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"Video games are the final bastion of sexism" - a critizque of this hilariously bizarro Polish leftist women's magazine article speaking about GG as a 'feminist revolution' (a translation from Polygamia)

2015.03.20 00:49 SupremeReader "Video games are the final bastion of sexism" - a critizque of this hilariously bizarro Polish leftist women's magazine article speaking about GG as a 'feminist revolution' (a translation from Polygamia)

"Video games are the last bastion of sexism in pop culture". Or High Heels Extra about us, the degenerates
Marcin Kosman 2015-03-19
"You beat a woman unconscious, turn the unfaithful wife and her lover into dogfood, watch as a pimp is abusing a prostitute, sometimes you've got to torture and rape."
Let's suppose - video games tend to have imperfections. It happens they dazzle with sex and big busts, even if the game does not need it. Sometimes it bothers someone. What's funny, also sometimes women don't mind and like to play sexy characters in games. Yes, mainstream video games are designed mainly for guys and are created by them - and therefore usually we control guys, and it happens that women are reduced to the role of ladies in distress that we need to save.
There is a lot of reasons - the main one is marketing. Suffice to recall the creators of Remember Me, who said it was being refused to get published due to the protagonist being female. But there are also games that are created especially for women. Polish company Artifex Mundi excels in this with their "hidden objects" productions. So are there various games aimed at players of all ages and sexes? Undoubtedly. Are these dedicated for men being talked about the most? Yes.
But one can close their eyes on these few simple sentences trying to capture the intricate specifics of the gaming market. And to write an article about the fact that video games are the last bastion of sexism in pop culture (which is nonsense, by the way, and here's an example why). Although one would need to use a similar reasoning, as in the text about rapists wherein all guys are automatically suspects of this crime, but then this is an article with a thesis. The text about the games in the latest issue of "High Heels Extra" is such an article with a thesis, in which an objective view is not allowed a voice.
The author, Grzegorz Giedrys, revelas his lack of knowledge at the very beginning of the text. He writes about a woman who is humiliated while playing a game online, precisely for the reason that she is a woman. We read:
"Quickly the insults started. - Do you even tea bag? - Began to inquire one of the Scots. - Czy ty teabagujesz? It was about a habit used when you want to humiliate the opponent - you stand over him and squat over his head. This is to remind dipping a tea bag in a glass."
Dear author... No, it does not resemble dipping a tea bag in a glass. Is to call to mind a certain sexual act, which I'm not going to describe here. And it is actually degrading for both women and men. But I don't know anyone who couldn't sleep with it at night, because that's how it is in the online gaming - anyone can humiliate you, but you play in order to get them and show them that you are better.
The above is of course not an excuse for insulting women online. Sexist remarks are disgusting, but suggesting that this is the norm is too far from elegant. By the way it ignores the fact that people tend to be insulted for a variety of reasons - because they are Poles, Russians or Canadians, because they play poorly, because they failed the objective. The games are not making people to insult the others - it's the anonymity and the fact that someone is an uncultured idiot. It's not alcohol that kills while driving, but the drunk driver. It's not a short skirt that violates a woman, but a mentally ill offender. It's not the games that abuses a woman in an online game, but the fact that the abuser is a boor.
"Sometimes it happens there's a situation when we have to deal with someone who will send the playing girl to kitchen, or will give her a rough comment" - tells me Marta Matyjewicz, the admin of Gaming Women fanpage. "These are unpleasant incidents and we have to condemn and combat them. Fortunately, most of my online adventures in gaming based on equal partnership relationship. I wish that to all the gaming girls."
"Men, seething with hatred, threaten violence and death, but for what reason? What makes them rage? Fear. Many of them are afraid that feminism can change their games into emancipatory propaganda pieces without violence, promoting equality, tolerance and minority rights."
Indeed, the discussion of GamerGate shows that for some gamers that's what they fear. Why is it that in this case the alpha males threaten rape and death to each other? How many have I heard it, what an opponent in the game is going to do with my ass... Were they also afraid that I will make an "emancipatory propaganda-piece without violence"? This is a projection trying to give philosophy to a common human stupidity and sense of impunity in an anonymous network.
"Almost all of the most popular games give the impression that they are addressed to horny high school students."
Did I mention something about an article with a thesis? Allow me to not cite examples of games showing that this sentence does not make sense.
"In many games, you can hire a prostitute - in Assassin's Creed 2 which takes on the role of an assassin fighting corruption and evil in Florence, the hero pays the ladies of easy virtue that shift the attention of guards with their actions."
The author probably only because of the lack of space does not mention that another group rented for the same purpose are, for example, thieves, and among them there are, of course, only men. Sexism!
