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[JVerse]Rebirth Chapter 9, Misunderstanding

2019.03.08 00:28 Asikar_Tehjan [JVerse]Rebirth Chapter 9, Misunderstanding

Ffffuuuuucccckkkkk, I need a dose of Crue-D. As some of you know, I have been working overtime since the start of this year. While it's nice for the wallet it's bad for everything else. along with the overtime I decided that it was prime time to move into a new apartment. Yay me and my stupid timing. Anyway, that's enough excuses from me. Enjoy the chapter.


Date Point: 1 month, 18 days BV
Deep space
Radiant Dawn Hangar Bay
Michael Kepler
He had gotten the all clear from Goralin. Apparently, the only true combat ship the Twisted Suns had was clamped onto the hull of the Radiant Dawn. The others were...less than combat proven and had been torn apart by the unexpected barrage of the Radiant Dawn's coilguns and missile batteries. It took about twenty minutes to get the rest of his new crew out of the pirate ship and when Michael had seen the conditions the Gaoians were kept in he was glad that they had dealt with the last of the Twisted Suns. Those bastards had just thrown the Gaoians into the cargo hold with nothing in the way of creature comforts. All the Gaoians had were ratty blankets that served the purpose of nest-beds and a food and water dispenser on one of the walls. Still, Michael had to admire the former Gaoian pirates on their will to survive.
“Aaand that's the last of them,” Michael said as he closed the door to the slave ship's cargo bay. The former second in command of the One Claw pirates came down with him to help get the other Gaoians up to speed. “I don't think I got your name,” he said, turning to the Gaoian. The Gaoian in question happened to be the one that had spoken for all the rest in the hangar bay. Apparently, he was the former second in command under Trigyar. As he stood the former second only came up to Michael's chest, and what he lacked in height he made up for with sheer force of will. It also helped that he had a good number of very large scars, the foremost being a large section of fur that had been burned off leaving an angry scar that started halfway up his right arm and extending all the way up to what was left of his right ear. There was a hell of a story behind that, Michael was sure of it.
“Name's Thralgar,” he said with a grin, “and I don't think I got yer name either. The Mandalorian sounds more like a title ta me.”
“Well Thralgar, surprisingly my name's not The Mandalorian,” Michael said sarcastically, “It's Michael. And if you need a title, you can call me Mandalore,” he finished extending his hand. Thralgar looked at Michael's hand confused for a few seconds, “You're supposed to shake it,” Michael finished with a chuckle.
Tentatively, Thralgar extended his paw, grabbed Michael's hand, and shook. They both started to walk toward the boarding tube.
“Ya’know, I think you bein’ a Chennash might just be a lie,” Thralgar said dryly with a mischievous tilt to his ears.
“You got that right,” Michael said with a nod, “truthfully, I'm a human. The whole Chennash thing is just to get past customs cuz according to Dominion law us humans are considered 'non-sapient indigenous fauna’,” Michael said making air quotes and doing his best impression of a Corti accent.
“Wait,” Thralgar said, ears going back and freezing in place “human? As in deathworlder human?”
Michael stopped and turned to look back at Thralgar, “Yeaaah, is there a problem with that?”
“You know the stories right? Ridiculous strength, violent tendencies, horrible diseases,” Thralgar said counting out on one paw for emphasis, “We're not gonna all die from some deathworld plague are we?” he finished with a slightly nervous expression.
“Nope,” Michael said shaking his head, “You don't gotta worry about any nasty deathworld viruses and bacteria. The Corti that abducted me stuck a Frontline implant in my arm. Funnily enough, it's the only implant that they could get to work,” he finished chuckle.
“The only implant they could get to work?” Thralgar asked tilting his head to the side.
“Yeah, seems like my immune system doesn't like anything in my head that runs on electricity other than my brain,” Michael said with a shrug, “Oddly enough, Hephaestus has a similar problem.”
In utterly perfect timing Hephaestus decloaked right beside Thralgar, causing him to jump sideways in alarm. Then again, anybody would be surprised when an armored Hunter appeared out of thin air barely a meter away.
“Thralgar, this is Hephaestus,” Michael said gesturing toward the towering monster covered head to toe in black carbon fiber armor, “Probably the only sane hunter in the galaxy.”
Thralgar was in total shock, “Wha- yo- HOW?!” He turned to Michael for an explanation.
“It's a really long story,” Michael said with a sigh, “but the short version is that he's a genetic experiment gone wrong and I saved his life.”
“You ssaaved my life?” Hephaestus said with a laugh, and his laughter was unsettling if one wasn't used to it, more like a rolling hiss than anything, “Without my help you would ssstill be on that russstball.”
The sudden snarkiness was unexpected coming from Hephaestus. “Okay okay, just don't let it go to your head. Anyway, this is Thralgar,” Michael said pointing at the now shaking Gaoian, “Say hello.”
Hephaestus removed his helmet, “Hello Thralgar, it'sss nissse to meet you,” he finished with a smile, and a smile from Hephaestus was a truly terrifying thing.
To his credit, Thralgar didn't panic, but instead shook himself and stood up straight, “Great Father Fyu, if I weren’t here right now I'd never think it was true,” he said edging closer to Hephaestus and giving him a sniff.
“You're taking this very well,” Michael said cautiously, “I thought you would have panicked or something.”
Thralgar waved a paw dismissively, “Eh, I've been a pirate most o’ my life. Seen some really messed up shit. Done some other messed up shit,” he must have caught the way Michael and Hephaestus tensed up because he was quick to explain, “nothin’ like yer thinkin’, we never tortured or raped anyone. Just some general thievin’ and hijackin’ ships. Anyways, I got a sayin’ that I try to live by. Keep an open mind, but not so open that yer brains fall out. The others though, I don't think that they'll be as aceptin’ as me.”
“We'll have to cross that bridge when we get there,” Michael said with a nod, getting confused looks from both Hephaestus and Thralgar, “Anyway,” he continued, looking over to Hephaestus, “get Goralin, Ralthin, and Thorain from the bridge to help bring some meat out of storage. We got a lot of hungry Gaoians to feed.”
Thralgar's ears pricked up, “Meat!? Don't tell me…”
“Sadly it's not what your thinking,” Michael said, embarrassed, “The only meat we could get ahold of on Ikropshik station were Dizi rats. I'm just glad the little fuckers breed fast or else Hephaestus would have eaten them all in a few days,” Michael finished, grinning inside his helmet.
Thralgar's ears went back slightly, “Better than those Keeda damned ration balls at least,” he said duck-nodding, “Still, the others ‘ll have to put up with it till we can get some real food,” he paused and thought for a moment, “There's a station where we resupplied back when we were pirates. Though yer reputation may cause some problems…” he trailed off.
“You let me worry about that,” Michael said dismissively, “For now though, I'll take yinz up to the mess, and I'll introduce everyone to Hephaestus after the meal.”
Michael turned toward Hephaestus.
“I will ssstay cloaked until I get passst the othersss in the hangar,” Hephaestus said re-engaging his cloaking field.
Michael and Thralgar led the rest of the awestruck Gaoians through the ship to the mess. Thankfully there was enough seating for everyone, and they all got situated while Goralin, Ralthin, Thorain, and Michael prepared the food. The smell of frying meat caused the Gaoians all to lick their lips in anticipation. Some of Michael's new crew had been cooks aboard their respective vessels and had angrily barged into the kitchen demanding to be given the job. There was a lot of angry swearing because Michael and the rest were apparently royal fuckups when it came to food preparation and were forced out of the kitchen. The very second Michael’s boots were over the threshold the door slammed shut and he heard the locks engage.
In lieu of anything better to do Michael set about getting to know his new crew while the food was prepared He left his helmet at his seat giving the Gaoians a good look at his scars. As it turned out there was a pretty even mix, and all of them had similar backgrounds. From the looks of things, they were all outcasts that had struck out on their own to make a life for themselves out in the greater galaxy. Over the years they had been picked up by various pirate gangs and had eventually found their way into the “caring embrace” of the now disbanded Twisted Suns pirates. It was a small blessing that none of them wanted to return to a life of piracy after that ordeal.
In short order, the food was prepared and everyone had a tray containing a few fried Dizi “steaks” and two ration balls each. Although Michael's tray contained six ration balls. Surprisingly, Irk joined them for the meal with his own tray of cqcq salad. Stories were shared and the Gaoians were particularly interested in just how Michael had been abducted, built the Requiem, escaped the rustball he had been marooned on, his attack on the Twisted Suns station, and finally getting his scars during his fight with a Hunter Alpha. During the whole story, the Gaoians kept pestering him about Hephaestus, but Michael hoped that simply calling him a survivor would help thin the ice before the eventual break. After finishing his story, he discreetly messaged Hephaestus and told him to wait just outside the door to the mess. Michael stood up and walked over to the entrance where everyone could see him.
“Am I correct in assuming that the Twisted Suns told you that I had some kind of combat drone?” Michael asked raising his voice. The conversation between the Gaoians all but stopped, and they all turned to look at him. “I'm sure that quite a few of yinz got a good look at him when he crushed that Locyal in the hangar bay.” A good number of the Gaoians duck-nodded in response. There were a few chitters and a few of them picked up on the hint. “Well...that was Hephaestus.”
