he is trapped until someone returns phylactery to his body
  3. Channeling Shaya for too long erodes away his rationality and makes him bloodlusted.
  4. Weak to silver when shapeshifting
  5. Outside of his familiar, Hex can only channel two spirits at a time.
  6. Hex’s Phylactery can be destroyed, leaving his soul defenseless.
Vehicles: 68 Dodge Charger
Other: Binding Knife Possesses the soul of a vindictive spirit killed by Jasmine. The spirit wants to strike the final blow against her. Binding Knife Alt Art
Information Broker. When you can call the dead and possesses the living, there isn't much that can be hidden, and much that Hex cannot find out. Hex has leveraged his talents to buy and sell information to the highest bidder. He has no sides, only his own and has made a name for himself off of his skill and discretion, and amassed quite a fortune because of it.
Bartender. Area 7 Nightclub. He works here on his own volition. It's easy to pick up low-level info and people love to chat to the bartender. And easy to pick up women too.
Detective. Part timeOn-call. Legion Inc.
Legion Inc. Owns 25% of publicly traded stock
The Hangar. Large industrial warehouse converted to a spacious loft that Hex owns and lives in in Bohan. In Northern Gardens, but its close to the border of Boulevard. Warded with magic and not the kind you want to fuck with.
Providence Office Center The Hideaway. A modern office building tucked away in North Holland (Algonquin). The first floor has an open floor plan where Hex can entertain his contacts. Hardwood floors, floor to ceiling windows, imported furniture of the highest quality. He spared no expense. The second floor hosts a full size apartment, Hex's home away from home, locked away behind wards that recognize the spirits bound to his soul. The basement is similarly guarded and where Hex keeps all of his research and relics of his trade.
  1. Dr. York. Boss-man
  2. Helen. Vampire.
  3. Morgan. Vampire. Favor owed to Hex.
Eric Carter is a relatively new player to Liberty City, having recently relocated from the Caribbean. He was taught to commune with the spirits of this world and the next by his master, the last in a long line of Shamans with ties back to the Motherland. His master initially only taught Hex the less...perverse side of the art, but Hex's talent pushed his master to foray with him into the darker depths of the art, much to his master's own detriment. Hex's skill with the art culminated with the creation of his own Bloodstone, a personal phylactery created from a necromancer's soul and the life force of another, in this case his master. With his soul protected, Hex was able to bind several spirits to himself, a testament to his budding power.
Hex's parents are unimportant. He never knew them, given to his master at a young age. He was a quick study, his talent evident from young. His master was a harsh taskmaster and quick to anger.
Raze + Shayah: one two three
Raze + The God Tempest: one two
Nirah + Shayah: one two
Nirah + The God Tempest: one
Pic Save: one two
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