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[Table] IAmA: I am Joe Penna. I make movie things. AMA

2012.11.21 11:11 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Joe Penna. I make movie things. AMA

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Why did you decide to wear sunglasses throughout most of, if not all of your videos? For the mystery aspect, or something else? My first camera - the iris was broken, so I had to have way too many lights all around me, and I was squinting, so I decided to put some sunglasses on. Then someone commented "Oh, MysteryGuitarMan, now I get it!" and I thought that was a great idea.
Joe, we met in the most awkward way possible... Side by side urinals at Vidcon. At the time I didn't feel it was appropriate to ask if you would ever consider doing a collaboration with me. You know, because we were peeing. Would you? It was very astute of you to not ask me to make an internet video while peeing next to me.
Let's do it! Send me an email!
What prompted you to change from 2 videos a week to one? I never actually found out and can't find the video that states such. Wow! lots of questions..
How did you originally come up with the idea to make a youtube channel devoted to these sort of music-related covers that you do? I wanted the quality of my videos to not suffer. but I also wanted to have a little bit of a life.
Any chance of doing another cover of an epic song? (your Bohemian Rhapsody one was fantastic) I kind of just stumbled on doing music-related covers. I made many VFX related videos before I made any music covers on my channel. They just seemed to be more popular for some reason.
Do you miss Brazil much or is LA fairly similar weather and nature-wise? Yes, after doing Meridian though, I am going to take a little break from Epic things.
In all the travels you've done, where is the most beautiful place you've gone? Weather-wise, LA is pretty similar but I can't wait to visit my family & friends in Brazil.
Any Youtubers you really want to cooperate with in the near future? (I love both you and Jacksfilms so just saying...) Fiji.
Any chance of doing a SF Bay Area meetup sometime? I'm talking to JacksFilms about doing something. I also maybe should do something with NicePeter.
Hope you have a swell AMA! Not until you mentioned it! Now there's a chance.
How was it going from knowing very little, to making all this amazing stuff you're making now? RES says that I've upvoted 28 of your comments... so I like you.
Really inspiring! It's been a lot of work to learn how to do all these things. It's fun, though! So I'm down to do it.
How are you and your wife doing? :D I like it when you two do videos together. EDIT: Thanks to the guy down-voting every single comment. I went through and got them back up to 1 karma, don't worry. We're doing really well. She works right next to me so we get to see each other all the time.
Saw the post on facebook! How long does a video take on average to do? Also which video took you the longest to do? It depends. For a "normal" MysteryGuitarMan video, we do it in about a week.
For something like Meridian, it's taken us 6 months to produce.
I ordered your 3D glasses almost 2 years ago and they never arrived! Where do you think they are? Can I have a pair? I'll send you a message with a special code so you can get a replacement pair. Thanks!
This may sound like a typical question, but what has been your favorite experience over these past 6 years? I think my favorite experience has been finally finding the right people to work with. My team is awesome.
I'm only saying that because they're here now. They are reading over my shoulder.
Have you always wanted to go into a profession like this? No. I was about to take my MCATs to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.
If youtube stopped being popular do you think you would look at becoming a surgeon again or look for work in Hollywood on 'traditional' media? I wouldn't go back to school. I'd figure out how to become a director.
1 Horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses, which would you fight? GO. This is a huge point of contention around the MysteryGuitarMan Offices. I personally believe that there is absolutely no way that i am taking anything else except the tiny horses.
Give me a million duck-sized horses because ducks are awful.
When and how did you first realize the potential of a YouTube career? Surprisingly it wasn't after YouTube started their partner program, like the majority of other partners who have been on the site a long time.
It was when I came out with a video called "Guitar Impossible" that went really, really viral. I began to think that if I came out with one of those videos every few months that I could sustain a career just on YouTube videos.
Who is YOUR favorite Youtuber Sir MysteryGuitarMan? Right now, I think someone who deserves more attention is ArizerXion.