The silence was deafening. Michael paused for a few seconds to let the Gaoians absorb what he has just told them.
“Since I told yinz my side of the story I'm gonna bring Hephaestus in and have him tell his side of things,” Michael said walking over to the door and opening it.
The door made a whir-thunk as it slid back into the frame. Hephaestus stepped through and Michael watched as everyone in the room save for Goralin, Ralthin, Thorain, and Irk tensed up. Hephaestus walked over to where everyone could see him and looked back at Michael.
“Go on, introduce yourself,” Michael coaxed.
Hephaestus straightened up and looked over the assembled Gaoians, [Hello friends. I am Hephaestus,] he said in near perfect Gaori.
If this was a cartoon Michael's jaw would have left a dent in the floor. The rest of the Gaoians were just as stunned. It took a minute or two, but gradually the tension in the room faded and all the Gaoians relaxed. Hephaestus took that as his cue and, switching back to English, began to tell his story.
“I wasss spawned on The Hive. The ssstation that orbitsss the Hunter homeworld…”
Ten-thousand kilometers astern of the Radiant Dawn
Whispering Breeze
Agent One Six Two
They were accepting it…
They were actually accepting it…
He had seen it when he had absorbed Quib's memories. The new breed of discarded that the human had stumbled on through sheer blind luck. The fact that it even existed at all meant that the Hierarchy didn't have as much control over the discarded as they thought. All the more reason to keep this to himself until he had found where that blue thing had been created.
For now, agent One Six Two was content to watch events unfold through the closed circuit monitoring system that had been discreetly installed when the human's ship was being refitted. Laser comms were crude, yes, but they were also nearly undetectable when hidden between the main drive thrusters of a [five hundred meter] long ship. There was one problem with the laser comms though. For the sake of undetectability, the emitter was on a fixed mount. Less moving parts meant less power draw on the target ship's systems. It also meant that if the human's ship so much as twitched he would lose connection. Thankfully, after dealing with the little trap One Six Two had set up, the human's ship wasn't moving. Still, the inherent vibration of a working ship meant that his connection was less than ideal. Of course, he could just transfer himself into one of the Gaoians that the human rescued from the Twisted Suns, but he had never taken a Gaoian host before and the initial shock would blow his cover and put the human on alert. So he waited aboard his cloaked ship and dealt with the stuttery connection.
It had just about finished its story when something it said earned his undivided attention. He rewound the footage and played it again just to be sure that he hadn't misheard.
“There isss a ssship out in Hunter ssspassse where the Alpha Builder made me. On it are more like myssself. Held in ssstassisss. I am hopeful that sssomeday we can go and revive them ssso I will not be alone anymore.”
He listened for any hint of where this ship might be but it was intelligent enough not to divulge that information so freely. Even when he absorbed the backed up footage there wasn't any mention where the ship might be located other than it was somewhere in Hunter space. Curse it for withholding that information. He would have to wait a while longer before he could claim his prize.
Radiant Dawn
Crew Mess
After he had finished telling his story the entire mess hall was silent save for the gentle humming of a working ship. He was getting nervous that this would end in a wave of teeth and fur until a single Gaoian stood up. It was Thralgar, the one he had met inside the pirate ship still attached to the hangar. Thralgar made a show of walking over to him, making sure that every eye and ear was fixed on him. He stopped little more than a meter in front of Hephaestus and breathed deep through his nose.
“Smells alright ta me,” he said, glancing at everyone still seated.
The feeling in the room changed in an instant. It seemed most of the Gaoians wanted to get on his good side, and the next twenty minutes were so full of introductions that he didn't realize any time had passed at all. Throughout the whole time he was meeting the Gaoians there were a good number of them who, weren't exactly cold towards him, but they kept their distance. Hephaestus had expected all of them to do the same but was fine with the way things turned out. The rest of the Gaoians would come to like him after they got to know him better.
Michael Kepler
Well, that had gone over far better than he expected. He watched as Hephaestus made his way through his less formal introductions with a happy smile on his face. It seemed like most of the Gaoians didn't want to be on Hephaestus’ bad side. Which was a good thing by far. There were still a few that kept their distance, but as long as they didn't do anything stupid Michael was content to let them get used to the idea of having a hunter around at their own pace.
He walked over to the open space right in front of the kitchen, leaned up against the wall and waited for things to die down. While he waited, he went over everything that had happened since he'd been abducted in his head. Not too long ago he was stuck in a crap town, working a crap job, dreaming of a better future, and now he was the leader of a budding mercenary group with two spaceships. One of which was a fully outfitted warship. His life on Earth felt like it belonged to another person. He wrenched his thoughts back to the present.
He raised his voice so he could be heard above the general noise of the Gaoians trying to impress Hephaestus, “EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!”
All eyes and ears turned their attention to Michael.
“Now that you have got the chance to get to know each other it's time I go over the rules,” Michael held up one finger, “the first rule is no fighting except inside the ring. If any of yinz have a bone to pick I expect you to settle it there and not anywhere else on the ship.”
That got him some strange looks, but he continued.
“Rule number two,” he held up two fingers, “everyone is to learn everyone else's jobs. Now I don't expect all of yinz to know the finer points of how a warp drive works or every line of code in the ship's computer, but I want everyone to be at least able to operate every station on this ship. And the third rule,” Michael held up three fingers, “you're all not pirates anymore. If we need something we buy it or make it. This ship's got an industrial nanofac anyway so the latter won't be a problem,” he was glad to notice that most of the Gaoians brightened up at the mention of the nanofac.
“Okay, that's it for the rules, but there's one other thing. Where I'm from Mandalorians are known as the best goddamn mercs there are and I expect yinz to live up to all that implies. That means training,” while he wasn't being totally truthful about the Mandalorian clan, Michael was hoping that they wouldn't catch on too quickly.
Michael noticed the way more than a few of the Gaoians seemed to wilt in their seats, “Don't get your balls in a twist just yet, the real training won't start until we can get some real food. In the meantime, we got a ship still attached to the hull in the hangar bay, so the first thing we're gonna do is strip it of anything useful and patch up the hull. Any questions?”
One of the Gaoians near the back stood up. He was a brownie like Ralthin, almost as tall as Michael, and one of his ears looked like it had been burned off. To complement the missing ear he had a burn scar that ran back around his head along with a nasty scar across his neck.
“When'r we gettin’ paid,” he called out. The Gaoian's vocal cords must have been damaged when he got the scar on his neck. Whatever surgeon replaced have s vocal cords must have been the cheapest one around because the Gaoian sounded like a Dalek that had been through a garbage disposal. Whenever they got to a station with any kind of medical facilities Michael would personally see to it that this Gaoian’s voice was fixed.
From the expectant looks of the rest of the Gaoians, mister robot voice had asked what was on everyone's mind. Shit. Michael hadn't thought that far ahead yet. He was hoping to get some time to think when they were all busy stripping the pirate ship. Scrambling for a split second, Michael came up with what he hoped would be a passable answer.
“To be honest I haven't given it much thought yet, but how do equal shares sound,” Michael asked hoping that they would accept his answer.
The silence hung in the mess hall for a tense second before the Gaoian nodded and sat back down.
“Any other questions,” Michael asked. There seemed to be none. “Alrighty then, let's get to work.”
Michael led the way back down to the hangar bay and they all got to work stripping the pirate ship of everything even remotely valuable. Being the salvage experts that they were Goralin, Ralthin, and Thorain led the effort, and under their guidance, the pirate ship was surveyed and stripped of anything and everything worth taking in just a few hours. The only noteworthy things they found inside the pirate ship was another blackbox drive, no doubt stolen, and something called a jump drive. Hephaestus was particularly excited by the jump drive and when Michael asked why, and he was astounded at the answer. Apparently, jump drives were a very new technology, able to take a ship anywhere instantaneously provided the destination had a jump beacon. Michael could guess why jump drives weren't used for the mass transport of cargo, but he'd leave interstellar economics to the experts. As for his ships, outfitting them with jump drives moved to the top of his priority list. That and working out a design for a beacon satellite that could be deployed undetected. At least Hephaestus was happy to devote his time on coming up with the designs.
Patching the hole in the hangar bay proved to be more of a challenge than they first thought until Ralthin had the idea of cutting a section out of the pirate ship's hull and just welding it in place. The only hazard being sudden and violent decompression. Thankfully they were able to do it without losing the air in the hangar. It wasn't pretty, but it did the job.
When they were finally done Michael led the Gaoians to the crew quarters and let them get situated. He was really glad the ship hadn't been built by humans because the extra wide corridors made hauling all the stuff that the nanofac spit out extra easy. After they got everyone their assigned rooms Michael got the coordinates off of Thralgar and set a course for that “totally legitimate” station so they could at least get some real food before the real training began.
1 Day AV
Pittsburgh PA
Daniel Macovich
Fucking hell. That was the thought that went through his head when he unlocked the door to his and David's apartment. He stepped through the door and heaved a record-breaking sigh. David walked over and flopped face first on the couch without even taking off his shoes. He said something into the cushion that Daniel couldn't quite understand.
