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Odd situation on Grindr.

2014.03.22 06:07 Humonious Odd situation on Grindr.

So a couple weeks ago, I had someone message me on Grindr.
Link to consolidated conversation screenshots.
Now, to clarify, I would not have bothered carrying on with this conversation if I knew it was going to head in this direction so quickly.
I was confused and annoyed, everything I stated in that conversation is true. I haven't been on nzdating in nearly a year. I was one of the few people who actually posted a photo of my own face.
This person had no photo and the only thing their profile said was
"Don't ask for pic skype weeds the fakes out if u wnt skype dnt ask for pic"
and they didn't appear on the grid at all. (I assume this is because the profile was freshly made and they still had the free week of Xtra, which I think gives you the option to not appear on the grid... correct me if I'm wrong.) I haven't bothered to block this person, as I was planning on reporting them if they messaged me again with similar things to say.
Since then I've had one other profile message me simply saying "Fraud" which had absolutely nothing on their profile. I didn't reply. I've also had several other photo-less, info-less profiles message me recently, I haven't replied to any of these even though they haven't said anything malicious.
I'm over it now and it doesn't bother me so much, but I suppose my question is: Has anyone been in a similar situation before? If so, how did you deal with it? Short of blocking them.
*Edit: clarification.
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