Oh, don't worry. After all this is Reddit so he will now most likely get a fair amount of new views and subscribers. After reading the question though I didn't expect you to link someone that unknown. Kudos to you for helping someone small to get more attention. He deserves it!
Was the editing program you made your first video with pirated? It was Windows Movie Maker, so no. It came with the OS.
How did you and Sarah meet? Sarah & I met at YouTube headquarters. She was working with Philip DeFranco and he flew her up there.
What did you want to be as a child? I had no clue what i wanted to be as a child. Had no clue until I dropped out of college.
Meridian is straight up the best YouTuber-to-full-production transition ever! I think you should look into more big projects for the future! They are worth all the effort! Question: Your proudest moment? Thanks! We're really excited about it. I hope a lot of people watch it.
My proudest moment was keeping my dogs alive for a whole week when my wife was out of town...
If you had the opportunity to tell everyone in the world something, what would it be? Be nicer to each other.
What do you think you'll after YouTube? I'll do YouTube for a long time. I love it because I can do whatever I want.
I want to start making movies, though. So, I'm taking steps towards that.
Who is your favourite guitar player? John Petrucci!
Can't go wrong with Dream Theater. Look up "john petrucci psycho exercises". You're welcome.
What video do you feel most successful about, that you've made for Youtube? Not trying to focus of the film here, but I'm really proud of my latest project Meridian. It's taken a lot of time, effort, and money but I think it looks like a real movie.
Your proposal to Sarah was probably the most amazing and original idea I have ever seen. What was your inspiration for that? Was it difficult to pull off? And how did you meet Sarah? I got inspired by one of those celebrities-all-talking-to-the-camera-about-a-cause thing.
How much money do you get from youtube? I answered that on my previous AMA. Or, rather, didn't.
Who did you most enjoy working with in one of your videos? Who did you most enjoy being a guest for? Orlando Jones was awesome. He was supposed to be a cameo in Meridian, but he decided to do the whole thing after he read the script.
How did he get involved in the first place? I met him at a random party. I told him I was writing a longer form thing, he said he wanted to read it.
Do you remember this video shoot at VidCon this year? I also randomly ended up in that shoot and remember seeing you! Maybe next year we can actually meet! Oh yeah! I remember that.
Mac or PC? We use Macs, but it was mostly because of Final Cut.
Now that we switched to Premiere, we might get a couple of PCs.
Brazillians like football (soccer). So who do you support? (You may not like football). I actually got kicked out of Brazil because I'm such a fairweather fan.
If I had to pick, SPFC all the way!
Did you switch to Premiere due to FCP X? Yip. FCPX is like iMovie Pro.
So would you recommend using fcp or premier? i go to a media arts school right now that uses premier (the whole adobe suite as we do graphic design as well) and had always wondered if fcp was better, thanks! Premiere for sure. FCP hasn't kept up.
Solid polymer fuel cell? Mmhm.
Hi Joe, I remember last May (2011) you did a stop-motion music contest which I happily entered with Canon Rock. Anyways, do you have any plans for more contests? I loved participating last time. Yes! I love doing things with my audience. So I will always be doing things with that. I also have a weekly show called The Sandbox where people can submit their content around themes or challenges.
Hi Joe your stuff is great, what bands/music are you in to right now? I'm weird. I don't listen to music. Here's what my iPod looks like.
O_O Wh-what?! MGM doesn't listen to music?! mind blown Yeah, it's weird. I love listening to music. I just don't seek it out.
What is the size of your 'helping team', as in anyone who helps you with filming, setup, or ideas? What is your favourite song to play on the guitar? I have 2 guys who help me.
Whats your favourite instrument to play? Music for me is more of a hobby so I don't play much - but the kazoo is such an easy thing to play.
What are your inspirations? I really enjoy what Michel Gondry does.
I met you at vidcon in 2011 and 2012, and both times it seemed like you were going a bit crazy. What's the funnest thing you did at vidcon? I was going crazy because it is very, very overwhelming. It's interesting because it's very overwhelming but very fun to meet up with your fans.