“What was that,” Daniel asked kicking off his shoes and sitting down on the floor next to the couch.
David lifted up his head, “I said, I thought an alien attack would be cooler.”
“I couldn't agree more,” Daniel said stifling a yawn, “As far as anticlimaxes go, this one takes the cake. I mean, alien monsters crashing a hockey game only to get pulverized by the hockey players. It's almost like a bad sci-fi comic,” he didn't manage to stop the yawn this time, “and to top it all off we had to stay and land who the fuck knows how many planes,” Daniel heaved another deep sigh.
“Fuck, there probably hasn't been that many planes on the ground at the airport since nine-eleven,” David said, rolling over on his back.
“I just had a horrible thought,” Daniel said staring through the floor.
“What,” David asked, turning his head to look at Daniel.
“You remember me telling you about Michael right,” Daniel asked.
“Yeah?” David said a little confused.
“The last thing he said to me before he disappeared was that the only reason he wouldn't come back, was if he was abducted by aliens. What if…” Daniel trailed off. A thousand things rushed through his head, none of them pleasant.
“Dude,” David said, sliding off the couch to sit next to Daniel and throwing an arm around his shoulders, “ from what you've told me about him, if he was taken by the same squishy fucks that hit that hockey game, he'll be fine.”
Unregistered pirate station
Michael Kepler
“I thought you said they wouldn't shoot us,” Michael said ducking down as more shots from heavy pulse guns battered the container they were hiding behind.
They had docked with the station fine enough, but Michael had a feeling that this wasn't going to go well. As a precaution he had everyone else wait on the ship while himself and Thralgar went to make a deal and get some supplies. Everything went smooth until they got to the cargo bay and communications were cut off.
“I said they might not shoot us,” Thralgar growled, sticking his arm around the container and firing back a few shots from his custom pulse pistol. From the sound of it, one of the mercs was unlucky enough to be hit. “How was I sposed ta know they'd be waiting to lure us into a Keeda damned trap? I'm just glad they don't got nerve-jam grenades.”
“The fuck is a nerve-jam grenade?” Michael asked, risking a peek over their cover. Only to be hit square in the face by a white coin-sized object. It bounced off his helmet and landed a few meters away. Thralgar managed to hit it with his pulse pistol, sending it flying. A split second later it went off. Everything went white and Michael collapsed to the deck with the absolute worst migraine. He opened his eyes to find Thralgar firing wildly at the mercs on the other side of the bay.
Thralgar glanced back at Michael, “That was a nerve-jam grenade. Fyu's balls I didn't think it would affect ya so bad.”
“Fuuuck,” Michael said struggling to get to his feet. There was a persistent ringing somewhere between his ears that was making it hard to focus. He shook his head to try and clear the fog and only succeeded in making it worse. “Thralgar, get something non-conductive under your feet.”
“Why in Fyu's balls would I do that?!” Thralgar asked, his ears going back.
“Just do it,” Michael said shakily pressing the button on his right gauntlet to activate the laser, “no time...explain.” the nerve-jam was making words hard.
Thralgar used his fusion knife to cut a piece off of the container they were hiding behind. It clattered to the deck and Thralgar immediately stepped onto it. “I hope ya know what yer doin’.”
Radiant Dawn
Just inside the main airlock.
“Goralin, what's our status,” he asked through inter-ship comms, firing his coilgun through the airlock. They had closed the outer door only to have the pirates cut through using a fusion drill. Thankfully himself and the eleven other brownies were keeping those Fyu damned Chennash mercs from entering the ship with a withering hail of coilgun bolts. Forcing them back to their side of the boarding tube. The only reason they didn't have pirates swarming through the ship was because he was training with the other brownies on the live fire course Michael had set up in the old viewing deck, and thank Fyu that the brownies were tough enough to take the recoil from the coilguns. Sadly, they hadn't gotten around to making armor for everyone yet. What they had was just some padding so the low power pulse guns in the live fire course didn't cause too much harm.
“Pretty fucking awful,” Goralin snarled back, “we still can't reach Michael and Thralgar. Whatever those Keeda damned Chennash did to jam our comms is too strong to cut through with raw power. On top of that they've clamped the ship in so hard we can move or we'll damage the hull. The good news is that our guns have stopped them from launching any ships.”
Hephaestus chimed in, “The jamming isss blocking us from connecting to the ssstation asss well. If you can get a hard line to a terminal Thorain and I ssshould be able to get into their sssyssstemsss.”
Fyu's balls, that meant a push into the station, “Grall, run to storage and get a spool of comms cable.”
“What in Fyu's name do we need that for,” he asked, firing a few shots out the airlock toward where the mercs had taken cover behind some surprisingly sturdy containers.
“See that console on their side of the boarding tube,” Ralthin asked flicking his ears towards it. “We need ta get a line into it so we can let Thorain get ta work on the station's systems, and yer the most fastest one here.”
Grall's ears perked up at the compliment. He ducked back around the corner, propped his rifle against the wall, and ran back toward main storage on fourpaw.
“I just sent Grall's to get a spool of comms cable,” Ralthin said into the comms, “Thorain, grab yer kit and get down here. We're gonna need yer skills to hotwire into the console in the other side of the boarding tube.”
The comms closed with Thorain's acknowledgment. A few tense minutes of shooting at the mercs whenever one of them dared poke an appendage out of cover and Grall came thundering down the corridor with Thorain following close behind. Fyu's balls, the pair almost crashed into the wall when they tried to stop. Grall shrugged off the carry harness and tossed a grenade to Ralthin.
“Thought we might need this,” Grall said picking up his coilgun from where he left it and processing to shoot one of the Chennash who was stupid enough to poke his head out.
“I knew I liked you,” Ralthin said turning the grenade over in his paw. It was one of Michael's experimental ones that he called a Molotov. From what Michael said, it was supposed to explode and cover everything in a [ten meter] radius in flaming gel. Again, Ralthin was very glad Michael was on their side. “Everyone listen up! I'm gonna chuck this Fyu damned thing as far as I can and when it goes off we're gonna rush down the boarding tube and secure that console on the other end so Thorain can do his thing. Get ready.”
Everyone stowed their coilguns and got down on fourpaw, ready to Sprint forward the moment the grenade went off. Ralthin wished he had Michael's shoulders for this, Gaoian anatomy wasn't the best for throwing things. He was hoping this station didn't have the best in fire suppression gear as he set the timer. He gave it his bestest throw and the grenade went sailing down the tube.
Living at earth standard gravity for so long must have made him stronger than he thought because the grenade landed and skittered to a halt right next to where the mercs were taking cover. Fyu's balls, he was gonna have nightmares from the screaming.
Outside the cargo bay on the pirate station
Michael Kepler
Fuck nerve-jam. It was all he could do to stumble out the door. Thralgar was keeping an eye out for more pirates, but it seemed the ones in the cargo bay hadn't had time to call for backup. For now, they were alone in the corridor, and Michael was slumped against the wall trying to make the pounding inside his head go away.
Thralgar moved closer to Michael, “You ain't smellin’ so good. You sure you're alright?”
Before Michael could say anything he ripped his helmet off and emptied the contents of his stomach onto the deck causing Thralgar to jump back. He spat out the remaining bile, “Shit fucking cock suckers,” Michael said after wiping his mouth on his sleeve.
Thralgar said something in Gaori and the only thing Michael understood was “Fyu's balls.” He spat the remaining bile out onto the floor and shoved his helmet back on, “You're gonna have to say that again. My Gaori's not that good yet.”
“I forgot ya don't got implants,” Thralgar said a little sheepishly, his ears going back slightly, “I said Fyu's balls that stinks. What kinda stomach you got anyway?”
“One from a deathworld,” Michael said, taking his helmet off to hawk the nastiest loogie onto the deck before putting his helmet back on, “and I gotta say, mostly digested lunch tastes a lot worse with hydrochloric acid mixed in.”
Thralgar's ears went back flat against his skull, “Fyu’s balls, you deathworlders are somethin' else.”
Before Michael could reply his comms crackled to life, “Finally,” Goralin's voice came over the comms, “Michael, Thralgar, you guys there?”
“Were here Goralin,” Michael said back through the comms, “other than getting my first taste of fucking nerve-jam, were fine. How's things on your end?”
“We're gonna need a new outer door for the main airlock, fucking Chennash took a fusion drill to it, but other than that Ralthin and his brownies kept us from getting boarded,” Goralin said, more than a little annoyed, “thanks to Thorain getting a hard line to the station we now have full control of their system. From what he said the pirates hadn't even changed the factory security settings. The Keeda damned mercs don't seem to keen on taking the main boarding area. Seems Ralthin had to use one of your fire grenades to clear them out so he could get Thorain to an interface console.”
Shit, Michael never expected Ralthin to be crazy enough to use one of his Molotov grenades. Still, it was good news that nobody other than the pirates had died.
“Do they know we're in their systems yet,” Michael asked, looking around to make sure there weren't any unexpected listeners.
“Seems they don't,” Goralin said, “what do you have in mind?”
“I'm gonna need a layout of the station if you can get it, and the location of the fucker in charge,” Michael said swapping his coilgun to the shotgun configuration, “me and Thralgar are gonna go pay them a visit.”