"In the game Hitman we can plant a dead body of a dancer to attract the guard."
We can also plant a dead body of: 1) a cook; 2) a waiter; 3) a gardener; 4) a hot dog seller. And several dozen others, male and female. And what about this, in that context?
"Speaking of offenders climbing in the criminal hierarchy, the Grand Theft Auto series allows us to be a serial killer of prostitutes."
But we can also be a serial killer of old men, blokes in tracksuits, chicken retailers and hell knows who else. I do not know if every group of victims can count on a word ending in "ism" that will create a scandal.
"Female characters in these games do not have any special properties - they are interchangeable and disposable. You can annihilate them in different ways. And then get an award."
Among others. But not only. You need a lot of ill will to see in these games only that. The author does not mind if all the men in GTA IV are killers, thieves, liars, psychopaths, and generally filthy types. In many games it's exactly the same. Feely fellows? Pigeon breeders? Some random romantics? Rarely. Usually, if a guy is in the game, he's got to kill. Fortunately, this "rarely" means so many titles that it doesn't bother me anyway.
Then it gets hot, because the author devotes the next two pages to Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist examining sexism in games. This is a lousy representative in discussions about games, because she's been caught on manipulations in their materials and generally displaying little knowledge about games. Speaking of Hitman, she's focused solely on the fact that one can kill prostitutes. You can, but you do not need to do this. And you can also kill dozens of other types of people. It would have made more sense in the arguments of people fighting against the violence in games. Apparently the worst thing is that prostitutes can die, and that everyone else can also die comes only later. Not surprisingly, the author of the text screw ups here completely:
"Sarkeesian grew up on Nintendo and giving a background to what is happening in the gaming world, recalls the story of the game Dinosaur Planet. The studio Rare worked on it in 1999, the heroine was a 16-year-old Krystal who has traveled back in time to defeat prehistoric monsters and thus save the world. But this game has never appeared in this form. Prior to the launch, the authors completely changed scenario - the main character became Fox McLoud and the warrior Krystal fell into the role of princess locked up in a crystal prison and dressed in skimpy sexy clothes."
Author did only part of his homework - looked up "Damsel in Distress" in Sarkeesian's channel.
Unfortunately, he did not reach even to this article last year, which indicates how much Sarkeesian misses with the truth.
First, the heroes of Dinosaur Planet were to be two characters - next to Krystal, also a certain Sabre. Male. Secondly, Dinosaur Planet was supposed to be a new brand, unrelated to the familiar series Star Fox, and the change occurred for marketing reasons.
And now attention, because below you will see Krystal, which the author writes is dressed in a "sexy skimpy clothes".
The view of a nude animals in everyday life must be a real shock fot the author. And the fact that instead of a vixen the player came to control a fox is more material for analysis by the magazine "Forest Ranger" than "High Heels Extra".
In a separate table we read of the sexist tropes as indicated by Sarkeesian. An so there's damsel in distress on the example of Peach, who is being kidnapped in 13 of 14 games featuring Mario. Not a word about the fact that in many other games with the plumber, Peach is a full member of the team, driver, golfer or tennis player, and even went through his own game, Super Princess Peach, in which she rescues Mario and Luigi at the hands of Bowser. It is also about the poor Zelda, who is always being saved from oppression by Link - omitting her alternate form Sheik, who is a support for Link.
"The authors regularly use brutality against women to show how hard, cruel and ruthless is the world of the game. The women appear on the stage in front of the player to become victims. Then they are mutilated and their bodies are swept away, disappear behind the curtain. Nobody speaks of them anymore."
How odd, I often wonder why all these sinister organizations in games usually employ only men, whom we then proceed to kill and "hide behind the curtain".
"Lara Croft, the heroine of the adventure games series Tomb Raider, alone defeats dozens of enemies, but one look at her incredible breast size convinces she wasn't created for women."
Lara's large breasts is a memory in the style of "a long time ago and not true". The current Lara Croft has a smaller bust and swapped her shorts for pants.
One funny thing is the presence of the game DayZ among the "thinking games", next to This War of Mine, To the Moon, and Dear Esther. A game with a toxic community in which it is easy to treat other players in a way that criticized at the beginning of the article, recommended in such a spot? It does not add up.
It could be an interesting article, if the author troubled himself and asked for the opinion of, for example, the ladies of the fanpage Gaming Women, instead of citing examples from the West and relying on Anita Sarkeesian. Which actually fits like a glove with the text - in the end, in both cases in terms of the thesis it is too bad for the facts when they do not fit the thesis. No, gaming is not without its problems. But repeating lying, one-sided observation is the worst way in which we can talk about them.
Marcin Kosman
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