The funnest thing I did at Vidcon was a stage performance with SUPRICKY06.
How long do you need to create your films on your main Youtube channel? They always look so ambitious and complicated to make. I've always wondered if you made the special effects yourself or if you have a giant team. Also, I recommend watching MGM's videos high. They will blow your mind. I answered something similar earlier - the normal MGM video takes a week, but for Meridian it's taken six months.
What made you decide to take on the Meridian project? I've always wanted to do some longer form stuff, but apply my MGM style to it. So there was a company called Fourth Wall Studios that approached us, helped us with the production and I thought it was a good opportunity. They really liked the idea and so it became a reality.
Why the sunglasses? That's the Mystery.
Are you going to do more live chats? I thought it was pretty cool, I hope to be chosen to video chat and NOT be awkward like those other guys the other day. Yea, I will do some more! You can't expect people to be right on the money all the time when they get pulled on camera unexpectedly...
Which of your videos was the most fun to make, and which was the most tedious? Most tedious was definitely the charcoal video, Tracetastic
Do you have a favorite band/singer? Plans for the future after YouTube? Do you like raisins? Do I like raisins? Who doesn't like raisins? I think that raisins are universally well-liked.
You're gifted with the art of music, that's a given. But is there any art in particular that you wish you could master just as well? If not an art, a certain subject (such as science, for example)? I'm a Yellow Belt in Karate so I'm halfway there... but if I could be better, that would be great!
How do you not get bored with the video editing stuff? Your videos are awesome and editing them must be very time consuming. Like the ones where you have to edit frame by frame for a whole video. I try to think about what it's gonna look like at the end. Especially with the stop motion stuff, it's easy to get bored.
It seems like ideas are an infinite resource of yours. Where do they come from? I just constantly am talking to my friends about it, brainstorming, and finding ideas everywhere in your life.
I was there at the very first digitour where you performed with freddiew and destorm and nicepeter and davedays and schmoyoyo.. I still watch your view.. What got you into making these vids? Did you think it would ever get this popular? Any special collabs in the future? Are you going to be in another digitour? No I don't think I can do another music tour. But I'll attend the ones that are close to me!
Will there be another Mystery Symphony ?? I really think that video deserves much more views. Thanks, I also agree! Absolutely not. I refuse to do another video like Mystery Symphony. It was one of the hardest videos I ever made. HOWEVER i did buy a couple hundred disposable cameras so I will be doing something with those sometime...
If you could meet any musician, from any time period and jam with them, who would it be? It would have to be Mozart, he is beyond amazing.
Paganini is too crazy.
Do you work solo? If not, how big is your team? No, i have 2 guys that help me out with everything and we hire more people for bigger productions.
How has your family in Brazil reacted to your success? I'm sure they're proud :) My immediate family lives in the US (they're flying into LA for Thanksgiving in about 2 hours!) -- the rest of my family is still in Brazili.
They're extremely proud!
I understand you value the "behind the scenes" of your work – filming, editing, etc. However, you're clearly a skilled musician as well. Do you ever feel like you passed up a chance to become a famous musician? I don't enjoy playing music as much as making videos.
So, I wouldn't have been as happy as I am had I become a touring musician or something.
I saw that your favorite guitar player is John Petrucci... Are you a fan of him alone or do you like Dream Theater as a whole? I like Dream theater as a whole - their stuff is very intricate.
What's your favourite ice cream? Vanilla, can't go wrong with Vanilla. The history of Vanilla is also awesome.
On a scale from 1-11, how addicted are you to Minecraft? I was definitely an 11 for at least 2 weeks after I made that video. I had to wean myself off of it so I could finish my latest project.
Pie or Cake? Can I have a piecake?
How does it feel to be in the God-tier of youtubers? I love your videos, they always amaze me! Demi-God maybe.
Is "I love you and everything you've ever posted" considered a question? Because that's all I've got. WAIT NO. I have a video idea. A ukulele version of Van Halen's Eruption. Multiple ukes, multiple audio layers. Do it, Joe. For the children. That's an awesome idea. I'm adding it to the idea board.