After a few seconds, Michael got a notification on his HUD. He brought up the layout using the new holographic projector he installed on his left gauntlet.
“The station looks like it used to be a mining outpost,” Goralin said through the comms, “which should put the command center here.”
A yellow dot appeared near the far side of the station, well away from where the Radiant Dawn was docked. Luckily, the command center looked like it was close to the cargo bay himself and Thralgar were just outside of and it had an airlock not too far away. Michael had an idea.
“Hephaestus you there,” Michael asked with a savage grin.
“Yesss, I'm here,” Hephaestus’ voice came over the comms. A little icon appeared on Michael's HUD showing that Hephaestus has joined the call.
“Your armor has an atmo retention shield right? I want you to meet me and Thralgar at that airlock near the command center. Stay cloaked until I say otherwise.”
Hephaestus closed his connection and his icon disappeared.
“Goralin, I'm gonna need you to close and lock all the doors on the station except the ones on the route me and Thralgar are gonna take. No sense involving anyone in this that doesn't need to be,” Michael finished, starting down the corridor.
“It's done,” Goralin said, “what do you want us to do while you pay a visit to the guy in charge?”
“Sit tight and make sure that nobody gets on the ship. I don't want to lose anyone today,” Michael said, picking up his pace.
“Just make sure you come back in one piece,” Goralin said closing the comms.
“So what's the plan,” Thralgar asked, just managing to keep up.
Michael discreetly activated his bio scanner, “somebody tipped them off that we'd be here and I mean to find out who.”
“Fyu's balls,” Thralgar said, his ears going slightly back, “you don't think…”
A while back Michael had convinced Goralin to lie to him so he could calibrate his bio scanner to pick up on the particular scent Gaoians gave off when they lied. Thankfully it wasn't showing anything from Thralgar.
“I hate to say it,” Michael said, deactivating his scanner, “but yes I do. The good news is that you're clear.”
“What,” Thralgar asked, taken aback.
“It's nothing, I just needed to see if it was you. Now that I know it wasn't, we can go ahead with the plan,” Michael finished.
“What if it was me,* Thralgar asked cautiously.
“Then we wouldn't be having this conversation,” Michael said with a shrug, “Come on, we've got a lot of ground to cover.”
They made their way through the station and Michael was a little creeped out with how quiet everything was. The whole way to the command center they didn't see a single person. He was expecting to at least run into someone that was stuck in a hallway. The even passed through what seemed to be some kind of market that was totally empty. From the looks of things, the fucker in charge had everyone pack up and lock themselves in before Michael had even docked the Radiant Dawn. The pirates were at least somewhat smart about things though, all the closed up stalls would have tipped him off immediately. Thankfully Thralgar didn't say those cursed words regarding how quiet it was. Michael wasn't the superstitious type, but it never hurt to play by the rules. Especially since they were in a pirate station far away from any kind of help. When Hephaestus’ voice came over the comms Michael just about jumped out of his skin.
“Sssomthing isss not right,” he hissed. “All the windowsss are dark.”
“Say again,” Michael said, a chill running up his spine. “What do you mean all the windows are dark?”
“I am crosssing over the living quartersss and all the windowsss are dark,” Hephaestus replied, “it looksss like every window hasss a privasssy field.”
“That makes a lotta sense,” Thralgar said, duck nodding, “This place ain't like the Twisted Suns station ya took out. Lots 'o folks here just want to make a life away from the Dominion. The idiot in charge here prolly got a bunch o’ decent people killed just cuz he was too stupid to talk first.”
Michael's face went pale under his helmet, “Shit. Those people we killed…”
“Try not ta think about it,” Thralgar said staring right at Michael's visor, “way I see it, they tried to kill us and we just got 'em before they could.”
“Right,” Michael said, heaving a gigantic sigh, “Hephaestus, sorry bud, but I don't think we'll need you after all. You'd better head back to the ship. No sense in you scaring the living daylights out of whoever's in charge.”
“Heading back to the ssship,” Hephaestus said, closing the channel. If anything, he sounded relieved.
Michael and Thralgar made the rest of the way to the command center in relative silence. Michael couldn't quite shake the guilt though. The poor souls in the cargo bay weren't slavers or Hunters, they were just following orders, and he had electrocuted them to death. Thankfully, the voltage his Tesla coil pumped out meant that they hadn't felt much. That kind of voltage tended to vaporize nerves on contact. Not like the time when he was in high school and got zapped by a high voltage capacitor that he didn't know was inside the transformer he was messing with. Still, Ralthin had used one of his Molotov grenades on the thoroughly unlucky people that had tried to force their way onto his ship, and he wasn't looking forward to that conversation.
They came up to the door of the command center only to find it sealed. Not unexpected, but annoying nonetheless. The only outstanding feature was a keypad next to the door with a speaker grille above it. Michael walked over to the keypad and pressed the button right under the grille.
“Hello? I think there's been a misunderstanding...”
It was only then that Michael realized that his translator wouldn't do any good without being able to connect to anyone's implants. To his surprise the speaker crackled to life, and to Michael's utter amazement the reply was in English.
“Ain't that a fuckin’ understatement,” the slightly gravelly female voice said.
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2018.07.23 22:50 iminterestingplease Part 34

My apologies for the fast post again.
5953.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these animals not existing?
5954.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition."/"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."
5955.(Geography change.)Do you remember the Inca Trail going near, or into Mexico?(Anything else off?)
5956.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mr. T dying?
5957.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being electric taxis in 1899?(Anything else off about electric cars around this time?)
5958.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember glass beaches not being a thing?
5959.(Famous Actor name change.)Ely Wallace/Eli Wallach(Other spellings?)
5960.(Store name change.)Bed, Bath & Beyond/Bed Bath & Beyond(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember the pitchfork briefly disappearing from American Gothic?(Has it changed where it originally was?)(Are white onions more rare now?)(Mishapen/Misshapen)(Hearthrob/Heartthrob)(Ret Conned/RetConned/Retconned/retconned)(Mandela Quantum Effect/mandela quantum effects)(Medic Logics/MediLogix, and logo has changed.)(Do other companies named Adobe have off logos?)(Does the Diaper Depot logo look off?)(Does the Ready Player One logo look off?)(Does the Russia World Cup logo look off?)(Were there no pink trees?)(I'm A Slave 4(For?)U(You?)music video by Britney Spears has changed.)(Do you remember Yanny being spelled Yanni, or Yannie in Laurel vs. Yanny?)(More quotes from the original Star Trrk have changed.)(Did hairless sun bears not exist?)(Cardi B songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Tons of plants, and parts of fruits, and vegetables, and other things are now edible that weren't before.)(Fruits is now the plural of Fruit instead of Fruit.)(An OtheAnother)(Does the Mixels logo look off?)(Does the Rock-a-Doodle(Rock-A-Doodle?)logo look off?)(King Tut's tomb lost the snake for a while.)(Texas map has completely changed.)(Did Capri Sun never use large bottles?)(The Burns And Allen Show logo, or at least one of them has changed.)(Ariana Grande songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(The Merrie Melodies logo changed again.)(Does the Carex logo look off?)(Was one of Olaf's two teeth longer than the other when he had two?)(Regular writing on almost anything sometimes changes too.)(Evry/Every)(Evrett/Everett)(Evrest/Everest)(Does the Laser X logo look off?)(Butthurt/Butt-hurt)(Latter is acceptable.)(Butthead/Butt-head)(Latter is acceptable.)(Did panda ants not exist?)(Does the Shoe Carnival logo look off?)(Lil Pump have with Ing to In' lyrics.)(Apple products have a lowercase I at the beginning instead of an uppercase.)(ICarly/iCarly, and is the logo off?)(IFunny/iFunny)(Have you heard of Dieselfunk, or Dieselpunk, or other things similar to it?)(Ing to In' lyrics We Will Rock You by Queen)(Jojo Siwa/JoJo Siwa)(Kc & Jojo/K-Ci & JoJo)(Other spellings?)(Was JoJo always spelled Jojo, and never JoJo?)(Graffitti/Grafitti/Graffiti)(Do any of the 101 Dalmatians movie logos look off?)(Does the Shimeez logo look off?)(Certain specials and T.V. channels use weird fonts for shows, and other things.)(Ing to In' lyrics in Justin Bieber(Beiber?)songs.)(The Republican, and Democratic party animals keep switching back, and forth.)(Scarlett Johansson replaced Jessica Alba in The Island.)(Is anything else about The Mystery Machine off, and does Shaggy look off?)(The remake of Robocop now has Gary Oldman, and Michael Keaton in it.)(Certain shows, and other use In' in certain things.)(Does the Cosmopolitan logo look off?)(Does the Secoma Lanes logo look off?)(Does the Master lock logo look off?)(Pokeman/Pokéman/Pokémon)(Heineken ManeuveHeimlich Maneuver, and is anything else off?)(Certain song, and album logos, and peoples' names on those things look off.)(Does The Message by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five sound off?)(Certain tenses of words, and names of people are spelled different from the original such as Write to Written, or Sam to Sammy.)(Travelling vs. Traveling, and similar words.)(Does the Operation logo look off?)(Are any of the Ratt logos off?)(Stuffers/Stouffer's)(Tons of messed up Ts in logos.)(Supervalue/Supervalu, and logo is different.)(Do you remember Ozzy Ozborne, or Ozbourne?)(Epic Hyperspace logo is different.)(Tons of messed up toilet paper, paper towel, sink, toilet, urinal, and other bathroom logos.)(Old movie covers from Disney that say, "Walt Disney's"(Walt Disney?)have connected, or off movie logos.)(Beginning, and ending credits for certain shows, movies, and games, and other things have modernized fonts, or connected, or off letters.)(Fullfill/Fulfill)(Other spellings?)(Desiree/Des'ree)(Certain show, web videos, movie, and game logos, and other things have modernized fonts, or connected, or off letters.)(Is it harder to look at the Sun than before, or is it actually good for you?)(Is it actually okay to look at eclipses?)(Have you heard of the Swacket?)(Have you heard of the Jeepney?)(Certain songs, games, shows, movies, and web videos are released earlier, or later than before.)(Hippos now have smaller nostrils.)(Disastisfied/Dissatisfied, and similar words.)(Has the Star Trek Scotty quote stuff changed again?)(ALF says, "No Problem." now instead of, "No problemo.".)(Tons of bible verses are grammatically incorrect, and have misspelled, and Sampson to Samson, and tiny new books are in it.)(Giant sand dunes swallowing whole cities in China.)(Changes in Baja California, and Florida.)(Magic is now sometimes spelled Magick.)(RECALL VECTOR YouTube channel name changed multiple times.)(Jen's Gems YouTube channel name chabged multiple times.)(Does the Sweet Jesus ice cream logo look off?)(Town is now sometimes spelled Towne.)(Catapult is now sometimes spelled Katapult.)(Hungry, Hungry Hippos/Hungry Hungry Hippos, and logos have changed.)(Move (Keep Walking)/Move (Keep Walkin'), and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Hillsong/United Hillsong/Hillsong United/United/UNITED/Hillsong UNITED)(Sandlot Kids/The Sandlot)(Did The Boxcar Children become The Boxcar Kids, and then just Boxcar Children, or maybe even Boxcar Kids at one point, and was there a thread about it?)(Scorpionflies now exist.)(Whale-Dolphin hybrid now exists.)(Lindbergh baby gender flipped.)(Living On A PrayeLivin' On A Prayer, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Kids claim they used to hover, and breathe underwater.)(Ing to In' lyrics in Tech N9ne songs.)(Regular text can have connected letters.)(Spot-bellied eagle-owl now exists.)(Immortal jellyfish now exist.)(Does the Little Caesars(Caesar's)logo look off in any way?)(Was the restaurant as Little Caesars Pizza Treat, or Little Caesars Pizza?)(Unoticed/Unnoticed)(Scutoids now exist.)(Baby pineapples now exist.)(Tomatoes come in different colors.)(Aveno/Aveeno)(Other spellings?)(Residue can sometimes be residue, but still change.)(More weird stuff changing back, and forth, and there is residue of stuff before it changed back.)(The red, green, and yellow colors in traffic lights are slightly off.)(There is now a dash in Pine-Sol.)(Similar The Jazz Singer logos have also changed.)(Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, and Tony Bennett songs have Ing to In' lyrics.)(More Dua, and Khalid have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Do any of Charlie Puth's logos look off?)(Radio blackouts caused by solar radiation.)(I Married An Axe MurdereSo I Married An Axe Murderer)(People remember David Bowie dying in 2017.)(Dragon fruit now exists.)(Everyday vs. Every Day.)(Landscaping in front of one user's house changed.)(The history of lots of fruits, and vegetables, and what they originally looked like has changed.)(People claim to lose time from seconds to years, and it can be forward, or backward.)(DaddyOfFive/DaddyOFive)(Pink Lemonade/Pynk Le'Monade)(People claim to die, and come back, or retry the moment, and not die, or survive with little to no injuries.)(People have lived other lives, or been other people during sleep, or while awake, and even live other lives for some reason they felt attached to to the point where they missed things about the other life.)(Norton logo has changed again.)(Do any of the Jersey Mike's logos look off?)(Time speeds up, or slows down for some in certain scenarios.)(Multiple types of different doppelgangers.)(Weird tech "glitches".)(Do you remember certain Ing things being In'?)(Mamma I'm Comin' Home/Mama I'm Coming Home)(Moments "resetting".)(The sun "blinking", or flickering, and the universe going black for whatever reason.)(People hear computer voices, see weird things, see weird stuff.)(IKEA(Ikea?)stores being weird for people.)(Hotels randomly disappearing, or popping up.)(The music video for First Of The Year by Skrillex has changed.)(Does The Mystery Machine logo look off?)(They swear someone, or something is one place, can't find it, then it reappears there, or somewhere else.)(People claim they see dead family members acting like they're still alive, or in pictures, or dreams.)(White House burned down by British in 1814.)(Words like mama, and granny are spelled tons of different ways.)(There was a point where there were 15 colonies, and some of the older flags are off, and more star forts.)(Birth certificates, and other personal things about people have changed.)(Weird stuff going on with photos.)(The bad guys in Red Dawn are apparently also Spanish., and the ending is off.)(The apostrophe in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and other shows is missing, and the logo has changed in other ways.)(Was there a Howard The Duck sequel planned?)(FDR has now served 4 terms, and there have now been hundreds of assassination attempts across all the presidents.)(Tony Robinson/Tommy Robinson)(Applets & Cotlets/Aplets & Cotlets)(Other spellings?)(Other symbols instead of &?)(Do any adult website, phone sex hotline, or magazine logos look off?)(Ing to In' lyrics in IDGAF by Dua Lipa.)(Unatural/Unnatural)(Does the Kool-Aid Sparklers logo look off?)(Unamed/Unnamed)(Does the Dog Days movie logo look off?)(The logos for Idahoan products are off.)(Does the Bohemian Rhapsody music video by Queen look off?)(People, or things in pictures, or videos that look too modern for the time.)(People claim animals, pets, and people "teleport" from one place to another without being seen when they should've been visible going to that place.)(New rooms, switches, missing things, etc everywhere.)(Changes in London.)(Reality residue is starting to change to new reality.)(Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith now has Ing to In' lyrics, and some lyrics say Janie's, and others say Janie.)(Mysterious liquid, water, or light appearing where it shouldn't.)(The Jazz Singer logo by Neil Diamond has changed completely.)(Entire fantasy things disappearing without a trace.)(Family member details, or codes they use for stuff, or the person's details, and codes changing in an impossible way, sometimes changing back, or other weird stuff involved with this.)(Jackie Chan by Post Malone, and Sway by NexXthursday(Next Thursday?)have Ing to In' lyrics.)(Things just start, or stopped existing altogether, or briefly.)(Europe, and Asia are apparently combined to be Eurasia, and Australia can also be put in the name to be Australasia.)(Bumping Beats/Bumpin' Beats)(People can't see certain things in plain sight others can, or same with heating stuff, and can't see each other in the same room.)(Swearing stuff happened before.)(Stuff going through people, or other stuff.)(Sounds of talking with no mouth movement.)(Tons of Ing to In' everywhere.)(Os and dots in Is, and Js are becoming weird in lots of stuff.)(Ing to In' lyrics in lots of rap music.)(Guessing random, and obscure stuff directly on the money.)(Slang words like Lowkey, Bae, Boo, Fam, Thirsty, Salty, Finesse, Lit, Popping, Bumping, Banging, Say Less, Dead Ass, and other phrases, and meanings popping up out of nowhere.)(Is the Tina's frozen food logo look off?)(Teamate/Teammate)(Nancy Spungen now died at 21 instead of 27.)(Was she another age?)(Kiss By A Rose/Kiss From A Rose(Are the lyrics off?))(Do you remember Nirvana singing Heart-Shaped Box in their Unplugged concert?)(Do you remember an episode of Ghost Hunters where a full body ghost comes out of the floor?)(Do you remember a Pixar intro where the lamp jumps on the I, and gets shot up by the I as it turns into a spring?)(Is the Venture Bros. logo off?)(Do you remember Jerry Lewis saying, "Hey lady!" really loudly ever?)(All Tron logos have changed.)(Did the Shell-Shocked soldier photo not exist?)(Did Ricky Ricardo say, "Lucy, I'm home!" more frequently, and differently on I Love Lucy?)(Is the Toyota RAV4 logo off?)(Nothing But A G Thing/Nuthin' But A G Thang, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Nothing Fancy/Nuthin' Fancy, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Dre Day/Fuck Wit Dre Day, and Ing to In' lyrics, and song title.)(Was the parentheses part not part of the song title?)(Was it just named Dre Day?)(Did the Whoot, There It Is(Whoot There It Is?)song not exist?)(Is the Whoomp! (There It Is) song title off?)(UTube/YouTube, and are some of the features' names changed.)(40 weirdest plants, and other animal, and plant videos.)(Tons of new insect eating plants.)(Disappearing, and appearing Walgreens stores.)(White Penske trucks?)