Great AMA! Where did your name came from though, shouldn't it be Joao? Obrigado :D. My full name is Jônatas.
Also, what is your favorite color / number and why? My favorite color is salmon. And my favorite number is Pi.
Salmon pi!
What is your favorite pizza? A place called EVO KITCHEN on Sunset Blvd that I am at all of the time. Everything they make is delicious.
Where did you get your sunglasses from? I must have my own. They are Oakley sunglasses. But Oakley doesn't want to work with me...
Do you write/produce music too? What genres and what softwares do you use? I'm a Renoise user here... have you used it? EDIT: Typo. No, I focus on filmmaking.
Just wondering, how much time goes into making such a professional production? It takes about 7 days to put together one of my weekly videos.
Also, you and Michel Gondry have a lot in common! Is he an inspiration for you, what do you think of him? Yes, definitely, he is awesome.
What inspired you to make the show, seeing as it is quite different from the usual content that one would expect from your youtube channel? We came up with the story when the guys at the office were talking about what superpowers we would have - we thought that psychics that can touch something and see the past of something were pretty cool, so that is what Meridian is all about.
Link to You really have to change your name... you're amazing!
I let you have Al Gore. Joe was mine. Link to Now I really want to be the reason why the laser guy and the watercolor guy got into a huge fight...
Hi Joe! Thanks for stopping by! Here's your welcome lase. Link. And to add some class, here's a bonus one. Link This is so cool! Thank you so much!
Are you planning on making a full length movie. Yes! I am currently in the process of writing it. I am also looking for the right connections in Hollywood to be able to help me out.
This might seem like a stupid question but how do you think your popularity would have been affected if Ray William Johnson hadn't introduced you in one of his videos. personally, I started watching MGM through REJ It would've taken a lot longer to get here. Ray was a huge influence.
I hope you('ll) pass that on, and help some other YouTubers! I've been trying to do that as much as possible with the Sandbox show on Bammo :)
No questions from me Joe, just wanted to let you know Parts 1 and 2 are amazing, can't wait for Part 3! Thank you! I'm glad you like it!
I have to do it. Would you rather play 100 duck size guitars, or 1 horse size piccolo. I just want to know how it's possible to play one horse-sized piccolo? You'd need a lot of oxygen. I'd play it if I had an air compressor.
Hi Joe! We met at UML orientation many many moons ago. Great to see you successful!! Hah! Good to e-meet you again :)
2 days ago at the AMA's, today doing an AMA! Thanks! hah!
You're the reason I made a youtube account 2 years ago, thank you for all your awesome work! :) Thanks! What's your YouTube account? I'd love to check out your videos.
Wow holy crap, a reply from the man himself! And yeah, I don't make videos, I made the youtube account so I could subscribe to your channel and get weekly entertainment heh, brilliant blend of music and comedy! Thanks for the support, then ;)
We need more MysteryGuitarDog. Yes, I agree. But less MysteryGuitarDogs. My wife wants to build an army of wiener dogs and I am been politely trying to disagree with her.
Speaking of MysteryGuitarDogs - check out their latest adventures here
Hey MGM, thanks for the AMA. I also want to thank you for the opportunity to be in the mystery symphony, that was amazing. That's great! love doing the audience ones because I like including people.
I missed your AMA because I was busy watching Meridian. Bittersweet. You didn't miss it ;)
Joe just wanted to say thanks. I once ordered a guitar pick singed by you. Even though i can't play guitar at all. Thx for the videos and your great work. Let it be an inspiration to you to learn how to play!
Vanilla, can't go wrong with Vanilla. The history of Vanilla is also awesome. Vanilla is very Aztec by the way.
Hey Joe! I really hope you get around to reading this, and I just want to let you know you're one of my favorite people ever and I pray to you thrice daily. Thanks for doing this! Now you're making me wonder what the four equivalent of "thrice" is...
Mandatory question time: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck? Already answered!
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