Add-On: Do you remember Self Control being released in the 90's instead of 1984?
5961.(Pet Store name change.)Pets Mart/Pet Smart/PetSmart(Other names?)(Are the colors reversed?)(Was it just blue, or red?)(Anything else off?)
5962.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Leaning Tower Of Pisa not appearing pink?(Are these other things off?)
5963.(Music Lyrics change.)"We're going for a week, or two."/"No more worries for a week, or two."("I've seen it in the movies."/"We've seen it at the movies.")("Doing things they always wanna do."/"Doing things they always wanted to.")(Other lyrics.)(Dreaming/Dreamin' and Ing to In' lyrics.)
5964.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ringling Brothers giving away lifetime tickets in 1996 instead of 1993?
5965.(City name change.)Swathmore, Pennsylvania/Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
5966.(Restaurant name change.)Foster Freeze/Foster's Freeze/Fosters Freeze(Did it not go by other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)
5967.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Harrowing not being a thing?
5968.(New fruits.)Do you remember finger limes not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember the Lindbergh Baby being a girl?
5969.(New species.)Have you heard of the hairy frog?
5970.(Music Lyrics change.)"Dance with me."/"Dance to me."(Were the lyrics the same every time?)
5971.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band not existing?(Does the Grease logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mr. T's beard not going up past both his ears?
Add-On: Do you remember A License To Kill instead of Licence To Kill?(Were words such as License never spelled like Licenve?)
5972.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Chanticleer wearing a red bandanna?(Anything else off?)
5973.(Product name change.)Insta-Pot/Instant Pot(Does the Fast Company logo look off?)
5974.(Product name change.)Rainbow Bread/Rainbo Bread(Does the logo look off?)
5975.(Fictional Character name change.)Tinkerbell/Tinker Bell
5976.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember E.T.'s eyes both being blue?
5977.(Animal name change.)HampsteHamster
5978.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of these stuff being mythological?(Trojan War, Mount Olympus, and open gates to hell?)(Anything else off?)
5979.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Videos below.)
5980.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember buildings never being able to go above the clouds?
5981.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Reborn Dolls not being a thing?
5982.(Music Lyrics change.)"Tell me. How does it feel? Tell me now. How does it feel?"/"Tell me. How do I feel? Tell me now. How do I feel?"("Tell me. How does it feel? Tell me now. How should it feel?"/"Tell me. How do I feel? Tell me now. How should I feel?")
5983.(Spelling change.)Clientel/Clientele
5984.(Music Lyrics change.)"Black orgasm."/"Black orgasms."(Was it Orgas every time?)(Anything else off?)
5985.(Movie Quote change.)"Try the short one."/"Try the sharp one."(Leonardo Dicaprio/Leonardo DiCaprio)(Lamelo ball/LaMelo Ball)(Lavar Ball/LaVar Ball)(Liangelo Ball/LiAngelo Ball)(Grace Vanderwall/Grace VanderWaal)
Add-On: Do you remember "Change" in Free Bird(Freebird?) by Lynyrd Skynyrd not sounding like "Chain"?
5986.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's a pack of useless lies."/"It's a pack of useless lie."
5987.(Phantom movie.)Do you remember Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park not existing?(Does the logo look off?)(Did it not go by other names?)(KISS/Kiss)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink?
5988.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Bats, and eagles can swim, sea potatoes in UK, birds can fly for 10 months straight, black smoke rings, Marfan syndrome and Abraham Lincoln has it, bass eats a giant mole, frog fish walks weird, cow eats rabbit, no moons are bigger than earth now, vampire moth, Zygomatic arch changed again, weird Teddy Roosevelt assassination story, 3 hour mystery loss of Sun in large area of Siberia, sand storms carry across the globe now, giant bat-eating centipede, and gjant centipedes in general, scapula, spine, and rib changes, mystery radar blob, mini tornados, Ambesol/Anbesol,(Is the logo off?)Nesquik vintage logos keep changing, Harlequin fetus, Argentina mummy child,,Children Of Llullallaco, liquid lake on Mars, more skull changes, Big Bird's legs look different, Hitler's mustache changed again, origin of swastika,(Did swastika have to be capitalized?)and people who used it has changed,(Is the use of Who vs. Whom, and similar words off?).)(Video below.)
5989.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Rex Reed dying?
5990.(Album Logo change.)Do you remember Paul McCartney not holding a cigarette on Abbey Road?(Was he not out of step?)(Anything else off?)(Abby Road/Abbey Road)
5991.(Music Lyrics change.)"Tighten your belts, abuse yourselves."/"Tighten the belts, abuse the selves."(Does it sound like Cells?)(Rat/Ratt)
5992.(Spelling change.)Remberance/Remembrance
5993.(Body Part name change.)Tounge/Tongue
5994.(Movie name change.)Stockade/Cadence(Is the Chain Gang scene off?)
5995.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in KIA(Kia?)Forte not being connected?(Were the letters normal?)
5996.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Videos below.)
5996.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Mavin Johnson/Navin Johnson(Is the movie logo off?)
5997.(Music Lyrics change.)"Rock you like a hurricane."/"Rock you like the hurricane."("The wolf is hungry."/"The golf is hungry.")(Was it always the same as the song title?)
5998.(Music Lyrics change.)"More than words."/"More than word."(Was it always the same as the song title?)
5999.(Song Title change.)Knights In White Satin/Nights In White Satin(Is(The Night)part of the title for you, or not?)
6000.(Music Lyrics change.)"Circle can't fit where a square should be."/"Circle can fit where a square should be."("Rivers flow into the sea."/"Rivers flow into the city."(Did Extreme make 3 albums instead of 5, or a different number?)
6001.(New Species.)Have you heard of the rainbow turkey?(Anything else off about colored turkeys?)
6002.(New species.)Have you heard of the hamner-headed bat?(Was it simply known as the hammerhead bat?)
6003.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the MPAA logo being different?
6004.(Spelling change.)Dutchess/Duchess
6005.(Music Lyrics change.)"Have you ever seen the rain?"/"Have you ever seen rain?"(Was it always the same as the song title?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Does the song logo look off?)
6006.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember What's Love Got To Do With It("What's Love Got To Do With It?"?)being sung by Whitney Houston instead of Tina Turner?
6007.(Music Lyrics change.)"Ain't nobody home."/"Ain't nobody phone."("Makes a grown man cry."/"Make the grown man cry.')(Anything else off about the lyrics?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6008.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink?(Video below.)
6009.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being green?(Video below.)
Add-On: Do you remember Ambusol, or Anbusol?
6010.(Music Lyrics change.)"I cry a little."/"I die a little."(Every Time We Say Goodbye?)(Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye)(Other songs from her say Ev'ry now instead of Every, and lyrics changed.)(Was Every Time always spelled Everytime?)(Ron Steward/Rod Stewart)(Papa Was A Rolling Stone/Papa Was A Rollin' Stone, and Ing to In' lyrics.)
6011.(Music Lyrics change.)"Take me to the end of the line./"Take me to the end of the light."("Take me down to the paradise city."/"Take me down to paradise city."/"Take me down to a paradise city.")
6012.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Richard Nixon not calling Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin on the moon on July 20, 1969?
6013.(Music Lyrics change.)"Consider all thy words."/"Consider all the worlds."(Now in some versions.)
6014.(New species.)Have you heard of the Crinoid?(Was it Lilly, and not Lily for Lily Pad, and other uses?)
Add-On: Do you remember Mr. Pibb's, or Mr. Pibbs?(Anything else off?)
6015.(Capital City change.)Savannah, Georgia/Atlanta, Georgia(Ontario, Canada/Ottawa, Canada)(Was Ontario a city, and not a province?)
6016.(Date change.)Do you remember diet soda not being released in 1952?(Was it more like the 70's, or 90's?)(Was it another time?)
6017.(Famous Writer name change.)Mark Henteman/Mark Hentemann
6018.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Klondike Krunch(Crunch?)being more aligned?(Were the letters not touching?)(Is the Klondike logo off?)
6019.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Funko cereal not being a thing?(Anything else off about the name?)(Did Quaker Quisp(Crisp?)not exist?)(Did Kaboom not exist?)(Do any of these cereals' names, or logos look off?)
6020.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Hubba Bubba soda not being a thing?(Does thame Hubba Bubba logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, and green?(Videos below.)
6021.(Famous Comedian name change.)Frank Dicaliendo/Frank DiCaliendo/Frank Di Caliendo/Frank Caliendo(James Difranco/James DiFranco/James Di Franco/James Franco)(Adam Devine/Adam DeVine)
6022.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Quinceañeros not being a thing?(Were they always called Quinceañeras?)(Were they always for girls?)
6023.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the Natal Plum?(Was Afrikaan not a word?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tripple instead of Triple?(Do you remember Vetted not being a word?)
Add-On: Do you remember the Challenger explosion not possibly being a hoax?
Add-On: Do you remember Hawaii being a sovereign nation instead of part of the U.S.?(Was New Brunswick, and Quebec the capitals of the two missing states?)(Was Montreal the baseball capital of the world?)(Was Cincinnati(Cinccinati, or Cincinatti?)one of the states?)(Was Jefferson City(Jefferson?)one of the states?)(Do you remember Puerto Rico not being a U.S. territory?)
Add-On: Do you remember Necklacing not being invented, or endorsed by Nelson, and Winnie Mandela?(Did Necklacing not exist?)
6024.(Song Title change.)I Wanna Walk (500 Miles)/I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)(Was the song title different?)(Was the song released in the 90's instead of the 80's?)
6025.(Music Lyrics change.)"Is this a conspiracy?"/"Is this some conspiracy?"("A tear in his eye."/"A tear in his eyes.")
6026.(Music Lyrics change.)"Fire in the sky."/"A fire in the sky."/"The fire in the sky."
6027.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember men not being able to have the ability to naturally lactate, and breastfeed?(Did the Bible not mention it?)
6028.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's just the beast under your bed."/"It's just the beasts under your bed."(Do any of the guitar riffs sound off?)
6029.(Music Lyrics change.)"Riding out the day's events."/"Writing out the day's events."(Anything else off?)
6030.(Famous Actor name change.)Forrest WhitakeForest Whitaker(Is his last name pronounced different?)(Is Leonard Nimoy's name pronounced different?)(Is Jean-Claude Van Damme's name pronounced different?)
6031.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ving Rhames dying?(Did Sam Neill(Neil?)die?)
6032.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the ending of Braveheart being different?
6033.(Spelling change.)Pearl Vision/Pearle Vision(Does the logo look off?)
6034.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Titanic 2: Jack's Back not being a thing?(Did an actual Titanic ll not exist?)
Add-On: Do you remember the algorithms for a Rubik's Cube being different?(Rubiks?)
6035.(Famous Hockey Player name change.)Eric Lindross/Eric Lindros
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink?(Video below.)(Do you remember the third-party link not being in the description?)
6036.(Movie Scene change.)Do you remember the obstacle course scene in Stripes being different?(Does the movie logo look off?)
6037.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's late at night, and I sleep like a baby."/"I made my bed, and I sleep like a baby."(The Dixie Chicks/Dixie Chicks)
6038.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Rajah from Aladdin(Aladin, Alladdin, or Alladin?)not having yellow eyes?(Do you remember the Devil, and similar characters in certain cartoons not having yellow eyes?)
6039.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being multiple versions of Pop Goes The Weasel?(Anything else off?)
6040.(Music Lyrics change.)"Come back another day."/"Come again another day."(Anything else off?)
6041.(Music Lyrics change.)"On the treetop."/"On the treetops."("When the bar breaks."/"When the bough breaks.")("Tree top"?)(Anything else off?)
6042.(Music Lyrics change.)"Wee Willie Winkie, running through the town."/"Wee Willie Winkie, runs through the town."(Willy?)(Anything else off?)
6043.(Famous Actress name change.)Katie Sackhoff/Katee Sackoff
6044.(New plants.)Have you heard of green roses?(Any other rose types off?)
6045.(Music Lyrics change.)"She whipped out her gun."/"She whipped out a gun."("Does she like it, like it, like it like that?"/"Ooh she like it, like it, like it like that.")("Dude looks like a lady."/"Dude look like a lady.")(Was it always the same as the song title?)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
6046.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Griff's hover board from Back To The Future being red instead of black?(Anything else off?)(Was Hoverboard a word?)
6047.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the restaurant sketch in You Can't Do That On Television being called Barf's Burgers instead of Barth's Burgers?
6048.(Capital City change.)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
6049.(Fictional Character name change.)Eli Goldsworth/Eli Goldsworthy
6050.(Book Title change.)Ramona And Beezus/Beezus And Ramona(Does the movie logo look off?)
6051.(Music Lyrics change.)"I wanna have boobies."/"I wanna have groupies."(Anything else off?)
6052.(Music Lyrics change.)"She put the lime in the coconut, and she shake it all up."/"She put the lime in the coconut, you drank 'em bot' up."(Have you ever seen Both shortened to Bot'?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Anything else off?)(Was it something else?)(You're Breaking My Heart/You're Breakin' My Heart, and Ing to In' lyrics.)(Harry Nelson/Harry Nilsson)
6053.(Fictional Character name change.)Irwin HochauseErwin HochauseArwin Hochauser
6054.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember rabbits not being fast swimmers?(Were they not able to swim at all?)
6055.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Space, the final frontier."/"Space, a final frontier."/"Space, final frontier."(Any more Star Trek logos off?)
6056.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember it being known which Springfield The Simpsons lived in?(Did they not live in Oregon?)(Anything else off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Videos below.)
6057.(Fictional Character name change.)Hannibal LectoHannibal Lecter(Was it not spelled more than one way?)
6058.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6059.(Music Lyrics change.)"Read between the lines."/"Read between the line."("Til I hit the ground."/"When I hit the ground.")("Chase you all the way to the stairway honey."/"Chase you all the way to stairway honey.")(Til, and When are said at the time in the song.)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
6060.(Song Title change.)Shadow Of The Sun/Shadow On The Sun(Are the lyrics different?)
6061.(Famous Football Player name change.)Gayle Sayers/Gale Sayers
6062.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Mackenzie Phillips dying?
6063.(Famous Actress name change.)Hallie Barry/Halle Berry(Other spellings?)
6064.(Spelling change.)Scrunchy/Scrunchie/Scrunci/Scünci(Other spellings?)
6065.(Phantom geography.)Do you remember there not being a village in Norway named Hell?(Did it not have really cold weather?)
6066.(Music Lyrics change.)"I was down but now I'm flying."/"I was down but now I'm crying."(Ing to In' lyrics, and does anything else about Hard Luck Woman by Kiss seem off?)
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, or green?(Video below.)
6067.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Kelso saying, "Damn Jackie! I can't control the weather!" louder than he does now?(Did he always say, "Well damn Jackie!"?)
6068.(Music Lyrics change.)"Daddy thinks I'm lazy. He don't understand. He never saw inside my head. People think I'm crazy, but I'm in demand. They never heard a thing I said."/"Daddy thinks I'm lazy. He don't understand. Never saw inside my head. People think I'm crazy, but I'm in demand. Never heard a thing I said."(Does the Ozzy Osbourne logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Minnie Mouse not having as many polka dots on her dress?
6069.(Movie name change.)Anchors Away/Anchors Aweigh
Add-On: Do you remember these things not being pink, green(Videos below.)(Is the Star Wars scene off?)(Is it now The Jackson 5 with 7 members?)
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2014.05.08 21:41 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I'm Dominic Palermo (gtr/vox) from the band NOTHING, ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-05-08
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Questions Answers
Why does whirr hate the east coast? Why is pitchfork so lame? Nick Basket is a busy man. Pitchfork is ok, some of their writers are just clueless.
When are you going to repress Downward Years to Come? Later this year on A389 with 2 bonus tracks.
What drugs should I take before your show in Philly? All of them? All of them. Always.
Hi! I love you guys so much. Wanna run a train on me when you come through Nashville? Only if youre a dude.
Do you guys still hang out with Deafheaven? What do you think of the release and popularity of their latest album? Keep up the good shit and fuck you nick. We havent really got a chance too, but we hear they are swell fellas. Nick Basket says hi.
What was the recording process like for Guilty of Everything? Where was it recorded? Lots of wine, cigarettes, and speed. We recorded with Jeff Zeigler in Philadelphia.
Your record is on Relapse Records. What are some of your favorite albums from the label? Really love the Windhand LP, always a fan of TW and Locrian as well. Those Death reissues doe.
How many guitars have you smashed? I have a girlfriend.
Whatever happened to your blood soaked shoes? And do you still throw guitars? (I didn't see that in Asheville NC last stop, anyway). Still wear them. They look brown now. NEEEDDDLEZ.
Hey Nicky! Nothing and Whirr came to Cleveland for WMC Fest last year. You guys were great (and loud), but Whirr wasn't able to play their stuff because they wanted to play louder than the sound guys liked. 1)Do you guys ever have issues with not being able to play as loud as you want? What was the full story with what happened at WMC? Some big bro guy poked me in the chest for not turning my amp down. I tried fighting him. The promoter was cool saved the brutes life. He yelled at Whirr after everything got sorted. They told them they couldnt play at the volume they were at even after coming down considerably. So they said fuck it and played a side project hardcore band.
I got to throw some lettuce and eggs and shit at you during the filming of "Bent Nail." Sorry. Any new projects on the horizon for you beyond Nothing and Death of Lovers? From what I heard from Kyle, Death of Lovers was mostly just a side project that kind of took off - any chance you guys will put out new material at some point? Split with Night Sins Hopefully soon.
Hey nicky! i have two questions. 1) love the guitar sound on "Guilty of Everything". what were some of the guitars/amps/pedals you used in the studio when recording? 2) what's your (and brandon's) live setup? We always use 65 twin and 64 pro OGs. Strats and Jazzmasters. We keep pedals simple because were pretty stupid. We went thru a ton a stuff until we'd land the right tone. Our live set up is the same pretty much.
Swan Dive Lp? Sup widdit?? Brandon is always writing and recording new shit. Check out whitelighters on bandcamp.
Hey man, really love Guilty of Everything and Death of Lovers. What kind of pedals do you use? Also will you be playing the UK soon? Thanks. The cheapest shit possible.
Hey Nicky, I have a question. I left something backstage at one of your shows, and was wondering if you found it. It's a pair of custom sunglasses, Oakley blades...they're really tiny though. My head's about the size of a grapefruit. Seen em around? The LITTLE GUY??? LOLOLOLOL.
When i saw you @ that spillover thing in dallas ya'll were taking pictures of the dum dum girls. were ya'll takin pics of their pedals or their booties? Thats our homies, I was very high and drunk. I could barely stand.
How many tears will your drummer cry when I defeat him 11-0 in our one on one basketball game? AHAHA Is this ever going to happen? We should rent out the Sixers court.
Biggest influence for Guilty of Everything? SUFFERING.
What's the band's favorite fast food chain to stop at while on tour? This'll probably dictate what I get for dinner tonight so the stakes are high. I think were sponsored by Taco Bell now, but Del 4 LYFE.
Sonically speaking, what was something you learned from the recording of Guilty of Everything? Will you please share some tour tips you've amassed over the years? Especially the "seemed like common-sense, but we never knew" tips? A true pimp never trips.
You can't possibly be guilty of everything! What's one thing you're not guilty of? What's the worst and/or best thing you're guilty of? (LOVE your album!) Im so confused.
Thanks Im not guilty of being healthy.
Can my band open up for yall at siberia in new orleans? We saw yall at the circle bar and spanish moon and bled from our ears. It was great. <3 get well. and tell brandon to not run into that chick this time. LOL. Sure email [email protected] I dont know anything.
What the fuck happened when you played in Chicago with Weekend? All the drugs.
Hey Nick, thanks for doing this. I had the pleasure of reviewing 'Guilty of Everything' for Under The Gun Review when it came out. (I loved it) Link to www.underthegunreview.net. I was hoping you could let us know what records you are really into right now? I have been listening to PJ HARVEY- Dry, Neds Atomic Dustbin - God Fodder, and Jackson C Frank- Blues Run The Game.
You had a tour where you seemed to smash a guitar after every show. How much did that cost, and how shitty were the guitars? I dont remember most of that tour. I would buy guitars at thrift shops every few days for like $30 bucks.
Hey nicky. i'm a huge fan of swirlies and blonder tongue audio baton is one of my favorite records of all time. i was psyched to read that you were a big fan of them as well. did you ever get to see them live? thanks. We had the luxury of supporting Swirlies in Philly last year. Greatest band. Best dudes. They said we sounded like a mix between Misfits and MBV. How cool is that?
Which show has been your loudest of all time? Why does everybody not realize that you are the best band in the world? What was the worst show that you have ever played? Thanks. Florida Last year. Whirr was insane. We played a show in AZ that was rough. Really hot. Nails was playing the street. 4 people?? Good people tho. <3.
Did you get to meet rick ross when ya'll played w/ him @ sxsw? Yes, I fed him grapes off the vine.
What was the first thing you did as soon as you got out of prison and how did your bid affect your relationship with your family? Also, if i bring some 30s to the smiling moose on sunday do any of you want to do some? Life is crazy. Everything effects everything we do. My mom backed me and always has. Ill def swallow one or two. haha. xx.
What were some of your favourite bands to see at Roadburn this year? Everything I seen. I was high the whole time.
What's your favorite song to play live off of GOE? Also, can we party at the Atlanta show? Yes to partying. Hymn.
I feel like I skimmed some review saying this album has to do with an attempted murder. Mind talking about that at all? If not i understand. Its to do with past present and future murders. Thanks.
Like you I also grew up in the hardcore/punk/metal communities. It seems throughout the years a big portion of our peers were greatly into the shoegaze movement particularly My Bloody Valentine. Pete Steele, Justin Broadrick and and Aaron Turner are just some of those artists. You can hear that sound bleed into their bands but not in direct ways at first. Nothing definitely also fits in that bracket as well. What do you think the harder side of music finds in the shoegaze genre that has allowed us to branch into even more eclectic sub-genres? Was it easy to find guys for the project that shared the same aesthetics? I think it allows us to try and have more interesting parts in the structure of the songs. It was very hard but mostly because everyone is a fuck up. were solid now.
How did you get so badass? Also as one philly person to another favorite small/diy venue in philly? I miss the Stalag
I absolutely love the new album. I know this is broad, but, what would you say is the biggest motivation for your writing and music? HUMAN WASTE.
Are you human or are you dancer? Prancer.
What was your go to beer while at sxsw? The only good answer is lonestar btw. Cocaine.
I'll see you on sunday in Pittsburgh I was really hoping you would eventually make it out here. I worried that maybe there were some East PA vs West PA animosity based on sports. I honestly don't give a shit about sports but our cities like to hate on one another pretty hard over that stuff. I guess i should ask a real question. What has it been like moving to a more substantial label like relapse? Have you been playing the In Metal - Low cover on the tour its great? Dont pay attention really. Relapse rules. Have not, but Thanks.
Also any recommendations for bands similar to you guys? Nope.
What is your favourite beard style? Cocaine.
I know this is a horror show question, but was the title of "notes from the night that never ended" a reference to "journey to the end of the night" by celine? cuz thats my fav book. Journey To and Notes From The Underground by Fyo Dos.
Angry Charlie? ZERO.
What are your favorite books/authors? D. A. Levy, Artaud, Brautigan... Currently Astragal.
Favorite city other than Philly? Who said Philly was my favourite? I like Seattle.
I fucking love guilty of everything. When are you guys gonna land over in the UK for a tour?! Cheers. Should be over in the winter.
Could you explain the best experience you have ever had on shrooms. Who were you with, where were you, and what did you learn? I dont think Ive ever had a good one.
When is Setta gonna set up a show at the Foose lodge? Hes lazy and drunk all the time.
Do you guys plan on doing any Death of Lovers or Camera Shy material on the tour with Whirr coming up? Not likely. Stay tuned tho.
Thanks for doing this ama! Guilty of everything will definitely be on my top 10 of 2014. Two questions, who is your favorite band to play with in Philadelphia, and who has the best philly cheese steaks? Sad Actor. Sonnys.
So, I want to start playing guitar. Any recommendations on pedals, a amp or the actual guitar? Be a singer instead.
Hey man, I played poker with you in AC a few years ago. You were there for someones birthday. We were bullshitting about Philly and I remember you kept trying to buy me a shot, and I kept telling you they were free. I should probably ask a question. Are you having fun with Nothing, and do you miss doing Horror Show at all? Holy shit I took a bus to NYC that night by accident. I tried fighting those indian fellas too. What a mess.
What would you listen to if you were making out with winona ryder? Cocaine- by eric clapton.
Is an Australia tour on the cards anytime soon dawg? Fingers crossed.
Props on 'Guilty of Everything'. Shit's going to be among the best albums of 2014 come the end of the year. Fancy coming to play in Northern Ireland? Thanks. Hopefully this winter, if not... soon after.
Word around the sandbox is that y'all might be doing an after show in Champaign in a couple weekends. Any truth to this matter? Have no idea. Check above tho. Tour dates.
You guys playing any of the Sideshows/after shows during TIHC? Well be out on road again. Deets soon.
What's your favorite book? Story Of The Eye.
When are guys going to tour Europe? Bring Whirr along! Winter. I wish.
What is your writing process for music and lyrics? Drugs and Life.
I've been listening to your music recently and I absolutely love it! Any chance to see you in Europe sometime? Winter.
Guilty of Everything is fucking AWESOME! Can't wait for the Durham, NC show in June. What's a good bar to visit in Philadelphia? THX.ORTLIEBS.
Seeing you guys in nashville. Will you be bringing any death of lovers merch? Yep.
I've always wanted the whirr swirl hanging in my room. You guys should make some banners. Check runforcoverrecords.com soon.
When's the new fucking Whirr album coming out. SOON.
How many hotdogs can you fit in your mouth. Not as many as I can penises.
I'd prefer to fit many tiny penises in my mouth instead of one really big penis. Me 2.
Nothing to ask just saying hello!- I was the girl who worked at the front desk of the BJJ club you used to go to in Philly (around 2008-2010). Hi! OH HEY! Im out of shape and drunk all the time. You are probably a black belt.
Really digging the new album. Just wanted to say your HS set at tih few years ago was my favorite set of the weekend. I still contemplate often getting a HS tattoo. Good luck with nothing lol. Do it. And send pics. <3.
Hey Nicky, thanks for doing this AMA! Can't really think of a good question that hasn't already been asked, but Guilty of Everything is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Hope you guys come back to Connecticut sometime soon, you guys killed it last August with Whirr. Soon!
I bought the tri color repress, so I didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I did feel bad that the ppl who pre-ordered got kinda shafted though. Different record. But thanks. <3.
God forbid a band trying to make money press more records for their fans when it's selling really well. THANKS LOVE ERYBODY(sorda) xxx.
Why did you guys re-release your album in the tri color ltd so soon? Do you think this de-values the OG press? It seemed like a greedy money grab, left a bad taste some fans mouth. Well they are crybabies. We ran out of records so we pressed more.
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